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Domains of Belief – Professor Kaikhosrov D. Irani

My Dear Zarathushti Sisters and Brothers:
Please click below for a fabulous interview with our
Respected Professor Irani produced and created by my
good friend Shahriar Shahriari from Los Angeles, California.
Part 1 – His Life:
Part 2 – His Faith:
Part 3 – His Philosophy:
Part 4 – His Philosophy (continued):  

Professor Kaikhosrov D. Irani is a retired Professor Emeritus of Philosophy from City College of New York. At City College of New York, he taught philosophy for 41 years, and also served as the chairman of the Department of Philosophy for 9 years.

He has served as Director of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities at City University of New York, and is a member of the Academy of Science in New York, the American Philosophical Association, the Philosophy of Science Association, and the American Academy of Religion.

Prof. Irani has lectured in his field at UCLA, the Universities of Michigan, London, Goetingen, Vienna and Rome. At Princeton University he got to work with Albert Einstein. In 1999, he was singularly honored by the establishment of the K.D. Irani chair of Philosophy, at the City College of New York.


I have had the distinctive privilege to witness this interactive video interview of Emeritus Professor Kaikhosrov Dinshah Irani that was conducted in Vancouver, Canada by my good friend Shahriar Shahriari.
Professor Irani, whose wisdom I truly admire has shared some insightful gems in this program titled: DOMAINS OF BELIEF, which comprises of Zarathushtra’s philosophy in particular and the human philosophy in general.
For me, the salient highlights on the philosophy of Zarathushtra are:
  • Prayer is the opening of a human heart to the spirit of the universe.
  • The original message of Zarathushtra is not compromised.
  • Married partners should out do the other in goodness.
  • The creation of Ahura Mazda is based on the principle of ASHA.
  • Evil is not eliminated by a command. Evil perishes when it is not chosen, and we are the agents of choice.

Professor Irani was a student of Albert Einstein, and later on, he switched from Physics to Philosophy. He became a Professor of Philosophy at City University of New York, where he has been teaching for four decades. Towards the middle of his career he specialized in Philosophy of Ancient Thought. And now, he is a retired Professor Emeritus of City University.

The style of this interview is a fire-side informal dialog where Shahriar is asking questions and Professor Irani is responding.

The subject matter discussed includes:

  • His personal life and experiences, ranging from his childhood in India, to his college days in Princeton where he was taught by Albert Einstein, to his teaching career.
  • His description of Zarathushtra’s philosophy and teachings, both for beginners as well as some advanced topics;
  • And a discussion on philosophy and its application to life, highlighted by what he called his “original contribution to philosophy” – which he has named: DOMAINS OF BELIEF

This DVD series on DOMAINS OF BELIEF” is a Gift of Inspiration for Zarathushtis as well as non-Zarathushtis.

If you would like to obtain a copy of this rare and unique DVD program, please visit:  www.KDIrani.com

It is my hope that Professor Irani’s valuable contribution inDOMAINS OF BELIEF” will ignite a spark of inspiration in our global Zarathushti as well as non-Zarathushti community.

Courtesy : Meher Amalsad