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Narges Nirumvala

Narges Nirumvala is an elite executive speech coach based in Vancouver, Canada, who works with entrepreneurs, executives and community leaders to help them perfect their public speaking and presentation skills.

When you need to make a high-stakes presentation and it’s all on the line, then Narges is the one to call. Whether it’s a six figure sales presentation or you are making your candidacy announcement speech, one presentation can catapult you into the spotlight or send you careening into the gutter.

Outstanding public speaking skills win elections and build reputations. Narges offers one-on-one executive speech coaching, ongoing mentoring programs, corporate in-house training and public workshops all in the area of communication and presentation skills.

If you are looking for high-caliber speech coaching and presentation skills training, then you will not find anyone else in Vancouver with Narges’ passion, knowledge, credentials and expertise.

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Courtesy : Jehangir Bisney