Homi Bhabha and the Computer Revolution

Homi Bhabha and the Computer Revolution is a rich anthology of essays on the development of India’s computer industry. The book is divided into four sections: “Historical Perspectives”, “Self-reliance in Electronics and Communication”, “Innovation and Prospects in the Indian IT Industry” and “Future Perspectives”. The successful construction of TIFRAC had engendered confidence that the establishment of a thriving, indigenous computer industry was possible. The thrust was in developing both the software capabilities and the hardware industry to provide the all-round inputs that would take the Indian computer industry to the same level. The most enduring legacy of this thrust was the establishment of the National Centre for Software Development and Computing Techniques (NCSDCT) in 1971, which pioneered work in a number of important areas such as computer graphics, computer networks, systems software and theoretical computer science.

Editors: R K Shyamsundar and M A Pai
Publisher: OUP
Pages: 360
Price: Rs 695

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Courtesy : Jehangir Bisney

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