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Nargisbanu Darabsha Baria Zoroastrian Foundation For Underprivileged Children, Blind, Handicapped & Hiv Patient. 38/40, 2nd flr., Chandanwadi Municipal Primary School Bldg., Chandanwadi Lane, Next to Wadiaji Fire Temple , Princess Street , Mumbai – 400002. Office. 22084995 Fax: 22084994 Resi: 23009359 Mob: 9987844471.

Calcutta Dharamsala – Phone – +91-33-2211-6311

Jamshed Baug, Malesar, Navsari rebuilt in 2004.
Tel. no. (02637) 232525
Manager: Mrs. Nilufer K. Mandviwalla
A.C. rooms Rs.700/- per day Non A.C. rooms Rs.300/- per day. Each room with geyser, shower, EWC toilet. Each room can accommodat three persons.
Distance from Atash Behram 2 kms. Autorickshaw Rs.15 to 20.
Delicious food.
Sorab Baug, Tarota Bazar, Navsari
Non a.c. rooms. Rs.75/- per day. Hot water supplied on request. close to Atash Behram.
Tel. no. (02637) 240131
Manager Mrs. Mahrukh Cherag Gandhi
for details refer to All India Directory of Parsi Institutions which gives details of all 50 dharamshalas in India as also 500 Parsi institutions. Available for Rs200/- from N.M. Wadia Charities, N.M. Wadia Building, 1st floor, opp. University, M. G. Road, Mumbai 400001Tel. 22674271
Courtesy : Marzban Giara

36 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Roxana says:

    When overseas Zoroastrians visit Bombay, there are no Dharamsalas that we can easily stay at, hence the desire to come to Bombay is nil. Why can’t the Parsee Pancayat do up some of the old ones and make them comfy and turn them into decent places for overseas parsees to visit? We would love to bring our children to India and take them to Udwada and show them our place of origin and culture.
    The Dharamsalas could charge a reasonable amount like Delhi and provide a safe place. It could generate money to be self sufficient. A shame our children miss out on what could be an experience of a life time. Thankyou

  2. Farida Mehta says:

    May I have the telephone No. of WZO Udvada Guest House near Iranshah. The Caretaker name is Vahbiz. Sorry her visiting card is misplaced by me. Hence this request.

    Thanks & Regards

  3. Hufrish Patel says:

    hello sir/madam

    i was searching for list of dharamshalas in india, i got it from this site, but i require their contact nos. can i plz have them with full address and contact nos.
    thank you.

  4. Neelam Limjerwala says:

    Would like to have the telephone number of hyderabad dharamshala for booking. The list does not have a telephone number.

    Also is there only one dharamshala in Hyderabad



      Parsi Dharamsala is located at “Paradise”, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Secunderabad. Excellent location with AC/Non-AC rooms.
      Telephone No. 040-27842565

  5. Shiraz says:


    Could any one help me with dharamshalas at Udvada as Sodawaterwala Dharamshala and Sir J. J. Dharamshala are under renovation.

    Contact Number for WZO at Udvada would be very helpfull.

    Thank you

  6. Ali says:

    dear Mr Yazdi Tantra, please accept my heartiest felicitations for gathering the zoroastrians community on a one plateform where they can only find the peoples of their community throughout the world.the website provides the wonderful information. you are really doing an overwhelming and terrific thing that i have not been able to find is the videos regarding the zoroastrians community. you are requested to please place some videos showing the traditions,cultures,rituals, burials and prayers as the people visiting the site can know more about this great religion.


  7. zubin Bharucha says:

    The Dharamshala next to the Agiary at Malesar is just excellent and peaceful place to relax where in one gets to enjoy the parsi food which is served by the Manager Nilufer Kersi Mandviwalla at a very reasonable rates- Cleaniness, higene, and low cost food have shown more and more parsi from Bombay – Poona- Nasik and even from abroad to come here and relax with their family members. I also want to know when is the Udwada dharamshala getting ready as of now.—- zubin Bharucha

  8. keky firoz daruwala says:

    Respected Sir, my name is Keki Firoz Daruwala (+918624874187)& i need my cast certificate & government schemes given to us (if any)!

    In jalgaon city majestrate office ,no one know’s in which cetagory is “PARSI” (ZORASTRIAN) come’s!

    I need a cast certificate proof for auto permit ,now what to do just help me soon we are confident that we will win always!

  9. T K Choudhary says:

    I am looking for my friend Adil Ankalesaria Ex- Air India. he has settled in Goa. Can some body please provide his contact numbers. TK Choudhary IPS 9Retd) Mumbai

  10. Sam Irani says:

    I am Looking for my cousin who stays in Tehran. His name is Rashid Esteghamat Rad. If anybody knows his address and contact No. Pl. let me know on my email address My Contact No. is 919823661498 and 918237835636. IT IS URGENT.

    Sam Irani

  11. Natasha says:

    Dear sir,
    I have read about the prayers that heal various ailments. Please tell me where I can find the right Avesta book in English that has each and every healing prayer that is on your website, wher I can find this important prayer book for purchase so that I can buy it, start praying and healing my life and marriage. Please help me for I am in desperate need of ahura mazda’s divine help. I have suffered too many disappointments and need some true divine intervention. I am not looking for the prayers translations but the actual mantra vani’s in English words. So that I may pray them daily and bring about great vibration and positive change in my life.

  12. dilkhush says:

    I am a graduate and have also passed my IATA/UFTA and have 10+ years of experience in travel industry. I would like to settle in US. I am ready to pay for sponsorship/visa charges. Can anyone help please?


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