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They say the community is becoming smaller,
but Zoroastrians are all over the World Wide Web!

Don’t believe us?
Take a look..
Browse, hit random links and get started..

You’ll find everything here.. from food to Zoroastrian studies and from Charities and baby names to Business and Youth !

And we are adding new links every day..

Suggest a link or let us know if you find something which needs to be rectified – Enjoy!

Our objective behind this is very simple :

Bring the Community under one Roof

Disclaimer : This blog seeks to be the largest aggregation of Zarathushti / Zoroastrian – Parsi / Irani websites / information available online. Most of the material on this blog refers, and links, to other websites. Please click on the text body to go to the external website. We take no responsibility for the accuracy or currency of the material. We do not claim any copyright and copyrights, if any, belong to the respective websites and we respect the same. We may not necessarily agree to all that is said here, but we would like to carry diverse views on various burning topics with a view to promoting discussion, deliberation and ultimate solution. As long as we do not have personal attacks against an individual or an institution, or unparliamentary language, all are welcome. We request all to send in the pictures in jpg, jpeg, or png, formats and movies / videos in mp3, mp4, m4a, wav, ogg, mov, wmv, avi, or mpg formats. Please note that the the blog owner reserves the right to decide which comments are to be published and comments once published, become the property of the blog owner, and could be re-used.

We are grateful to Delzin Choksey (Tantra) for spending her invaluable time – day and night to keep this wonderful effort going. Thank you very much – Yazdi Tantra

Please add yourself and your family members to the directory. Glance at the listings of fellow Zoroastrians throughout the world.

Please Bookmark This Website, visit it often, and tell other Zoroastrians, Parsis and Iranis about it.

Our idea behind ZoroastrianDirectory.com is simple “keep a worldwide listing of Zoroastrians”.


  • Commendable indeed, appreciate the efforts put in by you will also inform my friends and others about the same.

  • It is great to see all these Zoroastrian Resources combined into one place. Congratulations, Yazdi! It is really heartwarming to see. How can we help disseminate this better?


    • You are part of the elite parsis who have divided our community along with the others working behind the scenes in your private emails. this is a propaganda website…its solely for and by the parsis and few yazdi persian zoroastrians who are orthodox religious like yourself. This has been planned for decades to bully and ostracize persian zoroastrians particularly those who are not from Yazd starting with control of the Darbeh Mehr/Mabed’s/Temples and most prominently at conferences. How many speakers who were persian were pushed aside or left with time slots where no one was in attendance or tired to attend (end of day, end of week)…all rituals/practices /traditions have been parsi and forced down our throats. This is not the majority! The persians are majority. Shame on you being educated and behaving in this way!

      • Dear Yazdi,
        Thanks to you and your team, for all your hard work and effort, this so called ‘Truthteller’ is talking nonsense.

      • TruthTeller is telling the Truth. There are so many Persian Zoroastrians who are fed up with divisive acts of Parsis. Just take a look at some Zoroastrian centers, some of our Congresses, etc. etc. including Zoroastrian Olympics, the one in Vancouver was just a biased program against our Zoroastrian Youth of Iran, it was racist and prejudice. Just ask Fariborz Rahnamoon. Read email exchanges that he did with a clown by the name of Meher Amalsad who ruined the spirit of our Zoroastrian Youth of Iran by abandoning them at the airport and providing no support at all while (as always) making bogus exaggerated statements & claims on his “Network of Worldwide” emails. Shame on those who are Zoroastrians by name and are so prejudice against Persian Zoroastrians.

  • This is another wonderful effort. Congrats to Yazdi and team for the initiative and providing useful links on all aspects of the community.

  • wonderful web site we need to collect funds for Zorastrian and other community children of S P Jain Sadhana School for developmentally challenged , wil appreciate all the Help we need sponsors who can donate funds , adopt a child , and help us to Pay the tuttition fees of poor students , help with day to day payment of fees and salaries for speech Thearapist , O T teachers etc , we have no funds no money to pay for the teachers Please help us
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  • Dear Yazdi and associates,

    You gave me a big fright
    When you said you had a new website,
    But when at your site I took sight,
    I gained a lot of insight!

    I have studied everything with great delight.
    On the Parseess you’ve shed a lot of light,
    And made them appear so bright.
    To your future ideas more might!

    UShta te.
    Jal S. Desai

  • first of all i thank you very very much. then i am sorry that i thought you all zoroastrians had dead. you are not living in this world anymore. thanks god to see you alive. thanks for this site.

  • Great! read abt yr site in Jame and looked up, keep up the good work.
    Goolrukh S. Cama.

  • This is truly an excellent site! How the Internet has changed our lives!

  • Respectable Parsi community,I would like to inform you that i am having a solo exhibition of paintings by a Parsi lady artist based in Dubai her name is Mazarine Memon,please send me the email addresses and mobile numbers of all Parsi Art collectors, as Mazarine is exhibiting her paintings first time in Pakistan.I would like to request all the Parsies to please visit my Gallery , GULMOHAR ART GALLERY,D-128,off Tipu Sultan Road, K.D.A.Scheme # 1, Karachi-75350. email: shaheen.siddiqui@gmail.com
    cell # 03009220933 thank you, Ms.Shaheen Siddiqui,Director/Proprietor, Gulmohar Art Gallery

  • At last I have the complete info of my fellow zarthusthis all over the sphere. Also events that are happening amongst my community. Thanks Zoroastrians.net. Keep it up.

    • Mr Behli Rustomjee my father today would be so proud that he is still remembered by all and yes he has always been everyone mentor and principal even after leaving us .

  • I could never expect more than what I have seen, read and observed on this site. I am an old virbaijeeite having graduated in 1954.

    I came to know about the sad demise in 2002 of my principal and mentor Mr Behli Rustomjee through Ardeshir Cowasjee, my senior in the School. A loss which can never be filled.

    I would welcome any of my schoolmates to a long association reminiscing the days passed at the School.

  • NAVZAD DABU an upcoming youth of Syracuse Has won the SALTY (Syracuse Area Live Theatre Youth) Awards for the Best Actor in the Play “The Diviners”.
    He has got the Honour of being displayed on the cover page of the Magazine – Family Times. http://www.familytimes.biz, Also see – http://saltyawards.org/saltyshows.htm.
    Last year His elder Brother Behzad Dabu had won the awards.

  • Nozer Eruch Mistry

    Really good & informative site. Keep up the good work. Please upload some good photos-pictures of Zoraster and other Dasturjis.

  • Dear Yazdi,

    First let me say thank you so much for adding my site for Kuwait Zoroastrain Association (Proud Parsi Site for all ages) in your link. Surely I have got so many hits now. I would really appreciate if you could keep me in our link on first page for next one month as I really want Parsis to visit my site.
    I really enjoy visiting your site everyday once and see what is new.
    I have recently added new topics like Facts not known by all, Parsi receips, Taj Hotel build by Parsi etc and I will be updating the site time to time as I get something interesting about Parsis.
    My motto of my site is for Young Generation to read and understand our religion and at the same time make it simple for them.
    My site includes of religion, culture, prayers, Parsi bawaji in bollywood industry, health, Names and Places of Fire Temples, History of our Adenwala agiary, Names and Places of Sanotoriums and much more.

    • Dear Nazneen,
      What is the name of your site; it looks very informative. Also let me know your e-mail address.



  • Dear Readers,

    Do visit my site and add your comments, compliments or suggestions.


    I would really THANK YAZDI for helping my site to go around as now I am in Googles search also and this makes my site worldwide.


    • Dear Nazeen, May i have your email id please

    • Bashir Dhanani

      I have been searching for Minoo Adrianwalla ,originally from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania for the last few years. If anyone knows of his contact or whereabouts, I would appreciate the information. My name is Bashir Dhanani.
      Email address is bashir@nationaldry.ca

  • kaveh ahookhoush

    dear friend
    i need some imformation about zarathustra .in iran there is no relible source avaliablet o be familiar with zorostrianism philosphy
    i hope you can help me!

  • What more can i say, If only our Zoroastrian Community can keep doing such great Job. “Keep It Real”

  • Too bad i didnt come across this blog before. Great stuff you got here. Thanks.


    How to bookmark this website ?

  • zoroastriansnet

    We have added a bookmark link on top of this page. Thank you for pointing this out.

  • I am going to participate in an international anytropological, religion congress in Agra in October 2008.
    I would like to make a documentry or taking with me any existen documentry about Zoroastrians, in order to show at that congress.

    Please, Please Help me with some recomendation.

    Best regards




  • Very brilliant effort, truly deserves a pat on your back, Keep it up.

  • News channel “India TV” on 2/10/2008 telecast a report at 11 pm about the palace of Narsinh ( An avtaar of Vishnu ) wherein they show the ruins of Parsipolis and depict it as King Narsinh’s palace. It also said that it is situated in North Iraq. Such false report they telecast and that too on a national Channel is deplorable. Earlier they had telecast the Parsipolis, Tomb of Cyrus with a commentary that this is YAMLOK. Can not somebody write India TV to stop such absurd reports completely ignoring great Zoroastrian history and its legacy.

    Cherag Kelawala

  • Naval Nadirshah Driver

    Really awesome. Cant say anything more

    • Hi Naval,
      I am curious. Is the parsi first name Neville an anglicized spelling of your name Naval ?

  • hi i am looking for shah nawaz khandhadia, who is pharmasist and many years ago was working in ahmedabad and then went to muscat …please if any one knows contact me at dipikalove@hotmail.com he is best friend of mine and i am looking for him

  • Hi, it would be a good idea to go to http://www.themissingparsi.com and follow the instructions there, to put your search on a wide platform. I am sure you will find a response.

  • guys,
    this is a great idea.
    zoroastrians should make themselfs heared again.

  • Nice post. Thank you for the info. Keep it up.

  • Jehangir K. Shroff

    I did NOT see a link to ZARATHUSHTIS DIRECTORY.

  • I am writing as the Editor of http://www.dadinani.com, where we are collecting a variety of Indian memories. We would like to get contributions for you – particularly where the memories are at least 50 years old. Please contact me at dadinani@gmail.com. Regards

  • Maya/ Meher Putois

    Long may we Zoroastrians be united around the world. There are so few of us left on this earth.

  • This is a very interesting site. Keep up the good work!!


  • how can I know about zartosht in uk?

  • It great to see parsis on line a great work done for the community on the whole.

  • Burjor Bharucha

    Good work. Very interesting, specially since it get zoros together from all over the world and exchange ideas. Strong
    long terms relationships could be established. Once again good job done.

  • Dear Parsis,
    Along with another elderly gentleman I am involved in some research work related to the antiquity of the Gathas. I have the excerpts from a book written by Ardeshir Framji Khabardar but it is n gujrati. This book does not seem to be available in the stores. i need this book in english or somebody who can help me with the translation. We are already behind schedule. Please help.

    • You may please contact Mr.Kojeste Mistry ( Trustee of the Bombay Parsi Panchjayet ) at the “Office Of The Bombay Parsi Panchayet, D.N. Road, FORT, Mumbai – 400001 and he will be able to guide you for your requirement.
      Hoshang Homi Udwadia
      Mumbai – 400058.

  • Thanx indeed for the lovely information. Keep up the good work.May Ahura Mazda bless u always!

  • fantastic mazda

    What a fantastic site! I pray that there be peace on you!

  • I want to know if there is any community in brazil, thanks.

  • This is a very nice blog with excellent work done on it, I love it. Keep up the good work. I already added your blog to my links for other people around the world, who are interested to know us and your marvelous website.
    Thank you for your effort.

    Love; Maya




  • I would love to hear from any of my old Parsi school friends from St. Mary’s — particularly Pilsum Master, Mehernosh Dah, Pervez Dastur, Jimmy Shroff, Nozer Dadachanji, Jimmy D.F.D.Lam, Rusi Meherhomji, Percy Darookhanawalla, and many others whose names I do not recall but whose memories are still fresh in my mind 51 years after I left school. THOSE WERE THE DAYS !

    • Bomi:
      My God I just saw your E-mail request while I was googling my name. I have thought of you often, and it pains me that after I left St. Marys I lost touch with almost every body except Mehdi Padamsee (who was with me in St.Xaviers College for a while) and Phiroze Amroliwalla. I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I moved to Canada after getting my M.Sc in Geology in the US and worked in the mining industry for 32 years.. I then retired but went back to work in IT. I am married to Ruby for 39 years and have two sons and a daughter. I am a grand father — my daughter has a 1 yr old son and another packet on the way. I remember your mother who used to come to school. Please let me know about your self any any body else you have kept in touch with from our group.

      • My dear Pilsum,
        I was delighted to hear from you after all these years. We were so close during our school days and then we just lost touch — almost as if we had disappeared from the face of the earth ! It is good to re-establish contact now even though we may be at the fag end of our lives — thanks to modern technology which gave us the Net. Please do keep in touch regularly from now on without fail. My email i.d. is “chinoybomi@hotmail.com”
        Do write to me. We have a lot to discuss and catch up on.
        As I read your communication I noticed several similarities in our lives.My wife Jaloo and I have also been married for 39 years. We too had two sons and a daughter (unfortunately the daughter and one son were cases of premature birth and passed away before we could enjoy them).The surviving son(our eldest) whose name is Fredy completed his ISC from St. Mary’s and went on to do his Masters in Electronics & Communications from Rutgers Univ. U.S.A. He is now settled in Virginia USA with his wife and one year old daughter (another similarity) .So both of us are grandfathers of one year old kids.

        Jaloo and I both love to travel. We have seen several cities in Europe, U.S.A., Iran, Egypt, and China. In the year 2004 we took a cruise to Alaska and covered the Canadian Rockies. In fact on our way back we passed through Calgary before eventually going to Fredy’s place. If I had known you were in Calgary I would have come knocking at your door and surprised you !
        Do send me an email and we will continue this conversation. In the meantime Jaloo and I wish Ruby and you along with your family all the very best for the New Year 2010.

      • Sir, I am a young girl of 33 yrs. with 10 years of experience in travel line–worked with airlines & reputed travel agencies. I wish to settle (anywhere) in Canada. I am willing to change my line such as HR, admin., etc., if need be. I will appreciate if you could help a young Parsi to achieve her dream land.

        Thanks & regards

      • Sir, I am a young girl of 33 yrs. with 10 years of experience in travel line–worked with airlines & reputed travel agencies. I wish to settle (anywhere) in Canada. I am willing to change my line such as HR, admin., etc., if need be. I will appreciate if you could help a young Parsi to achieve her dream land.

        Thanks & regards

      • Sir, I am a young girl of 33 yrs. with 10 yrs. of experience in travel line–int’l. airline & reputed travel agencies. I wish & am ambitious to settle (anywhere) in Canada. I am willing to change my line such as HR, Admin., etc. ,if need be. I would appreciate if you could help a young Parsi girl to achieve her dreamland. My email address is iamdilkhush@hotmail.com. & suitablematch83@yahoo.com

        Thanks & regards


      • Sir, since you are in Canada/US, I request you to help in relocating me, especially to Canada (anywhere). I am a young girl of 33 years with 10 yrs. of experience in travel line–int’l. airline & reputed travel agencies. I wish to relocate (anywhere) in Canada or US (pref. Canada). I am willing to change my line such as HR, Admin., etc., if need be. I am a graduate & passed IATA/UFTA (Montreal). I will appreciate if you could help a young Parsi girl to achieve her dream. My email address is iamdilkhush@hotmail.com & suitablematch83@yahoo.com

        Thanks & regards


    • I am Jimmy Shroff living in Bombay…. jimmy.m.shroff@gmail.com on FB too also website JimmyShroff.com welcome aboard, Bomi and Pilsum

  • My late aunt Gool Screwalla passionately believed in the imminent arrival of Shah Behramshah Verzavand but I was sceptical about it and even teased her frequently by asking her if she had heard anything from him lately. She passed away quite some time ago (soon after I visited Iran) and I now find myself regretting my earlier attitude. In fact after observing the recent turmoil in Iran I now fervently wish that saviour Shah Behramshah Verzavand would really appear and rid our dear Iran from the tyranny of the mullahs. Can anyone enlighten me further on this matter ?

    • Dear Bomi,
      I am from sec’bad and have settled in Mumbai Powai. Now for a year in doha qatar. When were you in Iran? Selfish motive in communicating with you is to find out the must see places in Iran. I am planning to visit in mid Oct. Shiraz, Persipolis are my current targedfor 6 day visit. what other nearby city would you reccommend.
      Bomi +974-6458464 / beepjai@yahoo.com

      • Dear Bomi,
        Iran is an exceedingly beautiful country. I firmly believe every Zoroastrian MUST make at least one visit to our Madrevatan in his/her lifetime (just as every Muslim makes a visit to Mecca). I visited Iran in May 2004 and found all the places (Tehran, Caspian, Hamadan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Persepolis, Yazd) beautiful and unforgettable. it is difficult to pin-point any one place as being better thn the others. I have visited many countries in the world but none has affected me as much as Iran –you will know what I mean when you visit it.

      • Dear Bomi, you underrate your power to do good. After all we are children of God

  • Gulshen Dinshaw

    Our Parsi New Year is on 19th August, 2009 I wonder when our Shenshai Calenders will be available online for the year 2009-2010.

    • Dear Gulshen,
      If you send me your e-mail address I could send you one which can be printed on A4 sheet. Hope that could help.
      Best wishes for our Shehshai New Year.
      With regards,

      • Thanks Daulat,
        That’s nice of you to email me our Shenshai New Year 2009-10 calender. Nauroze Mubarak to you and your family. My email is gulshend@gmail.com Thanks and regards Gulshen.

      • Greetings, I am Bomi Patel. I am originally from Sec’bad, settled in Mumbai now for a year in Doha +9746458465 / (beepjai@yahoo.com ) Can I please request for the same printable calandar please

    • If you go to the Calendars’ Section, you will find the Calendars which are downloadable in Excel and Printable

  • As a
    Seattle roofing contractor
    I appreciate this kind of information. Please count me in as a new fan of this
    Blog. Thank You!

  • Hello, I am a modern sculptor/visual artist living in Toronto, Canada.

    I would be interested in having a discussion on Zarathushti history and art, and addressing the future of the community through modern art.





    • Dear Rohinton,

      Try nd put your request on http://www.themissingparsi.com

      • hi rohington
        i happened to be browsing this website and saw your request, i have found two(2) daulat damania in mumbai the details are as follows, could not get any ph. no or email address:
        1) daulat darius damania
        sunshine no. 1, opp. oval maidan, mumbai 400020
        2) daulat j. damania
        382 powwalla bldg., grant road, mumbai 400007

  • Dear Parsi friends .

    can some one please send me cardinal information about great zoroastrianism , and tell me , as it possible for some one to adopt parsi religion , and if so , what the conditions layed down there ?
    with all sincerety ,

    • Dear Dr Katani
      There are no criteria to adopt the religion. We have No rules we believein Equality universality. If anyone states that you cannot adopt just ignore them

  • Ganesh Adithya Vakrathunda

    Parsis or Followers of Zorastrians are wealth of India, They have bought innumerable art, economy and education, my pranams and vandhanam to them, I pray they alone increase in tribe in India, for India needs the intellect of these great people
    Ganesh Adithya Vakrathunda

  • Dr. A.F.M Khalid Hossain

    To the Followers of Zoroastrianism
    I am very much interested to to know about the history, doctrines, society and culture of Zoroastrianism, one of the most ancient religions of the world. Books written in English on the topics mentioned above may please be mailed by registered post to the following, which will augment my faculty of knowledge further.

    With Thanks

    Dr. A.F.M Khalid Hossain
    Islamic History & Culture
    Omar Ghani Post Graduate College
    Zakir Hossain Road, Nasirabad,
    Chittagong-4225, Bangladesh.
    The Monthly At-Tawheed
    Jamea Market, 160, Anderkillah,
    Chittagong, Bangladesh
    E-mail: afmkhossain@yahoo.com

  • If any of my family member remember my sur name i will asked them to contact me, i have few relation who is in India, whom i did not have any contact.
    my e-mail address.zarir@cyber.net.pk

  • How do i will find my missing relative.

  • nice website.. the owner is probably hardworking 🙂 regards.

  • At today this religion seems more and more atractive while others are falling in their’s horrible acts.

    Zoroastrianism can be the future beyond the past !

    From Italy an embrace

  • I’m very glad to find a site for Zoroastrians. I loved to read Avesta, but here in Sweden, they don’t have any.


  • I am a born moslem but like millions of Iranians who want to convert to Zoroastrianism await a possible future to embrace the true way to life and humanity.
    lecturer of Literature

  • Most Zoroastrians yet alone the public at large are unaware that i am an established UK Actor but more importantly i got chosen out of thousands who applied to play my hero Freddie Mercury in The Movie: Someone Else ( RSA Films Ltd (c) 2005 ). Thought my fellow Parsis might like to know !

    Yours Sincerely

    Neville Cawas Cyrus Bardoliwalla BSc (Hons), MCMI

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  • My Niece is getting married early next month and I am on the lookout for our parsi wedding songs if anyone can help me out I can download the same prior to the wedding. Thanks

  • Dear Gulshan,

    Go for a Queen song such as ‘ Love of My Life’ – what do think ?


  • I have been a follower of Zoroastrinsm for long time, although I was not born into a Zartoshti family, but I think my roots are from this great religion. If everyone believe Good word…Good Thought… Good Deed…
    World would be a better place for everyone. I think one day everyone in Iran would turn to their Zoroastrian Roots….Watch this space.
    Thank you

  • Jehangir P. Gilder

    Iran is an exceedingly beautiful country. I firmly believe every Zoroastrian MUST make at least one visit to our Madrevatan in his/her lifetime (just as every Muslim makes a visit to Mecca).
    Dear Yazdi,
    I want to visit Iran & would like to know the contact number of Mr. Khojastee Mistry who conducts tours to Iran. Please help me in finding the same.

  • Hi Ron,

    Thanks for your prompt reply and accepting me as a groups member. My name is Sobby Javed and i live in Lahore, Pakistan as i have seen on internet about the Organization and website (Delhi Parsis). Also i have been in correspondence one of the Zoroastrian organization.

    Please to know that what is the procedure to convert in this ancestor religion…?

    I have seen and study some Zoroastrian books. Also i have studied about ancient Iran articles.

    As you have wrote that you may help alot the people who would like to convert in your religion.

    The reason of my email is that to confirm by you that if somebody converts (Zoroastrians) what should he do?

    Can you plz answer my question i am very keen of it.

    Thanks’, waiting for reply.

    Sobby Javed

  • Hi all… a new set of seven trustees to be elected on SUN. 27 DEC. 2009 – PUNE.

    All P.P.P. MEMBERS are requested to cast your VOTES and exercise your RIGHT TO VOTE ….. You can vote for minimum of one candidate and maximum of seven candidates AS PER YOUR CHOICE….

    You are requested to forward this email to all in your email address list so as to reach maximum PUNE PARSEES and P.P.P. members… RUMY MEHTA

  • What happened is that I encountered this web site by chance while searching my favorite topic on Google. Great information and I love the theme! I will be back in a day or two.
    Thanks for a great site.

  • Hi everyone,

    I work for a recruitment firm in Mumbai. I am looking out for a senior level vacancy for my client in Oman. Thought of posting the same here, in case anyone is looking out for an overseas assignment in OMAN. We are looking out for a Managing Director:
    Qualification : MBA, CA, Engineering (Combination ideal)
    Age : Upto 48 max. 49
    Reports to : Chairman
    Responsibility : He will be responsible for all Divisions of company including finance, audit,
    Salary : Open +++

    We will not send your profile without informing you about the company. Your profile will be sent to the client only after your consent.

    In case if anyone is interested and matching the criteria given above, please send me your biodata on database@jobtrack.in and i shall give you a call if your profile matches with our requirement.

    You can also refer any one in case you are not interested.

    Roshni Patel

    • pl pl recruit and provide employment to as many as possible parsis ,as a social cause for our diminishing community.

    • M’am, I refer to your above post. Since you are with a recruitment firm I’ll appreciate if you could help in relocating me. I wish to settle in Canada, US, Australia. I am a young girl of 33 yrs. with 10 yrs. of experience in travel line–int’l. airline & reputed travel agencies. I wish & am ambitious to settle (anywhere) in Canada especially. I am willing to change my line such as HR, Admin., etc., if need be. I would appreciate if you could help a young Parsi girl to achieve her dreamland. My email address is iamdilkhush@hotmail.com. & suitablematch83@yahoo.com

      Thanks & regards


  • Hi There,
    I was looking up information on Meher Baba on the web and came across this website. Very lovely and informative about the larger Zorastrian world, and a good feeling here also.
    Thank You,
    David D
    Portland, Oregon

  • The elections and VOTING for the POONA PARSEE PANCHAYET elections that are to be held on SUNDAY 28 March 2010 is on and happening – SO PLEASE DO COME FOR VOTING and only those people who are PPP members and paid subscription shall be allowed to vote for ELECTING NEW trustees of PPP for 2010 – 2012.

    Please spread the word.
    DO COME FOR VOTING – only those who are members of PPP

  • Hi everyone,

    This is wonderful effort congrate team for Initiative and providing link to the community.Is anyone looking for person to manage a parsi hotel,Rest house & Trust property.I like to take the opportunity to manage one..


  • Anyone interested to start an online eCommerce business, feel free to reach me at billimoriaf@gmail.com


  • The only permanent thing is CHANGE…more so in today’s scenario. Our community is in dire need of a radical reformation …the most prominent being a strong beacon to lead our disjointed and disillusioned community back on its glorious path. We need to shake up our youth and adults alike to stop their petty squabbles,irresponsible behaviours, mud-slinging, prevaricating the message of Asho Spitaman ZARATHUSHTRA …to suit certain individuals and above all we should start to see ‘the bigger picture’ of a forward looking and a united Zarathushti Qoum.
    Let us work together and bring back the well-deserved glory back to our Zarathushti Qoum. In case young and adult Parsee/ Irani entrepreneurs wish to be guided and helped they may feel free to contact meon my office/mobile numbers 022-32968175 and 9819022254.Best regards

    • Murali-Atlanta-USA


      You said: “Our community is in dire need of a radical reformation ”

      I absolutely agree with you.

      If I may suggest, in order to prevent potential extinction of the Zorastrian community, probably the most pressing need that you may want to propagate is allowing inter-marriage with other communities.

      To start with, Parsis may allow into their fold at least those who are willing to lead their lives the Parsi way. While many world religions (most notably Islam and Christianity) are agog with conversion programs, and many others are kind of neutral in that quest, the only religion that actively disallows any outsider into their fold is Zorastrianism.

      Unless that changes there is a real danger of the rapidly dwindling Parsi community into extinction in the foreseeable future.



    My son Pakzah’s coclear ear operation was done on 1st May, he is recovering.
    We thank you all for financial support and your blessings,

    Mr J J Tata


    Hello all zoroastrians world wide…. our POONA PARSEE PANCHAYAT TRUST’s new email id is : “ppp.1953@yahoo.com” – please send your suggestions, complaints, remarks, points, new ideas, etc… to us. i am the elected SECRETARY for this year 2010-11 and trustee for three years now. Regards… RUMY P. MEHTA, Pune.


    Dear all…..
    We are new set of seven trustees elected UN-OPPOSED for a period of three years Apr. 2010 to Mar. 2013. We all new trustees want in your suggestions for improving the functioning of P.P.P. and other activities of our importance as desired and in the larger interest of Pune Zoroastrian Community….. please email on : our POONA PARSEE PANCHAYAT TRUST’s new email id : “ppp.1953@yahoo.com”

    Thanks and regards…
    Hon. Secretary.

    • Dear Rumy,
      Transparency & Accountability are the corner stone of any successfully managed corporation.
      I wish you all the success in your noble intention (Hu-mata)





  • Freny D. Kelawala

    Bahrot Caves should be preserved.

  • Mrs. Dhun Madon

    I would like to see the cave restored.

  • The caves should be saved for sure.

    • *Khshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao*
      Do we mean the Bahrot Caves, 1500 ft. AMSL, with about 3 hrs. difficult climb from near Sanjan where our Holy PAK IRANSHAH was preserved for 12 long years after a bloody battle against overwhelming muslim army from where it was later shifted to the Hill Top of Vansda forest from there to Navsari in 1419. The first group visit was in 1884, the last in 04 Apr 1985 by volunteers from Free Food Service Charitable Trust who all had done a creditable work.
      I would like to invite dedicated professional volunteers to study the earlier work, carry out a proper survey, record the same on video and digital media, carryout a Holy Jashan ceremony and see what can be done further to bring it on The our Zarthosti Heritage.

  • kevin.nowrojee@gmail.com

    As new comer to this interesting website and have a very keen interest in the Parsi, I think this is a monumental and a relic that needs to be saved for future generations to come ! what an epic find !

    kevin Nowrojee

  • The caves must be saved for posterity.I’am not Parsi , but was born in Navsari and have always had great admiration for Parsis and all they have done for the country.

  • i am a pakistani, reading about this on Dawn newspaper made me ponder of my early childhood days.I have utmost respect for the Parsi faith. they are the educated and contributionary people of the city of like Karachi. a few of my school teachers belonged to the zorastarian faith. Especially my tutor was a wonderful parsi lady by the name of Pillo and she was a prime example of hard work and sheer dedication, and her discipling all those who were taught by her. i can recall her account on the partition history of the subcontinent, and feel that parsi coomunity wherever they have settled contributed to their land of residence,

    • Murali-Atlanta-USA


      While I admire your fascination of the Parsis, I must say that Parsis are the ONE & ONLY minority religion that is probably TOLERATED in Pakistan.

      While there are some eminent patriotic Pakistani Parsis like ARDESHIR COWASJEE of Dawn, there are also a handful of Jews in Pakistan who for fear of persecution call themselves Parsi.


  • Murali-Atlanta-USA

    I am a Hindu, and in the true Hindu tradition have the highest regard for all world religions (with the exception of Islam!), and more so for one of the oldest religions in the world Zorastrianism. Parsis came to India not to conquer (the way the Mughal tyrants came) but for protection, and an opportunity to practice their faith without fear. They have been amongst the most patriotic of Indians and have been truly instrumental in laying the foundations for an Industrial India.

    It’s a pity that India (which I am proud to say was my former home, and NOT my current home!) which surpasses even most Islamic countries in pandering to the largely ungrateful Muslims (ofcourse with some notable exceptions like Abdul Kalaam, Azim Premji and NOT SRK, Pataudi, Dilip Kumar!), turns a blind eye to the paltry demands of our other truly patriotic minorities such as the Parsis, Anglo-Indians, Sikhs, and also Christians.

    It’s high time educated Indians put their foot down to force the Indian govt to allocate necessary resources for genuine upliftment of these communities, and most notably the Parsi community which is in imminent danger of extinction.

    To start with, I urge the GOI to show resolve by aiding in the restoration of all Parsi sites to their former glory.


  • Abhi Singh Sharma

    Parsi’s are basically indians, they are an offshoot of Hinduism. They are indian citizens and are slowly being reabsorbed back into hinduism and the indian blood line. They are not the same as Zarastrianism but are basically hindus who got influenced by it and made their own version of it and are now called ”Parsi”.

    • Khushnoor H. Pagtel




    • This guy Abhi has no idea of History and a quite a few Indians are like him. He is equating Indian citizenship with Hinduism.

      • Khushnoor H. Patel

        I agree 100% with Sri & Koshik about keeping one’s IGNORANT theories to themselves. They are INDEED more enlightened about the Zoroastrian religion than that Abhi person who prolly likes the sound of his IGNORANCE.

        Since 2002, I have been a volunteer Massage Therapist at the Zoroastrian games which are held in the U. S. A. or Canada every 2 years. Before the start of the games, there is a prayer ceremony performed. The prayers are very similar to the once said in india; the only difference is that they have more Persian & Farsi in them. Often I felt that the Irani Zoroastrian were more into the religion than we were in India. Their homes are filled with pictures of our Lord Zarathushtra or the Farovar: sometimes 2 &3 to a room.

        The prayers in india has a lot of Sanskrit. So for the knucklehead to say Parsis are an off shoot of Hinduism is the stupidiest comment i’ve heard in a while. IT MUST BE NOTED: the Parsis assimilated so very well into the social structure of the culture of India, that I doubt very much if any other religion has been able to blend in so well & YET MAINTAIN their religious beliefs.

        So thank you to all non-Parsis who have supported this website & urge the Government of India to preserve the caves.

        To the Parsi community: keep up the good work & work towards the preservation & promotion of our religion. Look at it this way: we are probably about 50,000 IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Don’t let this great religion go into oblivion.

  • Abhi:
    Please kep your theories to yourself and do not make a fool of yourself.

  • Muhammad Faruque Malik

    Save the Cave. It is a world heritage. It is our heritage.

  • It’s good to see and learn about new culture and religion.Proud to be a Hindu which always accepted all people from all religion,races without any intention to gain political or economic benefit.Alas Muslims and Christians portray us as bad guys who exploit the minorities.Proud to be an Indian,and a request to the parsis,don’t give up hope.Hindus can take all pain but will never let hurt anybody.If we had such a great history,I don’t believe at all that we are the bad boys now.

  • I have been trying to find my classmate Noshir Minocher Khambatta who was with me in Institute of Science, Mumbai from 1968 – 72 for B.Sc & M.Sc ( Physics )
    Could you please help.
    hanks & regards – Vivek kunte

  • Can someone let me know if there is an Zorastrian Anjumn in Dhaka Bangla Desh? A friend of mine will soon be lecturing at the Dhakka university.

  • Dear Zoroastrian ,
    I now your existence is from the start and always interested to know about your religion . I am student of IU university in Pakistan and i have a group for research on your religion I had a really humble request from you if you can share some knowledge with us as I am interested to know the names of your temples , your food dishes and a concept of your religion .

    Thank You.

  • Where would one look if one wished to be taught the ways of Zarathustra?

  • As new comer to this interesting website and have a very keen interest in the Parsi, I think this is a monumental and a relic that needs to be saved for future generations to come ! what an epic find!

  • Hi. I am Jal 23 from Iran. I study in India, and as a Parsi i always get interested in our dear Parsi people. But what i see is not satisfactory.Because Parsis came to India to save the religion, not to kill it after 14 centuries. Parsis should stop arguing so much, and try to find solution to the existing problem. Which is our path to self-destruction. This is enough of being idle. Muslims have looted this country and as a reward they have got Pakistan. But what about peaceful Parsis? How much have great Parsis have contributed to this country and got nothing in return. How many times we have to see Parsis being idle. Big personas in political, economical arena of India who are Parsis, are being careless to our own community. Building some apartments, hiring some Parsi people in companies are not enough for Parsi community. We are destined to be great. We should demand small autonomy from India. We should start growing on our own, and stop our young generation leaving the community. We are Parsis, we are great. We can achieve great thingS. Please dear brothers unite and stop the conflicts with and see the truth. See our potential to growth. Please dont refuse Iranians, Persians to this community. Persia is the land where prophet Zarathusht was born, where Great book of Avesta was written. Lets keep this in mind.

    • Please forgive my intrusion. I am not of your faith. However, I have devoted much study to it along with Persian history & geography. I am at least somewhat familiar with your scripture of the Avesta including the Gathas, Yasna, Visparad, Videvdat, Yashts, Bundahishn, Shayest ne-Shayest, Shkand Gumanig Wizar, Denkard & the book of Arda Viraf. I have also written on the subject ( not for publication) of Zoroastrian history, teachings, observances & influences on Judaism & Christianity & lectured on it to members of my faith. And I have previously been in correspondence with a Parsi Zoroastrian for several months. In short, I feel a debt of gratitude to your people.

      My heart grieves over the Macedonian & Muslim onslaughts of your land, your scripture & your people. Iran was once the greatest nation on earth! The very heart of the Persian Empire. The land of Cyrus the Great & the land of the true Aryans. From the grandeur & glory of Persepolis under Zoroastrian rule to the slums of Shiraz under Muslim rule.

      I can’t imagine a tougher internal discussion & debate than the very survival of your ancient faith. Is it best to remain a proud people true to your proud heritage & bloodline & become extinct off the face of the earth? Or should all your pride & purety as a people of Airyane Vaejahi be forever sacraficed so as to keep your faith alive & growing?

      It is with humata, hukhta, huvarshta that I wish you all the very best outcome in this ongoing debate, whatever that may be. Sincerely, Michael ( A Jewish Ashavant)

      • You are wrong in some points. Iran was one of the greatest nation you can say but not greatest. Ancient India was greatest. Also India can be called as the land of true aryans if there is any such race as aryan lol which i highly doubt. This is because aryan is an sanskrit word and not a persian word.

  • Neville Cawas Cyrus Bardoliwalla

    Dear Jal,
    Having read your citation above you seem to be making a few interesting point however i’m somewhat bemused by your comments vis-a-vis namely; “This is enough of being idle”; “How much have great Parsis have contributed to this country and got nothing in return.” “Building some apartments, hiring some Parsi people in companies are not enough for Parsi community.”: “We should demand small autonomy from India.” Look your comments are quite naive and as thought your proposing a bloody revolution in India which is abit richcoming from a 23 year old, on my reckoing i think you have much to learn about The Parsi Community in Mumbai seriously. Sincerely, Neville Cawas Cyrus Bardoliwalla Esq

  • Perry Mistry
    (Purushottam Mistry)
    Email: pmistry51@msn.com
    (San Jose-Silicon Valley/San francisco-Bay area:)

    I am from Gandevi/studies at Sir Cowasji-Jehengir New HighSchool-Gandevi-Gujarat-1969 and based at San Jose/San Francisco-USA/California:

    Mr Paresh Adhvaryu is my current contact at Gandevi and would liketo know How WZCC can assist me to Start Entrepreneurship Programs at Gandevi/Gujarat & San Jose/San Francisco /California:

    I am seeking guidelines from WZCC /and a WZCC contact at San Jose-Silicon Valley or at Gandevi/Gujarat:


    Perry mistry
    San jose-California-USA:


    Myself would like to purchase a small piece of land at Nargol,Gujarat.Around 6-7 gunthas,apprx.6500-700sq.ft. any body interested in selling kindly contact on 9222283283 or 8097083283 or can send me your details(plots)MANNSHAA@GMAIL.COM

  • hello all brothers in beh-din.

    I am kurd from Iraqi Kurdistan and I have plans to begin a kurdish site about my ancestors religion. I will begin a community here in Sweden Stockholm dedicated our Great Lord Ahuramazda under the name Congress of Kurdistanian Zoroaster – Children of Zoroaster. I will create a website in kurdish language too. I wonder if there anyone who is willing to help me with the website design and info? I will be grateful if anyone can help me. Anyone who will to help me can contact me at dilandasuk@hotmail.com / http://www.kurdsoft.com I will appreciate every effort. May Ahura Mazda bless you.

  • Greetings Parsis,
    I am an American from Atlanta, GA. Against much opposition from friends, I chose to fly to Mumbai in November, 2010 for dental work for many reasons. It resulted in being one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my entire life because my doctors are all Parsis. Not only are they extroadinary dentists, surgeons, lecturers and researchers, they are warm, kind, fun-loving and so very honest and wise. They took care of my every need, always concerned about my comfort and happiness. They invited me to a Parsi wedding which started my quest of Parsi facination. I am honored to return Jan. 2012 to sing for their children’s Navjote. Please contact me via this e-mail post or call me @ 404-644-0111 if you live around Atlanta or would be interested in the beautiful, over-the-top dental services these doctors provide!!

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  • Hello,
    I’m a Zoroastrian convert! And I wrote this:

    Yet I see not Ahura Mazda-Lord Wisdom, that is,
    I do not suppose that I see him not because he existeth not,
    But because my eyes are not prepared to see the unseen as they should be prepared,
    As the eyes that see nothing in the dark for in the darkness they’re not used to see,
    Nor to be.
    I know that He existeth, beyond all human knowledge He existeth,
    And He is Asha, Truth, that is in the everlasting fire of Truth,
    And He is Afarefah, Vaspar and Khorehomand,
    I shall always obey as He shall command.

    O Ahura Mazda bringst thou me a stone;
    So that I could engrave thy name on it,
    Sure the Followers of the Lie followed
    The wrongfulness and I am not fit,
    For such a bone.

  • dear sir i am vallimohammed lakhani from karachiin karachi i am conected with mostly parsi group now i am in atlanta and nothing to ndo here pls interduce some parsi friend never mind he is over 60/or 7o i am eighty mr.cawas aga of karachi b.c aga and co he was my naiber last 20.years also mr.minoo minwala now he is dughai he was teling in dellas and atlanta so many parsi from karachi is there if possible interduce few friend so atleast pass time little gup sup my ref avilable from bankwala of forbes forbes of karachi now he is retaye also mr.dinshah airo flot with sahebji to u and karachi friend lakhani

  • Hi Friends,
    I hope you all have are fine and doing well in your day to day lives. I THANK YOU all for coming forward in the last year and helping us out with your generous donations towards the maintenance of the URAN PARSI AGIARY.
    We also had a good Salgiri Celebrations.The function also helped us with good donations flowing in. I SAY GOOD AS ALL THE DONATIONS COME TOGETHER WERE JUST ENOUGH FOR US TO REBUILD THE ALL IMPORTANT KATHI ROOMS,for Kathi and holy vessels and utensils storage of the Agiary.However much needs to be done.
    I am attaching two photos of the New KATHI ROOMS for all of you to see,especially the ones who were not able to make it personally for the Salgiri function.
    We now propose to stand up on our own and generate our own income. In order to do that we want to give a complete face lift and total roof repair[which is leaking now]of the Sanatorium in the Agiary Complex. As once this building is in shape and the rooms have all fitings and electricals along with beds and matresses; we will be able to advertise full fledged and INVITE more and more PARSI AND IRANI Zoroastrians to come and spend cool week ends and peaceful holidays amongst the greens of the Agiary compaound and the Arabian Sea facing in front. All in all its a splendid holiday place,once it gets its total facelift.
    I hereby request you to please kindly come forward in huge numbers to donate the maxiumum you all can, to help us in our second step towards the noble cause of SAVING THE HOLY AND AUSPICIOUS NHALO AATASH, who has blessed us all and fulfilled many wishes of the people who have tremendous faith in HIM.Amen!!!
    As before, please forward your kind donations to MR. KERSI B SUI by an account payee cheque and courier it to the following address:
    Contact Nos: 022-27230047/9271729548.
    I look forward to hear from you with your donations in huge numbers at the earliest.
    Khushroo Mehta

  • One Of My Parsi Friend Who Want To Sell His Old Collection Of Vintage Hollywood And Bollywood Movie Posters Any Parsi Want This Collection Please Write To Me cinepost007@gmail.com

  • “Happy Noorouz to all of you”
    Hi EVERYBODY (every human being),
    Nice to read that much different, from different people, who believe in tollerance.



    Please note that I would like to receive e mails pertaining to our religion about yast, niyas and parsee rituals with photographs and also the pictures which Zubin Sethna, Thane. sent ,of Parsee General Hospital and requested my husband to help the needy which we both did.

    Thanks & God bless one and all

  • Gulshen Dinshaw

    Can you please inform me of a reputted institute in India where Neuro Opthamology treament can be obtained


      You may check with L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad. Telephone nos. (040)-30612105 / 30612345

  • Gulshen Dinshaw

    Is there any stem cell research or gene therapy going on in India or other places for Leber’s congenital Amaurosis – or blindness due to gene mutation?


  • Dear Sir,

    I would like to inform you that long back there was an article in Jame about a young Enterpreneur I think so his name is Behzad who has his own Recruitment consultacny

    So request you to let me know any Parsi who has his own Consultancy as I am looking out for freelance or home based job for Business development. Earlier I was working for singapore Telecom on contract basis and that ended in Dec. After that I was working for Recruiment firm . So I am temporarily looking out for the same till i get job in teleco company


  • Dear Sir,

    Do zoroastrians have surname ‘GUNAGA’, please explain the history behind this surname.

    Mahesh Gunaga

  • For those of you in India, looking for a nice decent opportunity to work in my company – http://farhadbillimoria.com/india-launch/?t=zoroastrians

    and in USA/Canada – http://worldimart.wizdomofages.com/?t=zoroastriansusa

    • Yes Farhad, I am very much interested in settling in Canada/USA. I have 7 years of experience in travel line and currently I am an Asst. Manager with one of the best organisations in travel (MNC) in India. I reside in Mumbai. If you could help me to make my dream come true by settling/working in Canada/USA I will ever be so grateful to you. You may contact me on my e-mail address; suitablematch83@yahoo.com.



  • narioshangioshang


    • Cama Oriental Institute at Fountain has CDS so does one Mr. Marazban Gyara residing at Dadar Parsi Colony BOMBAY

  • can any one tell me from where i can get/download the famous song “parsi humey chaiye”

  • this is in reference to Jal comments regarding the parsi’s community. Jal has crticised the Muslims that they had looted the India and as a result they got their own independent country. i think jal is not aware of the facts that compelled Muslims to struggle for an independent nation. in the united India the Muslims persecuted, maltreated, manhandled,their properties were confiscated,they were deprived of the top ranking jobs, which these Hindus were frequently enjoying. i am not criticizing the Hindus, they are our brothers.i would request you to please go through the history first and than comment.

    can anyone of you tell me where can i find the your sacred book ZEND AVESTA, and some videos on your religion.i have been trying to find these on youtube and on google, but i have not been able to find. can you please help me in this regard.

  • syed atif hussain

    i am searching for one Mr. Shapporji Bairamji jalnawala who studied at St. George College in Agra. He was great friends with my father Mr. Syed Akhlaq Hussain during his college days in the sixties. they lost touch. and now my father wishes to meet him. please help me find him. i can be contacted on 9821299003 or at catharsis_you@hotmail.com. i will be thankfull
    Syed Atif hussain

  • it is heartening to see that zoroastrians.net has provided zoroastrians community a platform to gather and interact with each other. the website contains wonderful information regarding zoroastrians. unfortunately,there are no videos showing ceremonies, cultures, rituals and prayers of the zoroastrians on this site.i am a scholar and have been researching on this great religion. can any of you help me by telling as to where can i find such videos.you can reply to me on my email: hopeful.2016@gmail.com


  • i have been doing research on this religion and i just had a few questions for a Zoroastrian and their personal experiances and views on the religion?

    • I’m not a Zoroastrian, but am interested in it also. What have you discovered and what are you wanting to know?

    • The Lewis Elton Gallery at the University of Surrey are currently showing an exhibition ‘Like Sugar in Milk: Stories of Zoroastrian Migration to the South East of England’. The Heritage Lottery Funded exhibition was organised by Brighton based theatre group, BandBazi. It marks the culmination of an 18 month project involving over twenty volunteers. Volunteer ‘memory collectors’ from Sussex and Surrey have captured the migration stories of twelve Zoroastrian Elders from the wider South East region. The project has been guided by a Steering Group made up of members and leaders of Zoroastrian organisations.

      Exhibition dates Tuesday 5 – Thu 21 Feb 2013. Further information at http://www.surrey.ac.uk/arts/visualarts.

  • I am a transplanted Iranian, now a US citizen. I was brought up in a mix of Jewish and Christian religious backgrounds, while growing up in the rich context of Shiite Islam in Iran. I firmly believe that the historical influence and rich history of Iran goes even deeper than religious influences in those of us who grew up in Iran. I fought any association with Iran as I grew up in the US, but now understand that I cannot , nor do I want to ignore my heritage. Although I was never brought up as a Zoroastrian in any formal way, I feel a deep connection to this religion and philosophy. It encompasses all the good and pure ideals of any religion, or philosophy. I would love to learn more about also. Interestingly, as a college student I studied feminism and especially environmental feminism. Now I realize that these thoughts and ideas of respect for nature and each other, and respect for other beliefs was the basis of Zoroastrianism 3500 years ago. Children should be taught in schools, and Zoroastrian ideas and philosophic arguments should be debated in houses of worship in the US and all over the world — as a way of introducing everyone to Zoroastrianism as well as to open debate and thought among other people.

  • i have been frequently trying to get the contact no and email of Pheroza J.Godrej. can any of kindly send it to my email, as i want to discuss her about the book she has authored.
    Email: hopeful.2016@gmail.com


  • do you have any latest census figures of parsis in india – citywise.

  • hi i am .i salute your comunity . i will be very great ful to u if you send me the residential address of pheroze mistry living in virar will cell no 9004040406 . i am contacting him since 5 days but is not replying .please help me .please do it as quick as possible .and email me on my address number .



  • Hello

    Dear do you know the whereabouts of Parsi community in Pakistan?



  • Is there a Zoroastrian community in California, United States?


  • This new look of Parsi Iranis, Zarathushtis website all under one roof looks very good.

  • Enhashyinsese

    Hello !
    Congratulations on the blessing that you are receiving!
    Thank you!

  • Hi Friends,

    I am interested in settling in US/Canada. If anyone can help me, please. I am 28 years, Convent educated, have passed B.Com. graduation, completed Diploma in Graphics & Film Animation from NIIT which is one of the best IT institutions. I then passed IATA/UFTA (Montreal) and am in travel industry since last 7+ years. Currently I am Asst. Manager in an MNC travel organisation. It is one of the best travel organisation in India. I am ready to join any travel organisation in US/Canada or if need be, am ready even to change my career line,

    Would appreciate your help. Contact me on suitablematch83@yahoo.com


  • Can someone please provide me a file or a link to audio version of our Pazand and Sanskrit Ashirwad Prayers?

    I am looking for correct pronunciations.

    Thanks in advance


  • It is a great site. Full of information. Yazdi, Thanks to you and your team, for your hard work and effort which goes into this.

    Warm regards,

  • Dear Zoroastrian Community

    My name is Charlie a researcher at the University of Oxford (UK), my great grandfather was a Parsi born in Bombay (Mumbai). I am trying to track my family history and was wondering if there are any archives of Parsi family history in or around Bombay. Any recommendations on any where I could look for my family history would be fantastic.



  • Keep it up good work..
    Good to see you peoples..

  • Thanks Yazdi for your labour of love has benefited the Zoroastrian Community.

  • I understand that a reformer by the name Maisodarbahmi is to come in the end of times. Is it so, please?

  • Florence Allwyn

    I am searching for the family of my maternal grandpa Rustum Khodyar, who hailed from Pune. My mummy’s name was Doreen Khodayar. Grandpa expired around the 1960’s and he owned Cafe Mazda, in Pune or Mumbai, if I remember right. If anyone is related to grandpa please get in touch with me at my mail id. Regards, Florence.

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