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  • Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao

    My name is Cyrus R R Cooper and I work as representative of The Pundol Group based in India with serious support also from Iran and UK. We stand close to Koh-e-Demavand through associations of our leaders such as late most loved and respected Minocher N Pundol Saheb and today are the only group with real knowledge of the coming of Shahanshah Shah Behram Varjavand which I would like your permission to give details of along with many other religious subjects on your web site.
    Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao

    • i am gaurav anand,a 20 year old boy i am doing my{h} final year from DU and Chartered Accountancy.I AM living at j-9/18-a,rajouri garden ,new delhi-110027.i want to know about zorastrian religion and i have so many questions to ask.i want live experience,i know there are so many date available in books and on net,but i want to get all information from an elder zorastrian/parsi. i am dying to know about zorastrianism.plz take this letter seriously.i am purely devoted to zoratrian religion by my heart,mind and soul,i also respect and keep faith in zorastrian religion and in its value and principles also.its a request to all my parsi brothers and sisters.plz help me.happy navroz to all zorastrians.can i join your group it will be my pleasure and i want to do something in soppert of zorastrians.{ph-9953752597}

    • Mrs Roshni K Aibara

      Dear Mr Cooper,

      I have met Mr Minocher Pundole and use to attend the religious classes at Vachha Gandhi Agiary.

      I am now married and settled in Australia

      I look forward to receiving your email to keep in touch with many friends I had made during the time.

      Kind Regards

      Roshni K Aibara

      • Cyrus R R Cooper

        Dear Roshni,
        I came twice to OZ in times and wish everyone there the very best – as you can see world is changing and in Iraqi Kurdistan someone wants to issue bank notes with pictures of Asho Zarathushtra Saheb on them – story is not a hoax but substance needs to be more fully investigated just as Tajikistan and Uzbekistan turn back clock to aryan Zarthushti times with change of flags and request for our knowledge,

      • Hi Roshni – My name is Sammy Marfatia a resident of Sydney and have Minocher Pundole as well and attentded the lectures at Vattcha Gandhi Agiary (lived at Peddar road in Mumbai before). I can be contacted on 0438 930277. My wife and I would love to hear from another pundolya

    • mehernosh kapadia

      May i have your email id please Cyrus my email id is

    • Dear Mr. Cooper,
      Could you share your knowledge of the coming of Shahanshah Shah Behram Varjavand .
      I am very keen to know more. Would really appreciate your response.
      You may send me my email id given below.
      Many thanks,

      • come to our Adaran and learn from us alternatively send me e mail address and shall post copies of articles released

  • You are welcome to give details subject to moderation. We welcome diverse views and variety of thoughts…….

    • Sir,
      I am interested in link between Vedic religion with Zoroastrian. I have read somewhere that Sage Vyas visited Iran and talked with Zoroaster and animal sacrifice was the main cause to stop Daeva worship in Zorasrian religion. I want to confirm it.
      I will be very greateful if detailed information are given to me.
      shivanand sharma

      • Cyrus R R Cooper

        Sir there is a huge misunderstanding created by misguided philologists that vedic and zoroastrian are seriously linked – to us our faith is oldest of all in whole world and Hindu vedic nature etc came about much later but yes like all the faiths bits of ours have been absorbed as when people looked around in times past ours was ancient and predated biblical flood,
        with best wishes,

      • Dear Mr.Sharma,
        I would to commend you on your interest in our most ancient faith.
        Avesta texts are thought to have been passed on orally for centuries before they were written down and it is hence hard to put a date to it.
        As for the existence and lifetime of Zarathustra, Plutarch and Diogenes proposed dates prior to 6000 BCE. Dates proposed in scholarly literature diverge widely, between the 18th and the 6th centuries BCE. Now that leaves the field of assumption wide open as to whether or not the revered Sage Vyasa did indeed engage with him in dialogue in Iran. It is unfortunate to some degree that as Zoroastrian, we know very little of our own faith and true beginnings. We have a lot of speculation and very little concrete proof. We content ourselves with believing that we are indeed the first and the most ancient,etc. While these claims are definitely based in some fact, none of it is irrefutable. It ultimately depends on who you ask. I would urge you to please try and ascertain historically acceptable dates for the lifetimes of both our prophet Zarathustra and the most revered Sage Vyasa. If these are indeed close enough for a happy coincidence, I would like to believe that this meeting did occur.
        If I might humbly add, in days past, there was very little need for sages and prophets to travel to meet with each other. I do believe the concept of telepathy was active in the ancient age and a great meeting of souls and spiritual intellect was possible at a higher plane and level of understanding.
        All the best to you in your endeavour to uncover this interesting bit of information. After all, V for Vyasa is fairly close in terms of the alphabet to Z for Zarathustra!
        Ushta Te,

        N Kotwal

      • You can find the story Vyasa´s (Byasa) visit Persia here:
        chapter “the nasks of the Avesta”

    • What if someone who has not got smartphones. How will that person get the information??

  • A lot of hard work has gone into making this site a treasure trove of information on all things related to Zoroastrianism.
    You can be sure that I will forward this link to all Parsis in my address book.
    Well done. More strength to your team and you,
    Jeh Chinoy.

  • I am hoping to hire some good Zoroastrian men & women for our company here in the US. We will sponsor their H1-B visa and bring them here to the US. We already have 4 Zoroastrians working for us and hope to get more. If you agree, please post this on your website (which is commendable) at the earliest, as time is of essence.

    If you have any questions, please do let me know. I can be reached at 804-290-0869 or my cell 804-245-0377.


    We are currently looking for bright and dedicated people from India (or anywhere) to come work with us at Rites LLC. We will sponsor the H1-B visa. I am attaching the skill sets we are interested in.

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    Ahemdabad Feb 18-19
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    Bombay Mar 2-Wrap-up Only

    Anil can be reached on his mobile # 9824294693.

    If you know of someone who might be interested in coming to the US, please do let me know. They can email, or call me, or Anil and set up time to meet w/ him.

    Thank you for your help.


    Rumy Mohta
    President, Rites LLC
    Tel: 804-290-0869
    Cell: 804-245-0377

    • Dear Rumy,

      I am interested in migrating to the US/Canada. However, I do not have the above qualifications. I am young, energetic, loyal & sincere lady of 28 years having 6+ years of experience in travel line. I have passed B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce) & IATA/UFTA, Montreal & currently serving Thomas Cook (India) Ltd. as Asst. Manager – Corporate Travel. Thomas Cook is a multinational company with HQ in London. My elder sister is married and is also in US. I have a US (Tourist) valid visa. I will be grateful if you could help me in migrating to the US/Canada using your good contacts.

      Hope you will lend a helping hand.



  • Dear Moderator,

    I am looking for a meaning of a name “ZARAIUS”. Tried searching on most of the sites.
    Please help


  • Can someone explain the real meaning of the name “PERCY”?

  • Ushta, Yazdi Delzin Percis ,

    I really liked your site as info is all under one roof.

    I was wondering if you all would be interested in adding Poetry in your category list (Of poems related to Zoroastrianism)?

    Hoping to hear from you,

    Thank you so much in advance

    Choicest Blessings


    • Hi Farida,
      You were once on ‘creatingawareness’ group and you used to post lovely poems on Zarthustra ! I wonder if you remember me. I am Armaity Suresh Patel who was in Dubai and now I am in Mumbai.
      Are you still in States?
      Navroz Mubarak!
      Ushta Te !

      • I happen to come across your comment on Google! I still pen poems on this group too1 as well as other groups.

        I thank you for your feed back. Yes I am still in N A.

        Hope to keep in touch

        Choicest Happiness


  • iam from quetta balochistan there is a parsi community here and are well respected by the locals,actually iam intrested in to know about the zoroastain religion and parsi community,histroically we balochs were believers of zoroastain as we call it[atish parast]there are some arecological signs in balochistan.thanks with my respect to the parsi community of pakistan.

  • parsi community,iam really sorry to interrupt in between you but i have a question to be answered to gain knowledge,a baloch leader and scholar told in is written interview that the best and the great book he has read is of zartusht as we call it and more interesting to he told that the holy book of zartusht is written in acient pahlavi dialect which is atcually balochi please someone help me in which parsi site i can find my answer.thanks

  • any one is wellcomed to enrich my knowledge about zartosht religion.[]

  • Hi I am a lecturer of Psychology . I am doing my Ph.d. on Perceptions regarding Parsees. I am most delighted to come across your website . The information provided is going to be of immense help to me . I understand the great deal of efforts on part of your team for this very comprehensive website. THANK YOU SO MUCH and God bless you.

  • Hi Can somebody please tell me where the “sugar mixes in milk” story has come from? It is attributed to Kisse Sanjan but I have not found it there. There is also another story of ‘mixing like gold ring in milk’., but again I have not found its origin. Thanks and God bless you.

    • Hi Zarin,

      How are you ..? my name is Sobby Javed i can send you the whole story of “sugar mixes in milk” just email to this address ( i will wait for your email. asas i will get your email i will send you the word doc. file.


      • Noshir Hansotia

        Dear Sobed, Happened to read your ‘Sugar in milk’ etc. I am a Parsi in Phoenix, USA. Could you please send me info. of our past? As many stories that you might have. Just the most interesting, if you have lots. Not meant to burden you.
        Noshir Hansotia.

    • Colonel (Retd) Ronnie Burjor Mistry

      Hi Zarine!
      There seems to be more truth and sense in the “gold ring” story. I am unaware of the (authentic) origin, but it was narrated to me, many, many years ago (I am almost 72) by my father – “Baji” Mistry, advocate, Bombay. The explanation is : the locals were very apprehensive of the people who had landed on thier shores, thinking them to be another clan of the Mughals already in India.
      However, after some years they realised they these newcomers had kept to themselves and were not one bit aggressive, the local chieftain sent across the pot of milk, as a gesture of peace. The Zoroastrian High Priest gently placed a gold ring, careful not to spill…..carrying the meaning and conveying :”We are a pure race, you are a pure race; we will merge with you, however, we shall maintain our identity, just as milk will not tarnish gold nor gold affect the milk…”

    • Cyrus R R Cooper

      Zarin the idea of sugar and milk is that we Parsi could merge into the diaspora of India just as one puts sugar and milk into tea and coffee but in truth was neither – Nairyosang Avvall Abed Saheb, our spiritual leader, actually placed his ring within the liquid………….

      pls now look at what happens in world and see how we have continued to remain as a religious community but albeit unknown,

  • hi,zarin sethna,would you please explain the logic behind your questions are they related to psycology iam afraid not?

  • Hi Amin.The questions I am refering to are actually about the famous migration story of the Parsees from Iran to India. Every Parsee child grows up hearing them. I am searching for the origin of these. Glad to know of your interest in Zoroastrianism .

  • Hi Percy Jamshedwala. I think ‘Percy’ is short for Persepollis, our famous ancient and holy capital ccity in Iran. I may be wrong but it seems most likely. Parsees have been adopting the names of Iranian cities like ‘Shiraz’, ‘Yazd’, etc. Maybe to keep the connection alive. ‘Persis’ which is a girl’s name means ‘ a lady from Persia’.Hope I have been of some help.Bye and God bless you.

  • respected zarin sethna,thanks for answering me,history and psychology are my subjects i have a small library of mine at may sound strange to you iam by nature attached to history from my boyhood,once traveling on balochistan coast in 1983 my sixth sense told me that alexander the great may had passed from this route,when i asked my father he said yes alexander did passed this route returning from india.

  • In zartusht calender name of a day called[GOVAD]meaning balochi language wind is called [GOVAT] what i mean to say that acient pahlavi language and present balochi languages are sister languages like german and english.Balochs were driven out of kerman first by iranian king nausherwan and then by the invading seljuk turks.

  • Hi Kamal, Regards the meaning of the word ‘Zaraius’. The term ‘Zar’ definately means gold in Persian and also in Sanskrit. ‘Zarin’ means made of gold and ‘ Zari work’ is the embroidary with golden thread.Hence the Zar part of the name signifies something to do with gold. The suffix ‘ius’ is similar to Daraaius or Porous , If you could contact some Persain scholar, you can combine the two and get the meaning. Bye for now and God bless you.

  • hi,zarin sethna i will try to answer your question the origin of[where the sugar mixes with milk?]the tragedy with the history is that emotionalism attached with an historical event changes the reality of the event to legend,when the imegrants from persia or pars actually [fars]as the language is called farsi became to known as parsies believers of zartushtra[the prophet]came to india by sea by land it was not possible,landed on the shore of gujrat first they were not wellcomed by the gujrati raja he sent a bowl full of milk to the parsies indicating that they have no place for them in return the parsies put sugar in milk indicating friendship as it is friendship is the sweetist part of human nature,here we cant ignore the historical fact that persians were equally civilized to the romans,today everyone else knows the parsies had given more to india than they have taken,the other part of your question[every parsi child grows up asking about the famous migration]its an psychological reaction of their up bringing because parsies have the will and love for their blief thats why up to today they have saved their identy now parsies are a beautifull part of india.hope for your reply.thanks

  • Hi Amin. Thanx so much for your help. Actually, the story you have given me has traditionally been attributed to a book – ‘Kisseh Sanjan’- written by Boman Kekobad in 16th century which describes the story of the migration to India. However, as part of my research , when I looked up the book, I could not find the reference there nor in any of the versions or translations. In fact another story says that it was a gold ring that was dipped in the milk and not sugar as sugar melts and looses its identity while gold not only retains its distinctiveness but also adds to the value of milk. The sources of these stories , even if they are folklore or legend loaded with emotional content, need to be located for the purpose of empirical research.Thanx for the lovely compliments to our community and good to know you have such high regards.Bye and God bless you.

    • Colonel (Retd) Ronnie Burjor Mistry

      Hi Zarine!
      Further to my earlier mail, sent a few minutes ago….I had not scrolled down to this post of yours. continuing….that gold adds to the value of milk would be largely unacceptable, since that would imply that the Zoroastrians are a better lot than the locals! Nobody would accept that! As I said earlier, the gold will not affect – spoil – the milk, and the milk will not tarnish the gold….we will merge with you, but retain our identity….That would be acceptable to the other side. Right?
      Ronnie Mistry, Perth, WA

  • If we understand history realistically it has a lot of wisdom to which takes us in depth of human nature,when the arabs invaded [fars]persia when we discover the propaganda of time infact the arabs were barbaric people they forced the occuppied nations to speak their language and their religon,only the jews saved their language and religion by escaping to europe in mass migration while the parsies who left persia were a small number of people belonged to noble status such as highly intelluactuals,rich families higher class belonging to the kings court,now today we can see the social efforts the parsi community is doing in bombay,karachi and else where.the parsi community is the most highly educated in pakistan.

  • Hello,

    I am really interested to work with Zoroastrians. I have 2 skills, Agriculturalist and know English nearly well. I also know some basic of French, German, Italian, Spanish.

    I am knowledgeable man, friendly, hard worker, creative and love ” Humet, Hukht, Huversht”.

    Please, feel free to e-mail me at

    Thank you very much.


  • I would like to congradulate you on your site. I would also add that it lacks any links on conversion to zoroastrianism. There is a growing interest among iranians to learn about their ancester’s faith.
    Best regards

  • There are a lot of articles on the subject and you may read them at

  • zartushtism will rise again in persia.

  • Guys,
    That was extremely thoughtful of you all to send us all a reminder to register for the voters’ list.
    Thanks for caring.

  • jennifer gilder





  • I have seen the link to Trusts & Funds on your website and find that the details about the R D Sethna Scholarship Fund needs to be amended. The correct details are:

    The name of the Chief Executive is changed from Mr F J Antia to Mr Farrokh M Rustomji. The Trust also has a website & email:

    Please incorporate the changes and inform me. Thank you.

  • I am from Sukkur sindh Pakistan my name is Abdul Qudoos Memon Principal Special children institution at Sukkur want to reopen mama parsi school as for special children’s of Sukkur.
    Existing position of mama parsi school is vacant since last fifty years and now the mama parsi school is on threat of builders mafia to occupy it by any sought of conspiracy.
    I want to run this institution once again the all rights of building and property will remain reserved for same parsi community and this institution will run with the help of local philanthropist and registered non governmental organization of Sukkur. Any conditions by your community will be obliged please visit my existing special children school located at bunder road Sukkur which is in government sector and the building condition is very deteriorating.
    My contact numbers are+92-71-9310469
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    Looking forward

  • Dear Administrator,
    Please arrange to add email addresses of the Candidates standing for Elections. Thanks.

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    Rumy Mohta
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    Doing IT Right !

  • I need to know few things about those who think themselves fit for standing as BPP Trustees.

    Name :
    Age :
    Place of birth :
    Support intercaste marriage ?: YES / NO
    Contribution to community :
    Contributing since : [year]
    Further vision :
    To what extent they intend to stand up for community :
    What if they fail :

  • I would like to know info on certain avesta prayers which are not listed on any website.
    1.Ba naame yazad 2. Sepash Akenarahe 3.Nameh Khavar 4.Chithrem Buyaat.
    I would like to know when to pray these following prayers and their meaning

    • Ruby, the Dadar Madressa publishes our Khordeh Avesta with the meanings of the prayers. If you don’t read the prayers in the Gujarati script, I think the would have other books with the meaning of our prayers. You could check with them on 91-22-24138086.

  • There are many good and committed candidates standing for BPP Election who are promising to bring vast change in the present set up, which to my knowledge is very difficult. Is it possible to satisfy each and every person who are facing Housing and education problems?
    This requires people with good qualification background, experience in fields like housing, education and a real philanthropist who would like to share his skill and wealth showered upon him by Lord Ahuramazda.
    Can some one name a few of these candidates contesting BPP election?

  • We would like to avoid putting any names online – either for or against any candidate or group of candidates.

    The profiles and manifestoes are all given in the BPP Elections Section, which are available for all to read, consider and then take a final judgement.

  • hello
    I am from Iran living in Uk and very intrested to have contact with parsies I am very glad to find your site

  • Hello everyone,

    I would like to join your website as I do see an open mind and a willingness to share, among members.

    How do I sign up?

    Thank you.

  • hello, i have a querry that”if parsi are the followers of aryans then how and why islam has the eefect on the religion even parsi religion came much before islam .by islam effect i mean the names of muslim and parsi match.why so ?”

    • Parsis have taken on PERSIAN names & not Muslim names..Cyrus ,Darius , Jamsheed existed from 300BC until Arabs/Muslims came to power in about 600AD.Some of the names are also from Avestan scripts which could be before 300BC.
      Infact Muslims of Iran , Iraq if you have noticed have roots of Persian names.

  • hello i nadim atia from reunion island france.i m origin of variav…..pleace give me some information.for book JAGEE VARIAV….I THING THIS BOOK IS PROPERTY OF VARIAV MEHFIL. WE LOST 35.YEARS AGO…..PLEASE.HELP.ME..


  • i am sr most journalist and accriditated correspondent ofgovt of andharapardesh[india]i need email address and phone numbers mrs dina wadia only daughter of mr mohhammed ali jinnahfounderar of pakistan.
    mobile no 0091 9247794124
    email address

  • hi i’m seyed hossein ali mousavee one of iranian researchers.

    i have presented 48 specialized book and 7 chief plans in aerospace fields yet, my educations is post graduate of applied mathematics, i’d like to do my works and compilations with the cooperations of other internal or international universities or researchal centers, if there are any field to common activities such as scholarship programs please conact by my mail.

  • Dear All

    I am a Zoroastrian person living in Iran. I work for UNHCR in the North-West of Iran in city called Orumieh which is a very ancient city. People of here, Believe in our religion a lot and they do respect us a lot. They have some beliefs which are very interesting, e.g. They believe that the Tomb of Zoroastra’ mother is in Village close to Orumieh Called “Abni”, or they say the name of “Doghdoo” is an Azari name and…
    Considering the issue, I am planning to have next “MEHREGAN Festival” here in Orumieh on the seashore of Orumieh Lake (CHI CHEST LAKE) which is very historical name for us in our religion.
    Now, those who wish to participate in this ceremony, are more than welcome to write me on
    Any comment on this activity is more than welcomed also the agenda of travel will also be shared with those who may wish to visit Iran and participate in this ceremony.

    Thanks to all
    Yours truly, Arash Cheshmeyee

    • Dear Arish,
      What you say is very interesting. According to various sources Zoroaster lived in a place called Bacteria (N. Afganistan),some put the date 9000Bc.How far is Orumieh from N.Afganistan or say say Terhan.More over Zorastrian were never buried & hence I have doubts this could be her tomb.
      Have any bones found in the tomb then carbon dating will reveal the approx year of her of her death.Iam also keen to know what religious ritual you follow for marriage & death.
      Do u wear Surda & Kusti.Are ther any fire temples in Orumieh
      I am a zorastrian & would have loved to come to Orumieh,but will not be able to make it.

      • Hi Phiroze, I visited Iran in 2008. I was given to understand the Zarathostis (particularly in Tehran) do not wear the Sudra and Kusti. The same is worn only when they visit the Atash Kadehs. However, in Yazd, they do. The Atashbans of the AtashGahs asked us if we had any sudras for them. The fires of the Atash Kadehs and the Atash Gahs in Iran are well tended. There is HOPE.

  • I love reading the articles on your site. In fact I do not delete them till I have read them a cuple of times to learn
    more about our wonderful religion.

    Regards and all the best

    • Noshir Hansotia

      Dear Roda, I grew up in Dadar Parsi Colony, Bombay, & played cricket with a Kersi Langrana. Know him?

  • You have a very fantastic website, It is excellent, I enjoyed it a lot. It was fascinating. Thank you so much for your effort.

    I put your website address onto my site, just in case anyone around the world is interested they can contact with you guys.

    Yours Truly,

    Maya, from US


  • Dorood
    I am a persian guy and living in Wien_Austria .
    I’ve been searching for a long time to find any Zoroastrian Center or some kind like that , but unfortunetly till now i find nothing .
    So ,pls if you can or know any address or phone numb to help me to contac with a zoroastrian center i would be really thankful.
    i know many other ppl who are intersted in , as well .
    ´Sepass .

    • Hi, what kind of Zoroastrian Organization exactly are you looking out for. There is one Zoroastrian College in Sajna, Gujarat, India. You will find a lot of info on the Net itself.


  • Can I get the list of Dasturjees’ available in Bombay for I am planning my sons Navjote ceremony by the next year end.
    (Or the website preferably where I can get the list of dasturjees’ with their photographs).

  • Thank you for collating all of this. Whenever I have a few moments I like to hear the, ‘Zoroastrian Anthem’ and look up the other sites.
    Good luck and thanx for your hard work.
    Daulat Kapadia

  • Dr. A.F.M Khalid Hossain

    Dear Yazdi Tantra.
    Congratulations for your efforts in disseminating the teachings of Zoroaster, one of the pioneers of ancient religions. You will be appreciated to know that I have written an article titled ” Men and Religion” under which I have discussed in brief the most popular and important religions of the world including Zoroastrianism in Bengali version. This article printed in Encyclopaedia for Children, vol. one published by Islamic Foundation, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Bangladesh recently. I have much interest to know more and more about your religion, culture, cult, society etc.

    I solicit your sincere cooperation in this respect.


    Sincerely Yours
    Dr. A.F.M Khalid Hossain
    Islamic History & Culture
    Omar Ghani Post Graduate College
    Nasirabad, Chittagong-4225, Bangladesh.

  • have sent queries in october and now regarding ses and naujote things but haven’t received replies….am awiting a response soon.My kids naujote is in December 2009.

  • Request if someone can give me the contact nos. for the Parsi Dhramshala in Mount Abu. I have the address from your website but not the contact numbers, hence the request.


  • Can I please have a shahnshai calendar for 2010-2011

  • You may check this link and scroll to the Month and Year that you want

  • Jyoti Dmle Hegde

    I am looking for a school friend of my mine by the name Zarine Hormasji (current surname maybe Ganjia). We were together at Queen Mary School, Mumbai & last met in 1975. I currently live in the US & many of the old school friends are holding a class reunion in Mumbai in Dec 2010. It would be nice if we got information on Zarine so we can connect with her & invite her for the get together. Hoping that I get a reply from you soon.
    Jyoti Damle Hegde.

    • Feeruza Bisney Shah

      It is a bit too late now, your reunion was last December. Did you locate Zarine Hormasji?
      I was at Queen Mary School for just a few years.
      I too knew of a Zarine Hormasji, only child, who lived with her parents, across Chambala Hill Hospital.
      If this is the same Zarine Hormasji and if you have located her, then please do send me the information.
      I too live in USA.
      Feeruza Bisney Shah

  • Hi We have open ZPWA and if would anyboby to give as some good to make this organzation more intersting and help our parsis friend.Please free to call-9623733362.


  • hi

    wanted to know if there are any parsis in cairo.


  • Hi,

    I would like to know about one patrawala family from which my link was broken 40 years ago. They were residents of Bombay. Father Ratan Shah Patrawala,one of the son, Jahangir Patrawala, daughter Freny Patrawala ( was lecturer in Anand in Vallabh Bhai Patel Engineering College).Pls let me know if any body have any information or any related website for the same.


  • dear sir
    i wld like to make an appeal.i have 2 school going children who r studying in school in vasai.i am a poor zorastrian who has meagre earnings.i do not have a stable job/stable income.their fees are 15000/- per year.i have got all original documents/receipts/school reports as proof.i wld be obliged if yu cld help me.i dont earn wife is a housewife.i am medically unfit
    cyrus jehangir

  • dear sir
    i have found out about the scholarships scheme from the minorities affairs introduced recently by the government.i have found out by going personally to mantralay.they havent yet implemented this scheme n it is yet on paper.most of the staff whom i met do not know anything about this has not come to their department yet.

    i need a donar who can sponsor the education for my children.the entire cost including fees,cost of books,projects work fees, etc comes to about 20,000/- of which i have original receipts as income is meagre and i dont have a stable income.i wld be obliged if someone can help me.the list which yezdi gave me is very old and outdated n most of the offices have been shut n now defunct.
    my no is 9930076875 n my email id is 9930076875

  • Hi

    am daughter of freny patrawala,who expired around 35 years back , since than my father never told me the whereabouts of her family. five years back he also totally clueless about my mother’s folk.Desparate to know about them. if anyone know anything about this family than kindly let me know. freny patrawala was the daughter of ratanshah patrawala and of her brother was jahangir patrawala alias (jhunnu ) only that much i know about them.
    it would be very kind of u if u will help me in this regard
    with thanks and regards

  • Drod, I wanted to contact the “parsi`s” in Spain.
    I appreciate it if someone could help me in this regard.
    Regards, Shahin

  • I am Sreekumar from Calicut. Studied at Malabar Christail College, 1965- 70.
    Army took me away from Calicut immediately after college, and hence lost touch with most of my class mates, now trying to reconnect.
    Trying to trace out a classmate of mine.
    Her Sir name was Dastur and she studied with me for Pre Degree class in 1965-67.
    I remember she used to stay at the Anjuman Bagh at Calicut.
    I am told by Mr Darius Marshall, the head of the lone family staying at Calicut presently that her family has relocated to Mumbai. For some time before she moved out, she had practised law.
    Appreciate your help to locate her.
    Warm regds
    she practiced law at Calicut
    He also told me that lone name who studied in

    • hi..
      if you nead any help from here in pune , i am willing to help you as i am in close touch will all the parsi here ..
      you may call me on 9960117763

  • Have you wondered what your surname means? want to know the Origin of your surname? Click on the link or Visit
    Now with Direct View grouping, with Commments on the Origin of some surnames.
    Your Comments & Vibes welcome!
    Burjor Daboo

  • If I am attending a Navjot ceremony, what do I give as a gift to the kid and parents? What are the Dos and Don’ts at the ceremony – as a guest?

    Thank you.

  • Dear Trustees
    It is with deep regret that I write to you the following incident which happened to me which has shattered my belief that the trustees are able to take corrective action to protect the properties which are under their custody.
    I am Jimmy Gandhy residing in Panthaky Baug ownership building.On June 6th 2010 my flat was broken into & over 10 lacs of jewellery was stolen .
    I spent that whole night at the police station filing an FIR & since then I have run pillar to post of the various police stations & investigations cell to recover the money.
    Thru my own eforts I was able to recover about 5% of the stolen jewelery after a period of 2 months.
    The theft took place at 7.00pm in a time where there would be maximum public around .
    The major reason for this incredible theft (as the thief who were caught recounted to us) was that the Baug security was totally lax & non existent .
    I met Parvez Driver the secretary of the Baug at the Police station the same night & his interest was to get the security guards who were taken into custody released.
    For him the theft was of little consequence.
    I am only bringing this to your attention so that you take corrective measures immediately to installa proper security system so that others do not suffer the same fate as my family whose hard earned earnings were wiped out overnight & who went thru this trauma & suffered silently without a sliver of help from any one.I shudder to think that if you are not able to take care of the baugs how can you pride yourself of having done some great work on various platforms. You should actually hide your head in shame.
    I have no axe to grind with the BPP trustees BUT suppose this had happened to one of your kilt would you have remained quiet ?
    It is indeed shocking that even after 6 months not one person from the trustees has cared to enquire what help if any is required.
    I shudder to think what would have happened to a poor parsi if all his life long savings were wiped out.
    I would request that the trustees should think hard over this incident & strenthen immediately the security systems
    before planning expansions .
    I do hope I get some reply on the corrrctive action taken as if I dont I will be forced to approach the charity commissioner as I would deem you all unfit to run the Trust.
    Mind you I am not interested in any dole that the BPP would give as god has given me & my family all that I can ask for. I just do not want this repeated to other parsi staying in BPP run Baugs .

  • Are there any Zarathushtis from Turkmenistan or other CIS countries on this list

    • narioshang nava

      Dear Mr. Jimmy Gandhy,

      I was astonished to read about your incident to-day. I suggest, you must approach charity commissioner’s office immediately. There is still hope for this country to come up. Keep faith in Almighty God. All the best. God bless you.
      narioshang nava

  • I would like to know how others feel about this incident.

  • Can I have the contact details of Mama Parsi School with email adds?


  • Hello everybody,

    I m a zoroastrian from a very small town in Gujarat, I ould like to share few details of my religion with the Parsis of Russia, if possible I would like to go & visit them too.

    If possible can anybody help on the net regarding to communicate with our Zoroastrians of Russia?

  • i would like to know census 2011 results especially parsees population in each city in india. thanks.

  • what is the date of date zochild day of 2011?

  • Bhikku Missaka Kamala siri

    I am a srilanken buddhist monk .I want to meet a parsi scholer hwo live in srilanka.

  • Kaiomarz Dotivala

    I just saw your website for the first time and found it very strange to have a prominent link to Swami Vivekanand on your Homepage! Maybe a recording of a Jashan, Wedding or Navjote might be more appropriate. What do you think?

  • Pervin Kateli, Victoria, Australia

    Hi Kaiomarz – I agree. Why link a Swami? How about linking our religious sites of Iran instead and also religious ceremonies.

  • karl nash karanjia


  • I am Jessi Lovesee and I am looking for information on Zoroastrians for a class. I was hoping someone could give me some information on your religion (ex: leadership, how leaders are picked, what are you supposed to do to stay in good standing etc..). Overall though I would be grateful for any information.
    Thank you,
    Jessi Lovesee

  • I forgot to add my email which is
    Again thank you for any information that you can give me,
    Jessi Lovesee

  • Hi Yazdi,

    Over the years I have found your site very informative and helpful.

    I have nominated for the Kreative Blogger Award.

    Webmaster of

  • I have not found any HINDI translation of the book Zend Avesta. I think Parsis should publish the HINDI translation of the entire Zend Avesta.

  • Could someone please guide me to an application that gives me Parsi calender ROJ days & MAHINO, along with my regular English dates, on my Android phone & my Windows Laptop.

  • Do we have a ready reference list of all Parsi Sanatoria in India along with relevant details & current rates?

  • Hello Sir/Madam,

    I came across job vacancy category within the site but saw that it was last updated in 2010/11. Could we have more of these for the benefit of Parsi/Zoroastrian people who are looking out for jobs, growth. Details about the profile, company, location and pay can help us a lot.. Thanks!!!

  • hello Sir

    I was really very impressed with your website,
    I am a interior designer by profession from pune. and it was my pleasure to work mostly with Parsi people. Now i am so well verse with the kind of work and the service they look for . i feel that i am that perfect gentleman who understand there expectation and feels proud that all my clients are very happy with me .
    I do all and any small or big work for them , i am doing up small maintenance work of there properties, carpentry work, civil work, painting, property maintenance,
    looking for work contracts in pune/Mumbai/Goa/Benglore
    I will be glad if you can enroll my organization name and give me an opportunity to serve your members looking for contractors for any of there small or big work.

    Iqbal b k

  • Hi! Can anyone let me know the process the parsi panchayat uses to allocate flats? As i have given an application for my parents many years back but haven’t heard from the panchayat. It is really sad that they take so long when there are so many vacant flats.
    Please let me know if there any particular form that i can fill or any person that i can contact who can help me get a flat?
    Would be really grateful if someone could help as i am really worried about my parents

  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    I searching to contact who were with me in school 50 years back, as all the old boys of our batch are planning a get to gether in 2013, SCINDIAA SCHOOL,
    Gwalior, their names –


    Anyone with idea of their contact – email,phone please let me know at






    MY CELL NOS. 9820092674 OR 9320092674.



    Watch this on Youtube please. Lovely music, Pious priest, excellent prayer, the best religion -the religion of peace, Zoroastrianism.

  • i think that the students of the United States Of America as well as Canada shall be invited. Anyone can contact me, i will be free from 5 everyday. my number is 7209670652

  • The site is really good giving lot of info but NEEDS TO BE UPDATED

  • I am looking for Homi Turel who was studying with me in M, A. High School, Andheri West. SSC batch 1971 English Medium. He use work with Standard Chartered Bank Fort Branch Mumbai. If anyone knows him please tell him to contact me at 982039961. Thanks – Bhupen Shah

  • Hello Everyone,

    I have been in the UK for almost 3 years now and have found a few Parsis when I lived in London. My job forced me to move to North Yorkshire. I will be moving to Leeds in a month’s time and was wondering if any of you guys had any contacts of Parsis/Zoroastrians living in the area?


    Khuzan Irani

  • we apeal for a good decent and a well characteristic panthaky for Mithaiwala Agiary situated at Grant Road.


  • I am interested in knowing more about a General Rtanjeeba of the Maratha army under shivaji…..and once was given 100 villages with the tarapoor village as the main villages….there is not much information on the web.
    can some on please help me in finding more details references in history about this personality.

    Sanjeev Dasan

  • The trailer for the upcoming documentary film “Xerxes The Great, King of kings of All Nations” has been released:

  • ould very much like to PARSIS in Banglore

  • Need PARSI Business men for A joint VENTURE IN AND AROUND BANGLORE. PLEASE CONTACT 09036079935.

  • Hi I am from Chennai, India. I would like to know where can I find authentic parsi cuisine / restaurants in Chennai.

    • You can contact Mr Mahiar Shroff at 2595-6841 or Khushnoor Ahuja at 98410 70717. There are no parsi restaurants in Chennai

  • Behram Rustom Daruwalla

    Hi All,
    I am looking to move to USA/Canada or other country to work . Can someone help to get and job and visa . Please let me know as I have work experience of 6 years + . Pleae free to drop me a mail.

  • Hi. I am looking for a DVD movie titled “On Wings of Fire” (2001) by director Cyrus Bharucha. Does anyone have this dvd to sell me? Thanks!

  • Dear Sir/Madam
    My name is Shamal Mirza a PhD student in Trinity College Dublin, My research interest is Kurdish Identity and I would like to interview Kurdish people with various religion faith, I wonder if you could help me to refer some people in Kurdistan (South Kurdistan) for this purpose. I know that there are considerable number of Zoroastrians Kurdish community in Sweden and Germany but due to the nature of my study I need people who do not fall into diaspora framework. I can be reached at or 00353 (0) 876930695.
    Thank You
    Shamal Mirza

  • Mrs Zarin Soli Desai

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am zarin Soli Desai living at Virar, Thane. My 20 year old only son Cherag had meet with an accident on 16th December 2012 & still on bed where his left side of body is paralysis . Since last 18 months we went through lots of operations at Hinduja & many other private medical centre for which all our income & saving had been utilised. Currently we are in need of financial help for his day to day medical expenses, physiotheraphy treatment & regular test. My contact number is 09960021017. Please help me to bring my child back to normal.

    Thanking you

    Mrs. Zarin Soli Desai

  • I want to ask ,whether trustees can withdraw money from the trust,other than what is written in the trust deed ? IF NO then what is the alternative to stop them,as they are only the caretakers,of the TRUST……..

  • Please let me know the procedure to participate as a representative
    of Hindu religion in the Parliament of World;s Religion 2014 to be held at Salt Lake City, USA.

  • Do we have any records of Hormasha Dosabhai Motafram, Suprintendant of B B & C I railway in 1940’s

  • If you go to google there are news items that the local yezidi community has protested against the statue because Zoroaster preached against placating the evil principle , while yazidis revere it as mekek taus. Apart from that there is some interest in Zoroaster by other Kurdish communities disenchanted with islam.

  • sir,
    we want BOMBAY PARSI PUNCHAYET [BPP] Trustee name and contract no.
    Thanking you

  • i am looking for a businessman Farokh Soli Timberwala who lived in Kalyan then in Vashi and then in Nerul . he has one daughter who studied in Pune .Please send me his contact number or address

    • Dear Meher, Farrokh Timberwala passed away in January of 2011.

      • His daughter Afreen has grown into a wonderful working woman, pursuing a MBA along lifes way.

  • Hi, my parents (both now deceased) were married in 1944 in one of the Agyaris in Bandra Bombay, India but I have been unable to find their marriage certificate. Where would their record of marriage be held today and how can I obtain a copy of their marriage certificate? Hope someone can help. Cy

  • there was a doctor name dr jehangir ratanshah wadia impact on parsi theatre as dr jehangir wadia has did drama in parsi gendral hospital for charity arounmd 2 cr there was a time when parsi gendral hospital has close hospital wings because of no money on that time dr wadia has fund to hospital and again the wings of the hospital reopen his famous play was bewafa bairu ghotalama gose parsi harishchandra romeo and juliet madhouse no mahman there way they performed year after year for charity alone not pocketing a single paise they staged scores of performances for innumerable organisations hospitals and charitable institutions ranging from parsi medical association the parsi gendral hospital sir jj hospital indian cancer society the cama convalescent home the sangli engineering college war funds and red cross many more he was a r m o for 20 years in jj hospital mumbai masina hospital because of him today 2015 parsi gendral hospital is standing without his support parsi gendral hospital will be nothing he has contribute crore of money and fund to those2 hospital do any one hav any book on him any news artical plz contact me on my e mail

  • Germaine Boatwala -Sidhva

    Great effort with the website 👍 . I do need some help from you please! I live overseas and due to grave personal reasons am not able to come personally and look after my aging parents in Mumbai. They are also in frail health at the moment with no one to help them. Could you kindly email me, asap the phone numbers for aged people’s homes for parsis in Mumbai, which I can give them immediately. They want to move to a calm place where they can be looked after and live peacefully. Time is of the essence, so a quick response would be of great help. Any related info or advice would be welcome too. They are of medium means, and I am unable to send money due to my current situation here.
    Thanks a lot and God bless.

  • It was great to watch the Persian Day Parade on Sunday April 19, 2015.

    I filmed the entire parade in sections.

    They had the Zorastrians represented.

    I thought you might like the video.

    I put it on YouTube. You can view the link below:

  • I am interested to know more Zoroastrian, I would be appreciated if you guide me how can I get close to Zoroastrian center located in Montreal.

  • Ambassador Hotel Churchgate hosting a special Navaroz Buffet Lunch for enquiry pls call hotel 22041131

  • Respected Sir,
    I am a business man I need loan for increasing business I am a authorized dealer of Godrej in Dahod (Gujrat).
    Sir my financial condition is not going good know a days as I am not having capital to increasing my business,
    Sir I need approx Rs. 12 Lakes loan for increasing business. If you need any proof of my income tax certificate or any I will email you please inform me and I will obe all your terms and conditions.
    I request you sir please try to understand my financial status and help me.

    Yours faithfully

    Kersi Bhesania

  • Hi,
    my name is ayaz pirjade, I want to avesta holy scriptures in Persian language or original language, I am from Pune, Maharashtra, India so please help me

  • Everyone talks of kisse sanjan which was the biggest laudable thing that happened to PARSIS.

    But has anybody thanked the Maharaja of Bansda in whose kingdom lied the BAHROT CAVES, where our HOLY FIRE was kept safe from the muslim marauders for 12 YEARS.

  • Hello! I am attending a navjote in a few weeks and I am unsure of what an appropriate gift for a boy and a girl? Thank you! Please respond!

  • hi,
    i saw ur email on with my qurey which i hope u can help me out as I am a parsi irani zoroastrian married to a parsi irani zoroastrian but living seprately whos looking out for a good housing accomodation in a good parsi baug or builiding as we want to get settled n wanna extend our community.
    could u be kind enough to help me out to give me a list of parsi charitable trusts who can help ppl like us for HOUSING purpose?
    pls if u can help me out in my hour of need that would be great..
    mey dadar ahura mazda bless us all..
    thanking u
    dinaz yezaad surti
    (p.s. hope to hear a positive reply)

  • Kaizad Rohintan Motawala

    Dear All,

    I am Kaizad Staying in Gujarat (India). I have come to know about the vacancy for work at fire temple of Canada. Please confirm if it is true or not. If it is true please help me to know how I can apply for the same.

  • Refusing to Bow – Farida J Manekshah writes about her own life as the spoiled favourite daughter of rich but orthodox Persian Zoroastrian family against which she rebelled. ‘I had everything. But having everything wasn’t enough. I had to throw it all away.’ The book provides a snapshot of India and Pakistan in the first ten years of independence and contrasts it with the teddy boy London of the 1950’s, to which the family moved after her brother was murdered on the beaches of Hawkesbay, Karachi . It also provides rare personal insight into the beliefs and culture of an ancient religion. First published (2016) under the title Memory of Beheram. Republished July 2017 under its new title Refusing to Bow. 271 Pages.

  • Hi,
    I need an architect and interior designer from pune or surrounding places for my bunglow in panchgani.

  • Sanjayant Sahasrabuddhe,

    I am shocked to see with horror ,in section 15 Top Parsi’s of India has,PVC HERO LT.COL.AB TARAPORE’s video,with his name on screen by editors devil,image is of another PVC from Jharkhand,pl. try to change image sooner will be better,
    Hope you do not take this comment as ARROW MARK,

  • Hello i am wanting to get my navajote I am romani , native in my history and zoroastrian some have told me that a roma zoroasatiran is a parsi . I am trying to learn if this is true or at the very least a rare and endangered type of zoroastrian . , I am mikmaq and also have been taught about the sacred sundance. It would be good to attend those too

    I applied to join the california zoroastrian center and also might join zoroastiran asssocaition of greater boston . the hard part has been finding a place that already understands my lineage and history . a lot of people are accepted into teachings that are related to a persons citizenship . romani people and parsis are more known to india . also groups in my ancestry such as americans have had problems being able to access our own teachings . someone else tries to claim them and then they keep bothering us about conversions and citizenships . they tell us we cant learn our faith unless we discuss our citizenship . We are tribal and we dont owe white man for accessing God . it would help to have an understanding that people know who we are lol
    if we are accepted into a membership and zoroastrian religion it should be based on our merits and the asha of our family history . it is is not about asha and learning who we are then its not going to be a true path

    I am currently applying for indian status in canada , also am a member of the IRU . It is humilitating that the california zoroastiran center has to review my membership with a discusssion over my papers . I would like to know what my treaty rights are and how to make sure the leaders of these association (government people and the UN who play games with conversion and islam ) are educated about the residential schools and our loss of land and culture

    For more info about romani union contact


  • our elders our beliefs belong to us they are not property of the us or canada government or the united nations . We need to learn from elders , parsis and others who are authentic . we owe no conversion in order to get initiated. we should learn zoroastiran teachings with the mindset that they are here for us to learn and our elders
    and people from zoroastiran religion are here to teach us in a safe invirnment . if we keep getting told to discuss conversion and our papers we will need to complain of slavery . in massachusetts the law is emancipation of indians and persons of color in tribes , also the right to separation of church and state . the right to be separate from the bia and the right to challenge someones secular conversions our attempts to squash our treaties . those are issues with our vital records .jesuits used conversion as a way to say that indians no longer were indian or no longer had the right to be full blooded or discuss treaties. also some used the term half blood. We need to make sure that zoroastirans .roma and others are not measured like this we are fully tribal . if we choose to be and have this in our past we are fully zoroastirans. also we have pagan friends and others who are good neighbors to us. we would like to have options to choose our friends and our tribal citizenship without problems with the state , the UN or with associations .

  • Hi, my name is Jamshed (Jimmy) Lala. My father was called Sohrab Lala and he lived in Mumbai ( on Kemp’s corner, Malabar hill) for many years. He passed away in 1975 and and my mother and myself emigrated to Australia after this. I was 11 at the time and have scant recollections of my childhood. I believe my aunt was called Gul Lala and my uncle was called Jal Lala. I cannot recall any other family. They were estranged from my mother, so contact was lost from that point on.I finally will make the trip back to Mumbai in July 2020 with my own family – to specifically show my children my father’s last resting place. I am reaching out here on the site in the hope that someone may be able to connect me with either friends or relatives (if they exist) of my aunt or uncle, who are probably deceased by now.

  • Where can I find a list of agiaries and atashbehrams in India, with their phone numbers?

  • Thank you so much. I appreciate it. When I tried that link, it only gives me upto 100 agiaries or 100 atashbehrams in India. How do I access the whole list?

  • need help, please share the number of thane doongerwadi 9833177174

  • Why can’t one be converted to Zoroastrianism? If the truth is light why can’t someone who was born in the dark see the light? Zoroaster’s origins are unknown. He was a priest of a different religion. If good thoughts, good deeds, and good words then letting someone embrace the truth would only add to that. I know Cyrus didn’t force conversion but it wasn’t outright not allowed. I am curious to why. Is there a particular passage from Avesta that answers my question.

  • Its only parsees. Iranian zoroastrians don’t do it I hear. If you are american, there are zoroastrians of american descent so they must have converted. You can connect with them but I don’t know who they are as I only heard a talk given by an american convert more than 10 years ago. I know iranian zoroastrians were invited to go to tajikistan and turkey as the kurds and tajiks wanted to leave Islam and return to their old faith despite death threats. Hope that helps. Try this

  • Hello! I‘m not Zoroastrian as I’ve only recently started reading about it, but I would really like to know more. I’m aware that there are scriptures or texts that can enlighten me, so I was wondering which one I should start with first and what language should I study to read it properly? Not necessarily looking to sign up for the faith but I would like to study, it seems like there are some good points being made at first glance!

  • The message list was too long, so I didn’t bothered to go through it.
    However, I understand the importance of Parsis in Indian culture and their contribution to the idea of India.
    I would hence like to donate to this library even though a small amount from a meager common man, but I would like to see that this library is maintained. All the old treasures it has, if possible, I would like to them to last for eternity, however impossible the dream is. Can you tell me how can I do so?

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