Healing Prayers

A Zoroastrian prayer (Manthra) for healing.
It’s a prayer to be self prayed for anybody who is suffering or recuperating from sickness, illness, injury and disease.
It’s very beneficial to pray it as many times as possible during day or night.

Yatha Ahu Vairyo 1
Ashem Vohu 1
Ahmay rascha 1

Mazda Dadat Ahuro,
Haurvato Amere Tatascha,
Boroish ashaiyacha,
Khapaithyat kshathraya saro,
Vangheush Vazdavarey,
Manangho ye hoi maanyo,
Shyothnaischa urvatho.
Ashem Vohu 1

Ya Airyema Ishyo rafedhrai janto,
Nerebyascha, Nairibyascha, zarthushtrahe.
Vangheush rafedhrai manangho,
Ya Daena vairim, hanat mizdhem, ashahya yasa ashim,
Yaam ishyam, Ahuro masata Mazda.
Ashem Vohu 1

Extracted from Zoroastrian Heritage page.
Chapter :Manthra And The Spirit Attainment Of Ushta.
By – K. E. Eduljee.

Compiled and Contributed by Ervad Firdaus R. Pavri Panthaky Godavara Agiary Fort

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  • Thank you so much Ervad Firdaus R Pavri brining our efficacious prayers to life!

  • Dinaaz karanjia

    thk u so much for giving me this powerful prayer Ya airiyema, was struggling to get it. my health is very bad with lots of health problems coming up daily. pl giive me some strong prayer to get rid of my health problems n evil saten attacks by fly members to kill me n take my house flat.

    • Respected Dinaaz M’am, l m also going through the same situation, if at all u get some other prayer please oblige m by sending to my WhatsApp no 9221813123, Wishing u a speedy recovery by the Blessings of PAK DADAR AHURA MAZDA PAK IRANSHAW N ALL UR GUARDIAN ANGELES, With warm regards Hoshang Malu Good Luck

  • Thank you for sharing. Would like if you share the same in the Gujarati script so that one can pronounce it well.

  • Percy Gustasp Mithuji

    Can someone explain in English the meaning of this prayer, itwill help more if we understand and pray.

    • Our prayers do not need English translations
      which are only understood at the mental level. They are supposed to vibrate in that original language and the vibrations are absorbed and understood at the spiritual level. That is where the healing occurs. Please do not dilute their strength and efficacy through translations. Maintain the faith, say the prayers, and watch miracles happen.

      • Very Right. But translation is very important to understand what one is praying. We have not to pray the translation. Understanding the meaning of words builds up a strong self confidence which in itself is a part of treatment to wellness and making a stronger Mind / Psyche.

  • A very effective pray. Used it for my grandson. Dastooji also has recited it very nicely.

  • Rohinton Tarapore

    Why there are different pronounciations in some words by you and Udwada Dasturji? eg. Masat & Masaat.

  • Thank you Dasturji for this prayer. I will surely pray this prayer everyday.

  • Thanks for the English meaning .

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