• firuza pastakia

    You should include Homi Bhabha (brilliant theorist) and Rohinton Mistry (brilliant writer).

  • Neville Cawas Cyrus Bardoliwalla

    My late Beloved Father Cawas Jehangirji Bardoliwalla ( 1934 – 1978) was a notable parsee as he was The first ever Scholar in 1959 to have won a distinguished Scholarship from Bmbay University ( Department of Mechanical Engineering ) to go abroad and study at The world famou Imperial Colege of Science and Technology.He was laer awarded a DIC ( Diploma of Imperial College ) for his studies and research in the area of Heat Transfer and Rocket Combustion.He alater became a senior Architect for Rolls Royce Motors in London.Sadly he expired aged 44 years in March 1978. Deeply missed R.I.P Dad love you lots.

  • Neville Cawas Cyrus Bardoliwalla

    My dear Late Father ‘ Cawas Jehangirji Bardoliwalla has been endorsed by Mr Sammy Bhiwandiwalla ( Chairman of the World WZO ) as an established Prominent Automotive / Aerospace Architectural Engineer and Interior Designer, so will you now please put my dad who died aged 44 yrs in 1978 in ‘Red Letters’ alongside ‘other’ Prominent / ‘Famous’ Zoroastrians’ which he was. Period.
    His beloved Son
    Neville Cawas Cyrus Bardoliwalla BSc (Hons)

  • PLease Kindly include the Names of My First Cousin The Hon’able Mr Marazban Jal Patrawala , The Founder of Youth Congress and M L A from South Mumbai , he was Minister of Law Judiciary , Tourism & Chairman of Priviledges commitee

    a very great and Brilliant man who lived a life of service to Humanity

    he is one of the few Politicians of the Modern era who never committed any act of favouriteism or nepotism & Died at the age of 52 on the day of his swearing in in Maharahstra Cabinet leaving behaind a very rich legacy of Good deeds & Honor But a Very nominal Minimal amount of Money

    I am writing a book of snipets on marazbans Life and work , all contributions and Ideas welcome

  • What about Adi Murzban and Busy Bee, Bobby, Taraporwala?

  • I have not seen Rustam Cowasjee’s name. Why don’t you have Parsi’s residing in Pakistan among famous Zoroastrians list ????

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