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Adar Mahino Adar Roj

Celebrating the Atash nu Parab


Firoza Punthakey-Mistree


On Adar Ruz, Adar Mah, the Parsis of India celebrate the feast of Fire known as the Atash nu parab.  This feast is celebrated largely by the women in the family, who prepare the hearth fire for this festival by cleaning the kitchen and making purchases for the festival.  The preparation for this feast begins on the morning of Dae-pa Adar Ruz, Adar Mah, the day before Adar Ruz.

Preparations to be made :


1.         ¼ kg. of Mithai yellow pandas preferably or any other Indian sweetmeat or Halwa.

2.         3-4 fruits of the season specially a yellow mango

3.         a few flowers and a small bunch of 4-6 roses.

4.         Garlands – one for the ses and one for each stove.

5.         2 large garlands – one for the kitchen door and one for the front door

6.         Extra kum-kum – (vermilion powder) and haldi (turmeric) powder and a small bowl.

7.         Rose water.

8.         Prepare one Afarganyu (fire vase) with coal/sandalwood and loban.

9.         Prepare one ses with the soparo, gulabdan, kum-kum holder, a fish made of silver metal, a Divo, Rice, Sugar crystals, a green betel leaf with dried sticks of turmeric, dried dates, a betel nut and a coconut.

10.       A Coconut.

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Assistance for joining Coaching Classes

Bombay Parsi Punchayet invites applications from Parsi Students who have appeared for the S.S.C., I.C.S.E. Examination held in March 2012 from a recognized School in proper Mumbai and Suburbs and have secured 75% marks and above in aggregate, each in Mathematics and Science subjects for being partly assisted on Merits mainly by way of classes fees for training at Private Coaching Classes. Object is to help them secure sufficiently high marks in the above-mentioned subjects in Std XII-Science Examination for entry into Medical and Engineering Degree Colleges.

Application Forms can be had from Mr. Yezdi R. Mowdawalla, Asst. Executive (Education), Pars; Punchayet Office, 209, Dr. D. N. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001. Last date for receiving application forms duly completed is September 10, 2012.

Info for Senior Citizens in India

The aim of this site is to provide detailed info on all aspects concerning Senior Citizens of India, so that they may lead a healthy and happy life. Planning should begin early (maybe at 40!). Old Age brings some limitations, but being positive and following some simple guidelines can make life richer not just for Seniors, but also for their  family, friends & society.

Click Here for a wealth of information.

Courtesy : Carol Daver

Basic Zarathushti Prayers

Dear fellow Zarathustis,

A website at the request of a few parents whose children have reached the age when they can start reciting our prayers. It will be beneficial to our young Zarathusti children who are preparing to learn their daily prayers for their navjote ceremony.

Please click on the link to access my website:

On the left are links to the basic prayers which are recited at a slower pace so the child can catch the proper pronunciations. On the right are the same prayers and a few more recited at a regular pace.  Please feel free to download the prayers you need and also pass this along to others who are unaware of this website. Hope you will find this website useful.
Description: farohar

 Hanoz Tarapore <>

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Parsi Akuri – with ham & cheese !

Since Easter brunches have all of us ‘scrambling’ for egg recipes; here is one of my childhood favorites with a delicious twist. Made regularly in most Parsi homes; Akuri is a classic, mouthwatering scrambled eggs treat with a hint of Indian spices. Our family favorite is this version- using diced ham, shredded cheese (Parmesan works really well although my kids prefer Cheddar) and a touch of parsley for freshness.

Growing up, mom made ‘Akuri’ and Parsi omelet for dinner as often as breakfast; well before the modern culinary concept of ‘breakfast for dinner’ became all the rage.

Click Here for this lip-smacking Akuri recipe and many more.

How Parsi Immigrant Community Builds Support Network

The [Parsi] culture values achievement and organizes a network to promote successful community members. Godiwalla experiences this first hand as she relocates to Philadelphia to enter MBA studies at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business. Unexpected support provides Nina Godiwalla firm footing to successfully transition into a new home and school. Watch this brief interview.

Shaurya Chakra for Mogal who saved six lives

Indian Navys Lieutenant Commander Firdaus Darabshah Mogal from Mumbai was awarded the Shaurya Chakra ( posthumous) on Monday for his gallant deed of attending to the call of duty at the cost of his own life on August 30, last. ” For an unmatched show of fearless valour in the face of death that saved the lives of six men onboard, Lieutenant Commander Firdaus Darabshah Mogal is awarded ‘Shaurya Chakra’, posthumously”, reads the citation of the award.

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