The 9 Atashbehrams & their Consecration Dates & the Tour Of IRANSHAH


Burjor Daboo has sent us the attached file which names the 9 Atashbehrams along with their Consecration Dates and the Tour of IRANSHAH.


The Dates have been taken as the traditional ones prevalent at present.

 Burjor Daboo has converted certain other dates from the one Available eg. The Fasli Roj Mah, The Shehanshai, the Vikram samvat etc.


We hope it interests the viewers.

































  • A very senior research scholar on Zoroastrianism is visiting Iran in August. Could you please tell me about the places of interest in Shiraz, Tehran and Isfanhar/Isfandar? She is there only for one week, but would like to visit historical sites.Thank you in advance.

  • I am not sure whether the unnamed research scholar wants to visit sites in general or Zoroastrian sites, specifically. The list is fairly long and so I suggest that a “Lonely Planet” guide will be the best source for any further information.

    I must confess that I am a bit puzzled for a senior research scholar on Zoroastrianism to ask for places to visit in Iran!!

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