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Traditional Zarathushtri friends,


It is very nice to know that our youth are so full of the Traditional love for our religion, culture and identity, the same love that so enveloped our forefathers who left everything behind in Iran in order to preserve and protect the sacred Mazdayasni Zarathushtri religion of their forefathers.


We do not convert, we do not force our religion on the throat of others. The main thing we can do to increase our numbers is to marry, Zoroastrianto Zoroastrian only, and to raise children who too wear the Sudreh Kusti and in their daily prayers invoke the ancient powers of the Avestan Mathravani. To those of you seeking to marry fellow Zarathustris, wherever you maybe on the world, please create your entry on the Zoroastrian Matrimonial page at :  




We have more than 2000 Zarathushtris from all over the world on the page and more than 150 marriages between our people have taken place over the years due to this site. This is the first Zoroastrian Matrimony site, started 10 years ago as a community service, and it is totally free even in this day and age when other commercial services like Shaadi.com charge 1500Rs for every 3 months. We are free.


These other services like Shaadi.com of course allow other races/religions to find the entries of our people, and then our young men and women are contacted by these other races/religions. Not so in the Zoroastrian Matrimonial page, which is only for our precious community.


Funded entirely by donations and our personal pockets, the page, using a database costing 340$ Australian per year, is not sponsored by any Parsi/Irani organization.


This shows how our community, due to their group rivalries and petty jealousies and politics, have forgotten the core importance of this Matrimonial activity, and the basic” do good to others for the sake of goodness” teaching of our religion in this day and age.


Please tell your Zarathustri friends about the page.





Courtesy : Deen Parast – Porus / Cyrus Bulsara



  • Behnaaz Kandawalla

    looking for a life partner who is ready to adjust with circumstances. Warm, loving kind, cheerful disposition, happy go lucky, good looking, well setteld in life.

    • i m intrsted a litel bit about mee
      It definately is very difficult to describe one’s self. Ahem, what can I say about myself? sometimes I am funloving and bindas at other times very serious and shy. sometimes i just gel with people and sometimes i don’t no matter how hard i try.. sometimes I am good with words and sometimes I am just tongue tied. But friends say I am vey sensitive and emotional ( I think every individual is….. ) and am very cool and calm. I luv adventure, fun and travel. And I like being completely crazy and unpredictable at times. n I belive in Honesty and family values. Friendship and trust is very important in any relationship. I am looking for someone with whom I can share my life. A companion for the journey of life who would not leave me mid way. Someone, who would smile at my silly jokes and in turn would make me smile. one who would take the trouble to understand and explain. that one person who would stand by me when the world goes against. And in return I would do the samei like my patner to be earning i
      Am not interested in how much she earns she should be simple ,loving caring I am from midel clas family d I if ur interested call on 9821386734 if doesent work out we can be good friends if possiebel send me ur snap on fkekobad@hotmail.com I am from mumbai

    • Well Behnaaz
      I am AARASP here from vadodara. I too am fun loving humourous by nature. I am into my own construction bussiness. My mail adress is aarasp_ankleshwaria@rediffmail.com & mobile
      I too would like to know more about you.
      Do let me know

    • Arnavaz Lahewala

      I m from gujarat im looking gd n simple girl for my son

  • Khushchaher Jhaveri

    Hi! would like to share some more things about ourselves. If really interested, do drop me a line to be in touch.


    Khushchaher Jhaveri.


  • hi this is farzan from mumbai i stay at tardeo like to get married to a simpel parsi girl working she should be in his 30’s call on 9821386734

  • Hi I am Mahernoz Jivasha .Working in Zoroastrain Bank.Looking for a Honest and fun loving girl.If really interested, do drop me a line to be in touch at my email id :

  • Hi Zubin,

    This is Ms. Rightmatch (28 yrs.) from Mumbai. Interested in marriage with a life partner who is bet. 28-32 yrs. and is honest, loyal, jovial, hard-working, career minded as well as family oriented with good family values & well settled. I am well educated & well settled in a multinational travel agency which is one of the best in India. Interested in settling preferably in US/Canada. My email address is suitablematch83@yahoo.com. Do write to me & let me know about yourself.


  • Arnavaz Lahewala

    Hi i m looking for a gd simple girl for my son well settled in business

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