Jindal Prize

The “Jindal Prize” is instituted by the  S  J Foundation to accolade exceptional service of current significance rendered by individuals or organisations for the welfare of Indian citizens in the country.

The Jindal Prize aims at promoting moral values, peace, harmony, health, education, patriotism, national integration and religious tolerance and at inspiring individuals to serve without motive of personal gain, social or political mileage.

It is expected that the recognition garnered by the Jindal Prize awardees will catalyze their efforts towards social upliftment.

There shall be five Prizes of Rs One Crore each, to be conferred annually,
one for each of the following categories.

• The Jindal Prize for Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation
• The Jindal Prize for Health including drugless healing
• The Jindal Prize for Education with emphasis on moral upliftment
• The Jindal Prize for Science, Technology and Environment
•The Jindal Prize for  Peace, Social Harmony and Development

The awardees shall be selected by the Jury of eminent and reputed persons of high integrity through a process independent of the working of the Foundation.

If you know of any NGO who fits the bill, please refer them immediately and who knows, they may be the proud recipient of the coveted prize.

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