Pachori & Dasori

Here is that Pachori ceremony that I was looking for for a long time.
For 5 days after birth of a child mother is fed light food with sugar and water. On 2nd day after birth, father of the child sends tray full of sugar candy with 5 to 7 rupees to his wife/ mother of the child.
On the morning of the 5 th day, in mother’s parents house, 5 kinds of vegetables/Bhajis are cooked, with or without eggs, along with brain of a sheep or fowl’s, with small round chapatis or cakes and sweet preparations of dry- ginger and wheat. The foods are laid by mother’s bed in the dishes that they were cooked. 4 cakes are put at the foot of each pf 4 bedposts and 5 are thrown the bed and a little of cooked food is set on mother’s dish. Then betel dry dates rice and red powder are dropped into mother’s hand. She then takes some of the red powder, marks her brows and legs of her cot and child’s iron cradle. After this kinswoman drops frankincense in fire urn and declares Pachori ceremony is over. Large quantity of these cooked food is sent to father’s home from mother’s parents’ home. And then the mother is bathed from head to foot on this 5 th day after birth of a child. especially in villages.
Some families perform this ceremony on the 10th day after birth and that is called Dasori.
Courtesy : Jasmine Khursheed Chavda

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