Some Parsi Phrases

  • Jas per jootiya (instead of getting glory, you get hit with shoes)


  • Sasoo no santaap ne dhanee per rooab (has problems with mother-in-law & bosses the husband around)


  • Dhoraila doodh per baraapo (crying over spilled milk)


  • Dharam na naame dhating (false pretenses in the name of religion)


  • Khaali chano vaage ghano (empty bean makes more noise)


  • Konna baap ni diwali (at whose father’s expense are these celebrations?)


  • Taare mohne saakar (may there be rock candy in your mouth)(may good things happen as you are saying)


  • Haswaa ma khaswu thayu (the joke backfired)


  • Bhejaa no dahi (yogurt made from brain)(driving one crazy with behavior or talking)


  • Kaag nu beswu ne dar nu parvu thayu (branch broke just as the crow sat on it)(unfortunate coincidence)


  • Miya maada ne tangri oochi (a moslem man is sick but keeps leg up)(not doing well but still showing off)


  • Khaay tenooj khode (digs grave for the one who feeds him)(is disloyal


  • Aaandhre behroo kutyoo (to do something even if one is deaf & blind; incapable))


  • Hoosna pari jevo dekhaav (appearance of a gorgeous fairy)


  • Khissa khaali ne bhapkaa bhaari (pockets empty but styling is grand)



  • Laakh na baar hajar kidha (made 12,000 from 100,000; did loosing busin


  • Bhaste giya – taaroo nakhhod jai (you hellbound – may you be totally destroyed)


  • Manashni ne bhalai na kaam no badlo jaroor malse (will be rewarded for deeds done with good thoughts & humility)
  • Maara kaleja na katka (piece of my liver)(a term of endearment by comparing with own body part)


  • Daajhya per daam (hot branding iron on top of the burn spot)(insult to injury)


  • Thandaa maatla jevo sabhaav (disposition like a cool water jug)(does not get rattled easily)
  • Thande kaleje vichaar karjo (think with cool liver)(think calmly)


  • Kutra ni puchri koi divas siddhhi nahi thaay (dog’s tail never straightens out)(too late to change)


  • Sanghrelo saap bi koi divas kaam aave (even a stored snake may come handy some day)(think before throwing away)


  • Daajheloo maanas dahi bi fooki ne piye (a once burned person consumes even the yogurt after blowing on it)


  • Naachvoo nahi ne aangoo vaaku (nu bahanu) (crooked floor is used as an excuse for not wanting to dance)


  • Mehel joi ne jhoopri naa toro (do not destroy your hut after seeing a palace)



Courtesy : Aspi Wadia


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