How to wear the Sudreh

How to wear the Sudreh

Roj Khorshed Mah Spendarmad, 1382 Yz./Kadmi Khordad Sal
A Happy and resplendent Khordad Sal to all Kadmi readers of Frashogard!
A few days ago we saw the righteous thoughts (Mithra) which need to be passed while performing the Kusti ritual. Many readers may be surprised to know that there is a similar procedure to be followed even while putting on the Sudreh. Just as the Kusti ritual should be performed with devotion and mindfulness, the very act of putting on the sacred Sudreh too should be done mindfully and intently. This practice of passing the Mithra while putting on the Sudreh not also ensures that the Sudreh about to be worn is technically correct, but also that it is always worn the right way.
Before we see the Mithra, it would be worthwhile to really understand what the Sudreh is. For many Parsis, the Sudreh is merely a symbol of the Zoroastrian faith. But the question is – if it were a symbol, why do we wear it such that nobody can see it? Should we not then wear it over our clothes so that it is always visible?

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Courtesy : K F Keravala




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