The real Father of Karachi (it’s not who you think)

The man’s full name was Jamshed Nasarwanjee Rustamjee Mehta. He was born in 1886 in Karachi and died on August 08, 1952.The story of his services to the people of Karachi begins from the year 1915.

It was Jamshed Nasarwanjee who worked tirelessly day and night for the well-being of the people of the city, thus becoming known to almost all the Kolaachi bay’s inhabitants. In 1922, he was elected president of the Karachi Municipality, an office which he occupied till October, 1932.

It’s fair to say that his long tenure as president of the municipality was proof of his love for the people of Karachi. From what people have said about him, Nasarwanjee truly loved and cared for human beings, and even an animal in distress would not escape his eye.

A book published by the Jamshed Memorial Committee says that in his prayers every day, Jamshed would ask the following:

“O lord! I pray to you every morning, every day that make use of me, lord! Make me selfless, O lord! Keep me transparent! O lord, I pray only this that make me your source.”

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