A new cafe in Dadar’s Parsi Colony

We treaded on a gravel-laden path one afternoon, on the rear side of the quaint Dina Manzil. The café’s name (Cafe 792) was hand-painted on a wall and looked welcoming. Already, we had a good feeling about this matchbox-like treasure amid the lush environs of Dadar’s Parsi Colony.

For a tiny space, the cafe offers an impressive variety —sandwiches, salads, wraps, and baked sweet and savoury items. Jehan Nargolwala, one of the partners of the cafe, informed us that the eatery gets its name from the block number of the property. Another interesting nugget that we learnt was that Nargolwala’s father, Gustad Dehmiri is one of the partners at Cafe Universal and Leopold Cafe.

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At: Dina Manzil, Jame Jamshed Road, Dadar Parsi Colony.
Cal: 32277687


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