• Farida Zal Engineer

    We were spell bound when we visited Udwada last month…noticeable change in everything, the infrastructure, the environment, the people…it was looking much cleaner, with most of the bunglows white washed, people actually staying in them, and not locked as before, could notice young people on the balconiesof the new building complexes, so many cars in the basements of these buildings….that means people hv started residing in them.
    Our Iranshah was given a new facelift and freshly painted, its surroundings were more greener and cleaner, and surprisingly no beggars following you everywhere…..some shops have been opened up of Zorastrian artefacts, selling homemade masalas, papads, pickles etc..etc..ettc..
    Newly renovated J. J. Dharamshala, almost a five star hotel with all modern amneties at very reasonable rates, ably looked after and catered by Mr. Mehernosh Patel and his very couteous staff…..
    What more does a Zorastrian want than these superb facilities when we visit our Iranshah….Thank our AhuraMazda and God Bless the people who have turned Udwada for the better…

  • I do want to visit, would like a comfortable place to stay for two days, near the beach if poss. Any suggestions

    • Farida Zal Engineer

      Pl. go to J,J,Dharamshala, its bang opposite the beach and very near to Iranshah. You need to do booking before you go in Mumbai itself.

  • Dear khorshed,every time I go along with my family,we go to GLOBE hotel,especially on 1 st floor with terrace,& food is very good,& mostly they give dishes of ur taste. Firetemple & beach is also nearby.

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