Netagiri Reloaded – Cyrus Broacha


Cyrus Broacha is a morning person. He also seems to be one of those people who have a plan for each day, a schedule they rigorously follow. Coming up against that side of his personality can be surprising, especially if you take the persona he’s cultivated over his many public appearances and TV shows over the years — the eternal prankster, bumbling funnyman, a modern-day Bertram Wooster — to represent who he really is. But within minutes of a conversation, you see quite another side of Cyrus.

In a way, Cyrus’ own books are biographies too, sketches of the characters he and (his close friend and frequent creative collaborator) Kunal Vijaykar inhabit in the public sphere. Netagiri diverges but little from his previous books like Karl, Aaj Aur Kal and The Average Indian Male, in its chronicling of a type of male protagonist, in that sense. So, how about setting a story around a female protagonist? “Well I barely even understand men!.. so writing about women…”

Also, what he writes, and how he writes has a lot to do with why he writes, Cyrus adds: “People write for different reasons. I write because I want to make people smile.”

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