Another Poem

O Ye Zoroastrians of LIttle Faith

Zoroastrians are not a superior race

As it is thought out to be

Have you read the newspaper lately

Our ancient civilization is in
Utter ruins completely

We excommunicate Zoroastrian

Women married outside the Din

Yet expect other places of worship

As well as religions

To welcome & admit you in

When our pleas go answered

Taking refuge in other religions

AS well as prayers is not answer

As it is a direct slap

To our dear prophet Asho Zarathushtra
As one’s soul trembling dreading

Shivering ascends to hear its

Final fate

There are no watch towers
Sentries or guard dogs to

Guard the gate

Patiently the soul

Has to wait its turn

Alas! to turn back

It’s rather too late


…………….Farida Bamji


  • It is a diktat from a ultra modern feminist and not a poem.

  • Let me ask u one question,

    You must be having non Zoroastrian friends Do they have a photo of Asho Zarathushtra & how many Zoroastrians in their prayer corner have photos of prophets of other religions?

    Then tell me if I am a ultra modern Feminist!

    • People of professing other religions believe that their religion is the one and only true path. They never pray to other religions or have any respect for other religions. Only one foolish microscopic community prays to other prophets and does all sorts of foolish things mentioned by you. Also, they impose their food preferences on others (please read the newspapers). Most of them are strongly of the opinion that we should forsake Zoroastrianism and follow their religion.

      • to hushang, how many are there who wants to forsake their religion–the one who craves material wealth. we are BLESSED see the wealth of the ZOARASTRIANS AND THE PERCENT AGE. The natives wants the parsees and we want to rid of the burden of religion-shame.

  • That’s where we come in. Educate the laity regarding the beauty of
    our religion Zoroastrianism.

    • EDUCATE THE LAITY.farida u r right. everything wirtten is by scholars and to understand them is difficult. one picks up a topic the other something else.Even the names of 30 ROJ are are not spelled uniformly. NIRANGS are plenty but one must understand them properly. even the gah prayers in KHORDEH ADVESTA book do not mention different times to pray and avoid. All i do is pray what i pray is my pronouciation.and what i think is right and finally asking AHURA MAZDA forgivness and thank you. tehemton

      • Ushta Tehmton Vatcha

        Educating the laity I meant point out bigotry Racism Discrimination in our society. Not to follow blindly, Reason it out
        All I ask is do the right thing by getting rid of bigoted laws. I truly understand your point of view ~

        I too pray but that does not assure my a place in Garo Demana!

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