Ardeshir Burzorji Tarapore

The Amar Chitra Katha Studio's photo.

Lt Col Ardeshir Burzorji Tarapore (1923–1965) posthumously received the Param Vir Chakra for his heroic actions during the tank battle at Chawinda.

To read the story of Lt Col Tarapore and all the other Param Vir Chakra recipients, book your copy of our title ‘Param Vir Chakra’ today.


  • The bravest of the brave. We salute & honour you.
    ‘Behest Garothman’.

  • beji b buhariwala

    The Ministry of Defence should renact in to a documentary Film the battle of Tanks Fought by Col .Tarapore & Show it to the people of India & the World especially Pakistan to counter their claim the damage done by none other then Aapro Bahudor Saput [dear son] J ne Akhi Parsi Com
    nu Nam Roshan Ki Dhu

    i salute him with all respect for making us all proud to be a Parsi Jarthosthi

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