Information on Zoroastrian contributions during World War II


Our Zoroastrian Parsi/ Irani Community has made enormous contributions serving the Armed Forces. Unfortunately this has not been well documented. Until now…

Mr. Marzban Jamshedji Giara is a Zoroastrian Parsi/ Irani Community Historian/Author. He has recently launched a book “THE CONTRIBUTION OF THE PARSI COMMUNITY DURING THE FIRST WORLD WAR (1914-1918)”.

Mr. Giara is now working on his next book, documenting Zoroastrian Parsi/Irani contributions during The Second World War (1938-1945).

Request the assistance of anyone who had Family Members in the Army, Navy, Air Force or any other field of active Defence Services during The Second World War, to please share details.

We require the following details Full Name, Rank, Name of Regiment/Squadron/Fleet, Branch of Service, Service Number, Photographs, Medal Records, Service Records, Newspaper Cutouts, References in Books and any other relevant information available to you. Even a few of the above details, could prove very useful in tracing down an individual. Incase if you know of any living individual who has actively served during The Second Word War, please do share a telephone contact number and address.

If we do not document the Military Heritage of our Parsi/Irani Community today, it will be lost forever.

Please share details regarding the same via email to the following 2 email addresses.

Kindly forward this message with all your Parsi/Irani Relatives, Friends and Acquaintances. Thank You…⁠⁠⁠⁠

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