The 1947 Partition Archive – Need for Interviewees



My name is Udayan Das and I’m reaching out to you on behalf of The 1947 Partition Archive, an international research organisation dedicated to preserve and curate a people’s history of the Partition of the Subcontinent through the methods of Oral History.

We at the Archive interview and profile biographies of people who were born before 1947 and have some memory dating back to the event- before and after. Not only Partition, through the interviews, we emphasize on the cultures, traditions and values of the interviewee’s background and attempt to see how the survivors of the Partition see the event and the changes alongside it, how lives were before and how it went about it after. The whole idea is conserve and preserve these fading voices and along with them the history they possess attached to their communities and social order, circumstances and time period as it exists in their memory. We conduct interviews globally and from all sections of the society. Each interview is archived in our interactive story map in the website and is shared across social media platforms through our Facebook Page and our Twitter Handle. The Archive has been lauded by the likes of Al Jazeera, NDTV, The New York Times and more.

I would first like to congratulate you for the effort that has been put in the website which is an excellent resource for scholars like us who like to learn about various communities. I would be really interested to conduct interviews and record narratives of the people from the Zoroastrian Community in and around West Bengal. It would be great if you could lead me to concerned people or networks if they are known to you. As we are approaching the 70th year of Partition, we are increasingly heading towards losing these accounts forever, hence there is a race with time.

In case you need any additional information, you are free to reach out to me at +91 9007727665.



Oral History Apprentice, 
The 1947 Partition Archive

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