JEHANGIR: A Warrior Who Won The Race Against Time

A Novel by Dr. Roozan Bharucha & Dr. Sharmeen Mehta

JEHANGIR – A Warrior Who Won The Race Against Time is a story about a couple, Jehangir Patel and his wife Meher Patel. They have a son named Farzan Patel who does not have any interest in his responsibilities and his aims in life. It gets even worse when he marries Parinaz – his girlfriend and daughter of Homiyar Bhathena.
When Parinaz gets pregnant, Jehangir and Meher decide to make Farzan realise his responsibilities, as he will have to take care of his wife and children. They take drastic measures and throw Farzan and Parinaz out of the house, forcing them to stay on rent in their outhouse located in their garden. The force of this act becomes so heavy that Jehangir and Farzan stop talking to each other for a long time and Farzan starts hating his father.
Jehangir and Meher did all these things just to make Farzan responsible about life before something unusual happened to their family which they were hiding from Farzan. However, at last Farzan becomes successful in life and comes to know the truth that Jehangir and Meher were hiding from him. What Jehangir and Meher were hidinig from Farzan? What made Farzan responsible? What did Farzan do on coming to know the truth? To know this you need to read the story and experience each and every emotion, happiness and sadness that the characters undergo during their journey in life.


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