Greetings from WZCC.

Folks, it is once again time for our Annual Global Meet. Earlier, our Global AGMs were successfully held in India as well as foreign locales, namely, Houston, London, Tehran, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, etc. This year’s Global AGM will be held in India, viz. Bangalore – a dynamic city with its IT hub and pleasant environment. The name “Bangalore”, which is the capital of Karnataka State, represents an anglicised version of the Kannada language name “Bengaluru” – by which the city is now known.

In this fast changing world, Entrepreneurs, as well as Professionals, have to remain alerted on all fronts so as to become successful. Global Meet, therefore, arranged by WZCC is the ideal platform for all of us to establish a network so as to capture the market share and achieve sustainable growth.

Bangalore is sometimes referred to as the “Silicon Valley of India” (or “IT Capital of India”) because of its role as the nation’s leading information technology (IT) exporter. Indian technological organisations ISRO, Infosys, Wipro and HAL are headquartered in the city. Information Technology, as we are all aware, is growing at a rapid pace and hence, any business or profession need to keep pace with innovation which can be disruptive at times. Bangalore City will, therefore, be an ideal place for all of us to meet for continuous growth and prosperity.

Although our Bangalore Chapter is comparatively new, they have made a splendid effort to organise this Event, led by Air Chief Marshal Fali Major (Retd.), Chairman – Bangalore Chapter along with his dedicated team.

With their special efforts, they have selected one of the most sought after resorts called “Clarks Exotica Convention Resort and Spa”, which is hardly 15 minutes from Bangalore airport. It is a sprawling place with all the facilities one could look for and would, therefore, be an ideal location for us to communicate and network with each other.’









The month of December, in particular, would certainly add flavour to our Meet. The coolest months are December/January with an average low temperature of 15.1° C (59.2° F). Hence, carrying of light woollens are recommended. Moreover, their efforts have resulted in all of us getting the highly competitive rate for our stay and I am, therefore, sure that we will have a large number of participants for this Global Meet.

It is my appeal to all our members to kindly release advertisements which would be published in our yearly invaluable journal “SynergyZ” which has a wide circulation. Click Here for the advertisement details along with the Rate Chart. We are sure members will help WZCC in augmenting its resources for mutual benefit.

For the convenience of our members, all the relevant details are given below. Request all my dear members to read them carefully and fill in the details and register their names at a very early date. A quick and sizeable response from all our members will help us to organise this Event in a most exemplary manner.

Invitation from WZCC-Bangalore with details of Global Meet
Registration Form
Program Details
Information on Tour in India
Information on Tour in Srilanka

Looking forward to your gracious presence and interact with you for mutual benefit.


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