Busybee on Tomato Prices

Stumbling upon this piece by Behram Contractor * aka *Busybee, 26 years ago, I can’t imagine the foresight he had, in a way. With the high price of tomatoes currently, this is a throwback written in only a manner Busybee could. Brings a smile every time…!!! 😊😊😊


2 thoughts on “Busybee on Tomato Prices”

  1. Thank you for the most timely reminder of this article.DownUnder we are doing the same thing because the price of tomatoes has shot through the roof due to a massive hurricane in the growing region. Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday – I shall rush out and buy a Tomato as BusyBee has suggested but unlike Bolshoi, Sammy our dog won’t be getting a slice…

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