Busybee on Tomato Prices

Stumbling upon this piece by Behram Contractor * aka *Busybee, 26 years ago, I can’t imagine the foresight he had, in a way. With the high price of tomatoes currently, this is a throwback written in only a manner Busybee could. Brings a smile every time…!!! 😊😊😊


2 thoughts on “Busybee on Tomato Prices

  1. Pheroza Daruwalla says:

    Thank you for the most timely reminder of this article.DownUnder we are doing the same thing because the price of tomatoes has shot through the roof due to a massive hurricane in the growing region. Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday – I shall rush out and buy a Tomato as BusyBee has suggested but unlike Bolshoi, Sammy our dog won’t be getting a slice…

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