First time Sari for a young girl

All sagan early morning chowk, toran, loban, batti, ses with kankoo, extra big haar for the young lady.  Ses should be ready with everything  – put red chital on the sòpara, saree in ses with an good luck envelope and any new/ old jewellery you wish her to wear. A small bowl of sweet curd and khari sakar.

Morning  hair bath with doodh, ful, chokha.  Get her dressed with new underwears. New, a bit long sadra to come over the saree waistline (laced bottom would b nice but optional). Keep hair clips n safety pins handy.

Get her dressed in saree blouse n peticoat and shoes and come n stand on the patla, with chowk under the patla.

Do tili first on right foot, left foot and then forehead.

Take end of the saree in hand (the corner u will tuck in first. In that corner put very few grains of rice and then put little drops of Rose water/plain water and tie a knot. Take care that water does not fall on the saree to spoil it. This is called Chhero thando karvano.

Drape the saree, keeping the saree for sor overhead before you pin on the shoulder.

Do tilli again, put a tiny bit of tilli, just a touch, on the red Bangles and slip them through her hands. Put on jewelry, if any.  Put on the haar. Put little curd and sakar in her mouth. Give her coconut with envelope. Stick chokha on forehead n take overna. Give her gifts  and let everyone in the family meet her. Let her come down the patla with right foot forward. You may dprinkle little water on the patla after she gets off the patla is optional depending on your family tradition.

Pin her saree in such a way that she should b able to do kasti with your little help in agiary.

Take her to Agiary/ Atashbehram to take the blessings of Ahura Mazda n Atash Padshah.

Come home n enjoy the whiskey peg with chicken leg.

Thrity Tantra


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