Shayan Italia beats all records for National Anthem on Youtube

The video top-trended on Twitter and Youtube as India chose it over politics, bollywood and cricket!

Shayan Italia, broke the global record for the most-viewed single video of a national anthem on Youtube, beating the French anthem’s 36 million views. It has now crossed 94 Million views, adding a million views daily!

Click Here for the full story and interview


6 thoughts on “Shayan Italia beats all records for National Anthem on Youtube”

  1. Absolutely perfect and amazing. Shayan I am sure your mom was very much with you when you played the lovely. Indeed it was because of her love and her presence with you, which has made your performance so poplular. Congrats and all the best

  2. It was awesome! I really feel our National Anthem is THE BEST in the World.
    You feel so uplifted and proud of your country whenever you hear it being played anywhere- be it in a cinema hall, a performance, at conferences- its just amazing!
    The words are so meaningful and the tune so melodious.
    I have had New Zealanders praising it, especially the last
    “Jai He.,Jai He,Jai He.”.
    Shayan- you DID it!!
    May your skilful fingers play on and on- for ever.

    God Bless you.

  3. He is brilliant. Every one of us has one more creative talent &^ if we channel it in the right direction. wouldn’t it be wonderful?

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