“Mistakes,Failures, Insults,Frustration,Rejection…Are part of Progress and Growth. Nobody has ever achieved anything worthy without facing these.”


All of us has watched

The mass migration

Of innocent human beings

Fleeing war hatred violence

They are herded like cattle

Through or stopped at  the gates

As though being taken to the

Slaughter house to meet their fate!!


Some of us”Zoroastians” (Women)

Are suffering the same fate

When arriving at the juncture

Whether to follow or not

Follow the Faith?


Those who believe

In a Pure Chaste Religion

If at the gates one was

Denied entry or one’s

“Precious cargo”

Snatched  away

What would your

Options be?

Defy the law or with

Your precious cargo

Return back to your country


Atash Behrams & Agiaries

Can someday be rebuild

But the utter sheer destruction

Of humanity as well

The cost can never be “Refilled”.


Open one’s eyes wide

Observe the world

Around you

Very cozy to shut

The world out

And live in your

Cozy little cacoon


Choicest Happiness

Farida Bam


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