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Ever since  the  Pandemic

Raised its ugly head

For humanity it never cared

And has stuck
To us like glue
Tightly wrapping
It’s tentacles

Suffocating me and you


It’s swatting humanity

Like flies left right centre

Regardless of colour caste or creed


We are all gripped with fear

As there is nobody near

In darkness we do grope

Wondering what are

We  going  to do?


Please do not despair!

Cause Prayers are there

Keeping us on the Path

Of straight and narrow

Even in times of trouble

Don’t give up

Cause Prayers will

Always keep one afloat

Tagged along with  a sign

Called :HOPE”!


Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

April 8th 2021


Norooz Phirooze 3

It’s that time

Of year again!

21st of March

When Nature from

It’s slumber wakes

Bursting forth from

The winter harsh


It’s time to make

New friendships

Strengthen ones

That are old

Let’s not forget

The victims of the

Pandemic as well

The near and dear ones

We have lost


Let’s join in unity

As well be one with Asha

Scatter the seeds of

Hope Love truth

Message spread by

Asho Zarthushtra


In every pocket of the world

Wars are being fought

We see it on tv

As well we read

The havoc being caused

Too many lives are being lost

Way too much blood is being shed

Let’s being the New Year

With a simple prayer:

Hamazor Hamaa Asho Baad!

Choicest Happiness



Words Can Hurt Words Can Heal 2

Words of discrimination
Are sharp and piercing
As though one’s
Insides are tearing
It might just be one
Word or look that
Conveys  a word
But the memory sticks
( Ahmed Jakda)
Chew one’s words
Before one speaks
Think them over
Before they leak
People who lack
Self confidence
Are  underachievers
 Do cobwebs weave
Be deaf ears
To these naysayers
They are just balls of fluff
Discard them as they
Are upto no snuff
When we travel the
Pathways & byways
Of Life
We face lots of struggles
As well strife
We will come across
Some who will take you
Down the wrong pathway
Do not flinch or cower
But by having Faith
In one’s Prayers
As well using one’s Vohu Mano
You will be
Able to say:
“I did it My Way”!!!
Choicest Happiness


What is that a woman has?
That attracts men like bees?
They are on a par with men
Should be treated with
Respect as well Dignity
It doesn’t matter whether
One is royalty or a pauper
Educated or illiterate
Why they should be persecuted
Crime? To be born a woman
Happens to be their fate
Women are & have been pioneers
In each & every field
They have led the way
Shoulder to shoulder
They stand with men
As they are here to stay!
I ain’t a feminist nor a racist
I speak what I see & believe
They have been mistreated
Throughout history
Would like to speak up

I am a Woman


Farida Bam

YEAR 2020

On the stroke

Of midnight

The year 2020

Under a canopy

Of a moonlight night

Will slowly fade away


I have a very

Special request

Let’s sprinkle the seeds

Of Tolerance Respect Dignity

Understanding for all of humanity


Let’s focus on the innocent victims

Who have lost loved ones

Causing agonising excruciating pain

Wondering when will they ever see

Their loved ones again?

Wiping away their

Sun drenched tears

Or no amount of consoling

Will bring their loved

Ones back

Alas! all they have is

Precious memories

To keep the flame

Of love alive till eternity

Farida Bamji




Ignorance and Knowledge 2

“Where Ignorance is our Master

There is no possibility of real peace:” Dalai Lama


People will have opinions

On each and every subject

Whether it be politics

Science philosophy

Or  for that matter

Especially Religion

Be it true or not

With due respect

I would suggest if

One doesn’t know

Anything then please

Do not say anything

At all


One can never

Master knowledge

Even though

One may be

Having umpteen degrees

Tagging behind one’s name

Is the usage of knowledge

That’s whole new

Ball game


Do not mistake

My silence for ignorance

My Calmness for acceptance

And my kindness for weakness


Choicest Happiness







Monkey See Monkey Do 2

What is our purpose
on this Earth?
We are here to heal
Not do any harm
We are to love not hate
Our purpose is to create
At the same to time
Racism Discrimination
Bigotry War violence Rape
We can eradicate

Nobody is superior or inferior
Nobody owns the religion
Or for that matter
Dictate what to do
Nobody can coerce
Or bully anybody around
They are not going
“To “carry the cross”
Or sacrifice themselves on
The cross for you”
Wake up and smarten up
Use the power of reasoning
As you are the master of your fate
Captain of your soul

Stop having the herd mentality
Like “monkey see monkey do”
Fearful what people might say?
They will say it anyway

Society thrives on gossip
Just waiting to pounce
Have a spine & stand tall
So that Almighty will be there
When the” last Tear Drop Falls”

Choicest Happiness


During this unprecedented time, as a leader, what new flavor of leadership have you allowed your flock of sheep to enjoy? Would love to hear your thoughts.

If Mahatma Gandhi

Dadabhoy Naoroji

As well Madam Cama

Hadn’t fought for freedom

Some you would not

Had the pleasure

Of practicing

Your principles of

Racism Discrimination

Bigotry as well Segregation

Bring about wreck and Ruin

Of this miniscule

Zarathoshti Community


If you think you

Are going to win

This race then you

Have misjudged

Ahura Mazda’s

Will power and grace


Next time when a

Pandemic or some

kind of virus hits humanity

Do not go crying

Beg & plead for his mercy

Or by doing humbandagis

Lighting Divos at agiaries


He too can be deaf ears

No amount of pleading

Even when one

Is on bended knees

Will ever change His mind

So respect his

Pristine Teachings

That is meant

For all human kind

Choicest Happiness


Ps Feed back please


Successful people know that it is important to actively listen to those who have different ideas and opinions and that getting trapped in their own way of thinking is easy, but limiting. Therefore, they also know that must test their plans, observing Aldo Paoli


Choicest Blessings

Farida Bamji

June 9th 2020





In my darkest hour

When in darkness

I did grope

I knew that

There was a

Slight glimmer of hope


If one has ever

Experienced having

Dark clouds

Surrounding you

From which there

Is no escape

Power of Prayers

Is the Ray of Hope


No matter what

One Prays

For matter

What language

if one has absolute

Faith and prays

With sincerity

Surely there will

Be “Opening of the Gates”


Stay the course

No matter what

I can hear HIm say”:

“Lean on Me

I  surely will  be

There until

The Last Tear

Drop Falls”


Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

Aug 28th 2020


Happy Navroze 2

Far away on

A lush green farm

Tucked away in a corner

Stood a wooden

Red roofed barn

Within it were

Cackling hens

Protected by

A rooster

Making sure

His harem

Comes to no harm


As the darkness fell

There was silence

In the air

“Noone was stirring

Not even a mouse”


Slowly as the

Curtain of

Darkness was

Lifted and

As the moon

As well the stars

Bid Adieu

The proud

Rooster realized

It was time to say:

‘Cock A Doodle Doo”

Wishing each & every one

Norooz Phirooz


Choicest Blessings

Farida Bamji

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