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Leave your front door

And back door open

Allow your thoughts

To come and go

Just don’t serve them tea

(Shunryu Suzuki )


Thoughts will come

Thoughts will flow

Thoughts are like

Tiny boats that

That are bobbing

Along on the waves

Before they reach

The “shore”


They may encounter

:”Rough Seas”

“Violent storms”

Waves high as

A mountain gushing

Upon the boat

But, the boats

Keeps chugging along

In Spite of this

“Inclement weather”

With the power of prayers

One can “weather the storm”


After the storm comes the calm

As it’s said ” Prayers can tame

The wildest beast”

Never lose hope in one’s

Power of Prayers

Cause that’s all we wish

In one’s hour of need


Good thoughts leads to

Good words as well deeds

Since humanity is facing a


That’s what we wish in

Our hour of need

Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

Oct 6th 2021


Religions are a like

An orchard where

Delicious sumptuous

Fruit trees abound

Each “fruit tree” is unique

In Nature with

Different shapes &

Sizes are found

When they start

To “ripen”

It gets rid of the

“Foul smell that abounds”


Religion is not muttering

Mambo Jumbo from the

Prayer book or

Visiting Atash Behrams

Or agiaries

Nor praying near the

Holy Fire

Or for that matter

Performing religious ceremonies

But, its on’s thoughts

Words Deeds that counts


Zoroastrianism is a

Religion which gives

One the Choice

To lead one’s life

The way one wants

But, apparently there

Always be Bad rotten apples

Misleading innocent  in the name

Of our Religion.


Religion is not

A mound of clay

To be twisted turned

Inside out  as well

Abused in anyway

It’s a road map

For you to renounce evil

And stay away



Religion teaches one

To do no evil, hear no evil

And speak no evil

Yet gossip, hypocrisy

Dog us every step of the way!!!


Listen to no one

Just use one’s

Power of Reasoning

These “ignorants'”

Do not have any power

As to who gets to go

To the land of Dreams



I respect all religions

I give my hands to many

But  my heart to one



Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

Sept 20th 2021















Adi Farewell – By Nadir Godrej

Adi is my elder brother,
For good advice, there was no other.
He always took the greatest care
And in all things was very fair.
At school he was extremely smart,
Excelled in all, except for art.
For fame he never seemed to hanker,
In SSC he was first ranker.
Then Xavier’s college up to Inter.
He then had to contend with winter
As his next step was MIT,
Where, when just twenty-one, you see,
He was both Bachelor and Master.
And few have ever done it faster!
Once back home he started work.
No matter what, he’d never shirk.
This was way back in ‘63.
The years have passed as you can see.
His arrival meant rising hopes
For forty-year-old Godrej Soaps.
Just two crore was then the size.
And Adi set out to modernise-
MBA’s were soon recruited
And cars for managers were mooted.
The marketing was revamped,
And those who couldn’t change decamped.
He introduced cost accounting
And soon the sales started mounting.
But hair dye was his greatest coup
And over the years, it grew and grew.
The nineties then brought quite a change
The landscape now seemed very strange-
With multinationals at the door
We hardly knew what was in store.
Pepsi and Coke bought all in sight.
Should we sell or should we fight?
We chose a path that’s in between.
In hindsight now it can be seen
That Indian firms that learnt to hone
Their skills easily held their own.
But then we thought that we should seek
Strong partners or we would stay weak.
And so, we formed the odd joint venture,
Which proved to be quite an adventure,
We learnt a lot and that’s for sure.
It helps us still to endure.
An acquisition that was bold
Brought HI into our fold.
And many more were unfurled
As we spread around the world.
Though Godrej Soaps began to soar
On market price we couldn’t score.
Then our advisors thought it fit
That Godrej Soaps should be split.
GCPL came in to being.
And Adi, very quickly seeing,
The trend for better governance,
Put into place all at once,
With lots of help from CII,
Best practices that surely vie
With the very best in the world.
When our new stock was then unfurled,
It very soon began to fly
And to this day it still stays high.
GIL came into being
In recent days we are seeing
Our chemical business steadily rise
As we diversify and specialise.
Our new products should ensure
That the rapid growth will endure.
The shares we hold, as you can tell,
Are also doing very well.
In these companies at the start
Adi played a major part!
And so today one clearly sees
That now  Godrej Properties
Which he served with fealty
Has really arrived in realty.
For Agrovet, Animal Feed,
Can be considered our core creed.
But it was not always so
And many of you may not know
The way we stumbled into feed.
For compound feed they saw no need.
Then Buhler sought out L & T
Together they had tried to see
If a market might exist
There were no takers on their list.
They chose to make a clean swipe
But were left with a prototype
A discount customer was sought
And Adi was the one who bought.
Serendipity and not a vision,
Thus, gave birth to this division.
In time the business forged ahead
Geographically we chose to spread.
And on my watch, we diversified,
New businesses were then tried.
Over the years it has grown
And now it’s listed on its own.
But it was Adi who laid the seed
That permitted us to succeed.
Is Adi’s success because of skill,
Or is it more his iron will?
For Adi was always organised
And punctuality was prized.
By dusk his desk is very neat,
His paperwork is all complete.
Not agonising is the trick,
Decisions must be very quick.
Adi can’t stand the status quo
All novel things he wants to know.
And if he thinks that it is right
He puts in all his will and might
Behind the new initiative
And with support that he can give
We quickly learn the latest ways,
Make sure the group sees better days.
But while he strove for the group
The industry was in the loop.
He’s always ready to lend a hand,
Be President or take a stand
With government on policy
And he’ll persist till industry
Gets exactly what it needs.
And once he headed CII
Ensuring that it would fly high.
And anybody that you ask
Will state this is no easy task.
Requiring traveling incessantly
And persuasive advocacy
How he survived I’ll never know
In fact, he had a cheery glow.
And now of course we all see
We have a working GST,
A cause he pursued relentlessly
Almost monomaniacally.
And for this selfless contribution
He deserves his Padma Bhushan!
All who see him are inspired.
For all he does, he’s never tired
Where did he get the energy?
It shouldn’t be any mystery,
Adi of course, was very fit.
He didn’t seem to want to sit.
There’s not a sport, he hasn’t tried
For he can even paraglide.
He really loved to water-ski,
Not on a lake but on the sea.
And on a trip to Mt. Kailash,
Although conditions were quite harsh,
The mount was circled in a day.
Most folks his age would say, “No way”.
And none of us can fail to see
That he is full of energy.
He always set a rapid pace
As he led us in the race.
Though all of us most surely know
That we have many miles to go
But still we’re sure it can be done.
Indeed, this race must be won.
And if we stay on the proper way
And never let our value’s sway,
If all of us fulfil our roles
We will surely reach our goals.
A billion Indians, we can say,
Will use our product every day
And everywhere it will be seen
That we are great, good and green.
Adi’s spell was truly great.
The years he worked were fifty-eight!
But all good things come to an end.
Let’s hope we can maintain the trend.
He’s stepping down, as you can see,
The mantle has been passed to me.
His shoes are big and hard to fill
But with your support, I think we will
Continue well in the same way
As Adi did in his own day.
He will be Chairman Emeritus
And I’m sure he’ll merit us
With his presence and advice,
Invaluable beyond any price.
Now hearing praise can be quite tough,
I’m sure by now he’s had enough.
But all the same why don’t we stand
And then give him a rousing hand?
For service to both group and nation
He deserves a standing ovation!
August 13th, 2021


Who are we as humans

To practice RDB

Against  another human?

No matter what colour

Caste creed

Or no matter what

Walk of life

Rich poor beggar thief


We do not a minute

Hesitate to vehemently express

Our views on every single aspects

That affect our lives

But why not our Religion

Cause we expect Him

To be there

To catch us in

His safety net


We should learn a

Very valuable lesson

From Covid 19

It wraps it’s icy claws

Sticks to one like a leech

Without making any distinction

No matter what denomination

Zoroastrians are no exceptions


Pandemics will come

Pandemics will go

Will some wooden hearts melt ?

We will never know


Choicest Happiness


Farida Bamji

Sept 23rd 2020


Discrimination and Persecution in Ancient Iran

“How is it you can love the Creator but hate what He created?”
― Carlos Wallace

Once upon a time

In the land of Persia

(Now called Iran)

Lived the followers

Of Asho Zarathustra

They were a very

Hard working

Simple folk

Toiling from sunrise

To sunset

Whose needs

As well wants

Were very few


One morning

As the sun rose

Over the horizon

Birds chirping gaily

In the trees

Flowers swaying in the breeze

Out of nowhere

In the distance

One could hear the

Gathering of dust

Thundering sound of

the marauding hordes

As they rode through the streets

Putting our fellow Zoroastrians

To the sword

Swatting them like flies

Alas ! the land of Asho Zarathuhstra

From where we originated

Right and left

Were being decimated


There was raping pillaging

Raiding kidnapping

all around

All sorts of torture was

Was applied to strangle

These innocent people

What crime did they ever perpetuate?

The only sin they perpetuated

was being a Zoroastrian


The Zoroastrian community

Had lost of hope

In the darkness they did grope

Long last a saviour came along

His name Maneckji Limji Hataria


He  was a social activist

Decided to ameliorate

The conditions  of

Our fellow Zoroastrians

Free them from

The iron shackles

So that they could live

And breathe free!!


He toiled day and night

He left no stone unturned

Freeing every last Zoroastrian

He did not falter or cower

But had a spine and stood tall..

Cause in the end he knew

Ahura Mazda will be there

When the last tear drop falls


Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

June 27th 2021




In every religion
There is love
But Love has no
Neither it’s entrenched
With Hate violence
But teaches us compassion

When one is consumed
With utter Hatred
Just because they
Hold different ideologies
Or for matter are of

Different colour, caste or creed?

Negative feelings it does breeds

As I have stated before
Hatred is spread through
Ignorance which are
Accepted by fools
As well idiots.

So if one wants acceptance
Embrace diversity as well


Nobody has monopoly

Over wisdom



Greatness is not found in

Possession power position

Or prestige.

It is discovered in goodness

Humility service and character

Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

June 16th2021






Religions are like

An orchard of different

Fruit trees awaiting your

Arrival to suck the

Pristine message within


All religions are

The same

Cause no single

Religion is superior

Or inferior

But on the same playing field

Religion is like a

Charter of Rights

Within it are

Carved the

Dos and don’t

To guide you safely

To the “Other side


We have an alter ego

Called Conscience

It pricks when

We stray from

The Path

Reminding us

To trudge the

Path of straight

And narrow


I am proud to

State that

I am a  Zoroastrian

Belonging to a

Religion call Zoroastrianism

Whom I have grown to

Love and Trust

An uncut clear

Crystal Diamond

A diamond in the rough

Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

May the 14t 2021



Ever since  the  Pandemic

Raised its ugly head

For humanity it never cared

And has stuck
To us like glue
Tightly wrapping
It’s tentacles

Suffocating me and you


It’s swatting humanity

Like flies left right centre

Regardless of colour caste or creed


We are all gripped with fear

As there is nobody near

In darkness we do grope

Wondering what are

We  going  to do?


Please do not despair!

Cause Prayers are there

Keeping us on the Path

Of straight and narrow

Even in times of trouble

Don’t give up

Cause Prayers will

Always keep one afloat

Tagged along with  a sign

Called :HOPE”!


Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

April 8th 2021


Norooz Phirooze 3

It’s that time

Of year again!

21st of March

When Nature from

It’s slumber wakes

Bursting forth from

The winter harsh


It’s time to make

New friendships

Strengthen ones

That are old

Let’s not forget

The victims of the

Pandemic as well

The near and dear ones

We have lost


Let’s join in unity

As well be one with Asha

Scatter the seeds of

Hope Love truth

Message spread by

Asho Zarthushtra


In every pocket of the world

Wars are being fought

We see it on tv

As well we read

The havoc being caused

Too many lives are being lost

Way too much blood is being shed

Let’s being the New Year

With a simple prayer:

Hamazor Hamaa Asho Baad!

Choicest Happiness



Words Can Hurt Words Can Heal 2

Words of discrimination
Are sharp and piercing
As though one’s
Insides are tearing
It might just be one
Word or look that
Conveys  a word
But the memory sticks
( Ahmed Jakda)
Chew one’s words
Before one speaks
Think them over
Before they leak
People who lack
Self confidence
Are  underachievers
 Do cobwebs weave
Be deaf ears
To these naysayers
They are just balls of fluff
Discard them as they
Are upto no snuff
When we travel the
Pathways & byways
Of Life
We face lots of struggles
As well strife
We will come across
Some who will take you
Down the wrong pathway
Do not flinch or cower
But by having Faith
In one’s Prayers
As well using one’s Vohu Mano
You will be
Able to say:
“I did it My Way”!!!
Choicest Happiness
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