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Time has no holiday

Dreams have no expiry date

And life has press buttons


We cannot re- wind our actions

Thoughts words or deeds

What has been thought

Spoken or acted upon

Will always linger till the

End of time


Prayers are a barrier

Between good

As well evil

Have a strong will power

And do not sell one’s soul

To the Devil


Time waits for no one

Marches on to the

Beat of a soldiers drum

If only we could rewind

The clock …


“The hands on the clock

Are wound but once

And  no man has the power

To tell when the clock will stop

At a late or early hour

Now is the time we own

To Live Love toil with a will

Please do not put your

Faith in time

For the clock will soon be still”

(By a Jame Jamshed Staff reporter)


Choicest Happiness








“When The Last Tear Drops Falls” 2

When everything does not go one’s way

Giving up one’s Prayer

As well Religion

It’s not the way

Even though one faces

Road blocks along the way

And seems to be no way out

A teeny tiny voice inside will whisper

“Do not give up

As I will be there till the last tear drops fall”


Changing one’s religion is not the solution

It’s not easy for me to say

Having one’s faith in prayers

Will carry the day


Please do not lose

Even when one feels

Like giving up

He always provides a

Safety net

By saying:
“I will be there

Till the last tear drops fall

Choicest Blessings


Common Sense

The more we learn

About things around us

The more educated we get

The more educated we get

Some of us start loosing

“Common Sense”


People think they know it all

Unfortunately that’s no the case

When Ego and Pride gets

In the way

That’s when they

When they start to

Loose it all


They are so drunk with

Ego and  power

Apparently don’t know that

“Pride goeth before fall

Only when they have the fall

That’s when “Common Sense”

Is recalled


They will continue as

As long they can

Pushing Pride & Ego

To the limit

But, after sometime

There is a halt

That’s when

They realize that

Pride doth goeth

Before Fall


Choicest Happiness






Violence to the right of me

Violence to the left me

Surrounded by violence

Screwing Humanity


Do not listen to gossip

Ignore what people

Say about you

Design your own life

Look for good in

Every situation

Develop an attitude

For gratitude

Laugh more

Once its past

Let it go!


Everything is temporary

Thoughts emotions people scenery

Do not become attached to it

Just flow with it


There are rewards

As well consequence

I am myself is

Not above the Law

Trying to make  sense

By fixing the flaw


Nobody knows too much

Or to little

As they say

Nobody has

Monopoly over wisdom

As nobody is right or wrong


Zoroastrianism preaches

Kindness Tolerance Equality

Treat people with Respect

No matter who she/he be

Add a dash of love as

Well understanding

Uphold the law of Dignity


Choicest Happiness







As Shakespeare once quoted

“All the world’s a stage”

We  are all actors

End misogyny patriarchy

discrimination inequality

stereotypes racism bigotry

If one want  to live

In a free safe happy society


Your focus on

Hating yesterday

Is killing your

Opportunity to

Love tomorrow

(Gary Vaynerchuk)


No matter how

Talented educated

Or rich you are

One takes nothing when

We leave this earth

How you treat people

Ultimately tells all

“Cause one becomes

Ultimately a  pile of dust


Keeping people

Behind “barb Wires”

Isn’t solving anything

Let the knowledge run free

Let people decide for themselves

Let them live and breath free.


Turning deaf ears is

To the Prophet’s message

And pretending to be

His follower

Praying the Gathas

From end to end

Isn’t that mockery?

As  well as sacrilege?


None of you are higher

Nor the anointed ones

Wearing priestly robes

Will never earn respect

So many of you have lost respect

Forget Ahura Mazda

Finally  He will meet your soul

At the “Gate”

That’s when you realize

Your biggest mistake!


Choicest Happiness





To all the

innocent victims

I offer my sincere condolences

As well deepest sympathies

Praying may there sweet

Innocent souls rest

In eternal peace


For all the survivors

it must be gut wrenching

Causing excruciating pain

Wondering when one shall

See there loved again?


I do hope you have

Learn’t your lesson

Shutting the blinds

As well as the drapes

And fencing us in

Does not bring peace

But hatred Racism

Discriminatory Bigotry instead


No amount of tears shed

Is going bring

The loved ones back

So, accept, tolerate

Treat people with respect

Understanding as well as dignity

In the end Peace can return

To  every community

All over the world

Whether it be a Hindu Muslim

Sikh Jewish  Ba’hai Christian or

A Zoroastrian one









What Insolence

A real leader is someone who gives a damn about you…..anonymous

This quote fits very aptly where some of our Z leaders are concerned


Inspite of Zoroastrianism

Dwindling away

Yet the attitude

Is Laissez faire

Let the Religion crumble

To dust

Why do do we care?


“As long as people

Idolize  us

Put  put us on a pedestal

Fan our Ego  and Pride

Proudly claiming:

We have nothing to hide”


You should be barred

From practicing the religion

Including performing rituals

To all of you who are setting

A very  bad example

Of course unless you are

Hand in hand with the Devil


I will never idolize

Nor ever have respect

If one cannot preach

If one cannot guide us

On the Right Path

It`s a slap in Ahura Mazda`s face.



Choicest Happiness



PS Don’t Deny it. It;s the Truth



Unite to Fight Hatred ( Not Giving in) 2l

The golden age,the silver

And the bronze, have all gone by

And the heroes who fought at Troy

And mankind is now in the iron age

And ” will never cease by day or night

From weariness and woe”– Hesiod

Reminds me of our

Beloved Asho Zarathushtra

Who put His own life on the line

For all of  human kind

Your Faith can move mountains

And your doubts can create them

Stick to your faith

Listen to no one

If one is a true Zoroastrian

I am not your “brother’s keeper”

Guarding the gates of Heaven

Or  for that matter Hell

I believe to each their own

Only Ahura Mazda can foretell

 Strutting into the Place of Worship

Praying mumbo jumbo

Near the Holy Fire

Expecting Him

To grant you boons?

(You must be kidding)

Alas! He is not all pleased

Au contraire He is more than


I am not showing off

My prowess in Poetry

But trying to bring sense

Following the rules

LIke meek little lambs

Is not going to guarantee

A place in Heaven or hell

But using one’s

Power of Reasoning

Will be the stupid

Bigoted Fatwa’s undoing

Choicest Blessings



Always Hope

But never expect

Cause what you

Pray for you

Ain`t gonna get

He may hear you

Loud and clear

Choose to ignore

Testing your Faith

If one is sincere

You can beg as

Well as plead

Even go on

Bended knees

Even one

Happen to make a deal

If He chooses

He will ignore

Your pleas

Just `cause

Prayers don`t get answred

Don`t mean to go Temple hopping

If our efficacious prayers

Do not answer the call

One has to have

Patience after all.

He is trying and testing you

Putting you through a

“Ring of Fire

Even if it means

Your cause is dire

So have in our

Efficacious Prayers

They will lead one

Right up to “His Gate”

Choicest Happiness


Happy Mother’s Day!


The title I chose

May have crossed the line

Knowingly deliberately

 Screwing a Pristine Religion

That is “yours & mine”

Tho’ we don’t  own the religion

‘It’s a universal religion

That’s the uniqueness of


What a hooplah was created

With the extension of

The Railway line

Passing under the

Sacred Atash Behrams

Did one ever stop

Pause and think?

If the Zoroastrians 

Ever became a Vanishing Breed

Who is ever going to come?

What will ever become of them

( Sacred Atash Behrams)

So get one’s priorities straight

Don’t live in one’s cocoon

Open one’s mind

Take some “fresh air in”

Atash Behrams can be built

The Sacred Fire consecrated

But, the only one’s missing

Will be the Zoroastrians in it

Choicest Happiness


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