Looking for Dr Cawas Naoroji Kalianiwala & Sohrabji Kalyaniwalla

I am trying to trace my Kalyaniwalla family roots. Thank you to those who kindly responded to my previous post (Looking for Mr Kalyaniwalla of Mumbai/London*) regarding my great grandfather.

I have received information on two leads, which I have detailed below. If you have any information about these people or their families please contact me (Kalyan Kingi) at WhatsApp +61402262959 or email kalyankingi@gmail.com.

Dr Cawas Naoroji Kalyaniwala


  • His father, Naoroji Kalyaniwala, was an eminent doctor in Rajkot.
  • His brother’s name was Framroze.
  • He may have married an English woman, named Rose.
  • The family surname may have originally been Nallaseth but changed to Kalyaniwala in about 17th Century, due to an influential lady marrying Dr Cowasji’s great great grandfather.


  • Studied medicine in England


  • Surgeon in Rajkot

Thank you Behramshaw (Bobby) Jal Kalianwala for information on Dr Cawas Naoroji Kalyaniwalla.

Sohrabji Kalyaniwalla


  • He married Manijeh Kothavala (Ahmedabad) and they had 10 children.
  • The eldest child was Freny, who studied in the UK and became a nurse.
  • He had three sons: Nawzer was in the air Force; Jamshed was in the British army; and Darius.


  • Dadar


  • He studied medicine in London.


  • He had a farm in Argentina which reared prize winning bulls for Kaizer Wilhelm the Second.
  • He was known to have made his wealth from the stock market.
  • The family suffered greatly due to the stock market crash of 1929 and he passed away not long after that.

Thank you Aban Davar for information on Sohrabji Kalyaniwalla.

*See my previous post at: https://tinyurl.com/y9bcfo9h

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  • Hi Yezdi,
    happen to come across this article and yes i am a direct relation to the sorabji Kalyaniwala . My Name is Hector Firdaus Kothavala and am the grandson of Saros Nariman Kothavala who was the younger brother to Manijeh Kothavala. I have tons of information on the kothavala side of the family . Unable to contact you on whats app but do drop me a Hi on whats app . My Number is +919769214117. My cousin Danesh Kalyaniwala is the grandson to Manijeh kothavala . His dad was Navzer Kalyaniwala .

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