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Looking for Adi Behram Marker

My name is Lily Seeney and I live in the UK.
This is long shot in the dark but I am trying to find my first cousin ( who the family lost since my mum passed away) who used to and probably still does in Pune.

He is my mama’s son. His name is Adi Behram Marker. I know he has a son and daughter. Son’s name is Behram as well. Not sure of the daughters name. I have tried asking some folk who live there but have drawn a blank. I remember going to my Uncles house as a young girl with my mum and vaguely think it was in Salisbury park.

Is there any way of finding out some way if he is still alive or has passed on. I am now 69 myself and my sister is 83.
If you can point me any direction as to whom I could contact would be grateful.

Kindest regards


Looking for Bio and Pictures of Late Rustom B. Damania

I am looking for bio-data and pictures of Rustom B. Damania (died 25 March 2001). He was a Professor at the Indian Institute of Science and Technology. He has made invaluable contribution to Indian aviation industry. He is credited with the development of NAL’s Light Canard Research Aircraft, which later became DRDO Rustom UAV.


May I request you to help us obtain his biography/ bio data and pictures. If you do not have please direct us to the person, who can help us obtain this information


Best Regards

Rajiv Narang

Director – Strategic Initiatives

Looking for heirs of Mehraben S.H. Jhabwala

As you are aware our 94 years old organisation (All India Women’s Conference)  was established by Margaret Cousins, Sarojini Naidu, Kamaladevi Chattopadhya in 1927 with Maharani Chimnabai Gaekwad II, as the first President. We are  working for the Education, Emancipation, and Empowerment of Women and Children . We are doing  virtual presentation on the work done by our dynamic past Presidents for the Society and the Nation.. We have been helped in presenting the work of Mrs. Hilla Faridunji Rustumji and Smt. Mithan Lam.
Our 28th President  from 1966 to 68 was Smt. Mehraben S.H. Jhabwala , from  The Hermitage,10th Road Khar , Mumbai, 400 052.  She was instrumental in building a shelter home for distressed women , ” Bapnu Ghar” at our HO, which is being looked after very well   till now. Similarly she had major role to play in establishing the Kesarbai Bhimani Working Women`s Hostel , A Home Away from Home, on 12th Road, JVPD Scheme Mumbai 400 049. .Mumbai branch of AIWC has its office here.
We would be grateful to have your help in finding Mrs. Meharaben Jhabwala`s relative or close friend who can throw some light on her work ,her life . You can share his or her contact details so that we can be in touch.
Attached is a picture of Mrs. M S H Jhabwala and her team. The Treasurer  Mrs. Pramoda Gosalia was also from Mumbai.
Thank you very much.
Take care, be safe,

Looking for Parveen & Dinaz Sahar

I am looking for an old family friend Parveen and dinaz sahar. They were our neighbors in jhansi in 1963-65.

Uncle Sahar worked in the railway and was posted in Jhansi in ’60s
Elder daughter Parveen did her MBBS from Jhansi Medical College
Parveen and Dinaz studied at St. Francis School Jhansi.
I hope the above information is helpful.
Thanks for your help


Looking for Sheroo & Munchee Bharucha

I am a resident of Goa. I would like trace Munchee Bharucha & his wife Sheroo. They were one time residents of Dadar Parsi Colony but moved to Bangalore I think in the 70s.
Munchee was a partner in the co, Bharucha & Motivala, Civil Engineers who built the Worli Diary & Marine Drive flyover.
They are old family friends who are in their 80s & would appreciate any information you can get on them especially their phone nos.
Yours sincerely,
Adrian da Cunha, Porvorin, Goa
Cell: 99606 19816. Land: 0832-2411819

Looking for heirs of Edulji Mogra

My paternal grandmother, Gulbai Nuusserwanji Mody ( nee Mogra ) had a brother, Edulji Mogra, who went to Shanghai in the late 1800s or early 1900s. They were from the village Tavdi 3 miles from Navsari. Edulji married a Chinese lady and had two sons, one of whose name was Minoo ( am not too sure of the name). I remember my father saying he met Minoo in Hongkong in the 1960s. Would love to connect with them or their descendents if any. Thank you, and best wishes….

Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal


I am Meenakshi, born in Mumbai but living in Delhi since 1960.
I am looking for NEVILLE BHARUCHA  and his son GEV BHARUCHA. They were residing in Bandra, Hill View Garden. They were a few of the kindest people I ever met. I lost a touch long time back. In this critical time my heart is waking up every morning worried for them.

NEVILLE DOSABHAI BHARUCHA was the only son and GEV NEVILLE BHARUCHA is also the only son. NEVILLE uncle got married to a Gujarati lady – second marriage. GEV was his son from his first Parsi Wife. NEVILLE uncle was a flight Purser and the second wife was an Air Hostess.

If you find NEVILLE uncle, please tell him that I missed them all in my life. Sorry, I could not contact because I was struggling in my life. I want them to know that I cared for all of the family. I just pray to GOD ALMIGHTY for their safety. They were real angels on earth.


Looking for information on parsi women singing traditions

Dedicated to safeguarding ancient music traditions especially sacred and folk female voice traditions, and as I am a Persian deep voice singing lover, I am looking for Hindustani zoroastrian songs or parsi families / communities still holding strong women singing traditions.
If you know about anything in this regard, please share.
Gauri Sene
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