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Looking for Godafrid – Godi

I am Vishwajit Dedgaonkar hailing from Pune. You may find my request a bit odd but I think you are the right person to help me.
Way back, in 1983-85 while I was a college student at Fergusson College, Pune, I had a friend called Godafrid ( I think that was her name) but I used to always call her by her nickname Godi. Godi was studying Arts in the same college viz. Fergusson College,  Pune during 1983-85 period. I know for certain that she was a Parsi girl. Its been many decades since I came across her after seeing her last during college days. Could you please help me locate her/connect with her?
It would be so nice of you if you can help me out.
With regards

Looking for Meherban Kalantari 

I would like to know about Mr. Meherban Kalantari  [Age 68 years]. He originally … hails from Tehran, Iran. He was in Mumbai, India for four years (4 years) to study in K.C. College, Mumbai University. He did B.A. in 1975, Mumbai University. He was staying in a boy’s hostel [YMCA- Young Men’s College Association Hostel, Colaba, Mumbai]. He was in Mumbai, India to attend a Parsi wedding (of Debara family/ Jokhi family) in 1978.

Actually a family friend of his / a college friend (Debara Family) is searching for him. Her name is Mrs. Minaz Viraf Jokhi [ nee Debara].

 I would be thankful if someone helps to trace him at the earliest. Worried as Iran is one of the worst-hit countries (COVID-19) in the present times.

There is no information/ clue regarding his present residential status as to whether he is residing in India / Iran or any other country. It may be India / Iran or any other country.

 If anyone of you has any information of his address or contact details like phone no., Mobile no, or email id. or where is he working or residing, please do let her know of it on the above email id.  and cell ph. no. +91-9920625554.
Mrs. Minaz Viraf Jokhi  [ nee Debara]  is the family friend of Mr. Meherban Kalantri .
 Mrs. Minaz Viraf Jokhi  [ nee Debara] can also be contacted on her email id. OR at her cell ph. no. +91-9920625554.

Kindly let me know of other Zoroastrian [Parsi/Irani] websites so that I can try to find out some information about him on those websites too.

Awaiting the response at the earliest.


Thank you

With  Best Wishes and Kind Regards

I Karanjia


Looking for the son of Minoo Soli Sethna

A request from a Parsi Canadian woman, Freny Sethna originally from Pakistan needs help in finding her cousin Minoo Soli Sethna’s son from India.
The son’s name is unknown and by now he must be by age in 30’s,  Minoo & his wife Dolly resided at Davidas Mansion, 5 Dinbai Petit St. Mumbai, 400007. India. Unfortunately both parents died in early age.
Minoo’s parents name: Soli & Arnavaz Sethna.  Soli was originally from Karachi.
If you have any info. please contact Freny Sethna at “”  Thank you.

K. C. College-1988-B. Com. Batch – looking for Havovi & Pesi Wadia

Because of your help, we were able to reunite with 2 of our parsi friends.
We are still looking for 2 more parsi friends, they are Pesi Wadia and Havovi Wadia.
For your ready reference attached is the photo of our traditional day of 1987. In the photo Pesi and Havovi are 2nd and 4th from left.
We shall be thankful for your help in reuniting us with them.
Thanks & Regards,
Shailesh Jain <>
M – 92230 56285

Looking for Pesi Daruwalla and his progeny


I am Firdosh Khurshed Tolat, residing in Parel, Mumbai.  My Paternal Grandmother was Manijeh Ratanshaw Tolat.  She had a brother Pesi Daruwalla.  Pesi Mama, as my Dad used to call him, had one son – Jehangir, and 3 daughters – Jaloo Arjani, Mehru Tarapore and Sheroo Engineer.  We are trying to locate and contact them and their children.  If anyone has any information on them, please contact me at

Thank you and Tan Darosti …

Firdosh Tolat

Looking for Gev Bharucha

I want information of Gev B Bharucha he is in his late 50s brother of Katty Bharucha n Nelly Bharucha. Nelly is my friend married in 1978 after that no contact. Nelly n l were to gether in J B Vachha high School in Dadar Parsi Colony they use to live behind JB Vachha Parsi Colony their father had expired long back n mother use to give tuitions to small kids now Gev Bharucha has shifted from Parsi Colony Dadar to Ghatkopar some yrs back their neighbors do not know Gev’s were abouts so pls pls help me in finding Gev Bharucha’s mbl no or address as Nelly is married l do not know her present surname so through Gev l will know her wereabouts thanks a lot

Gev Bharucha has done is schooling from Dadar Parsi Youth Assembly High School in short DPYS

One the right side is my best friend Nelly Bharucha

Mayuri Ranjan Patel – +91-96627 47169

Looking for Dr Cawas Naoroji Kalianiwala & Sohrabji Kalyaniwalla

I am trying to trace my Kalyaniwalla family roots. Thank you to those who kindly responded to my previous post (Looking for Mr Kalyaniwalla of Mumbai/London*) regarding my great grandfather.

I have received information on two leads, which I have detailed below. If you have any information about these people or their families please contact me (Kalyan Kingi) at WhatsApp +61402262959 or email

Dr Cawas Naoroji Kalyaniwala


  • His father, Naoroji Kalyaniwala, was an eminent doctor in Rajkot.
  • His brother’s name was Framroze.
  • He may have married an English woman, named Rose.
  • The family surname may have originally been Nallaseth but changed to Kalyaniwala in about 17th Century, due to an influential lady marrying Dr Cowasji’s great great grandfather.


  • Studied medicine in England


  • Surgeon in Rajkot

Thank you Behramshaw (Bobby) Jal Kalianwala for information on Dr Cawas Naoroji Kalyaniwalla.

Sohrabji Kalyaniwalla


  • He married Manijeh Kothavala (Ahmedabad) and they had 10 children.
  • The eldest child was Freny, who studied in the UK and became a nurse.
  • He had three sons: Nawzer was in the air Force; Jamshed was in the British army; and Darius.


  • Dadar


  • He studied medicine in London.


  • He had a farm in Argentina which reared prize winning bulls for Kaizer Wilhelm the Second.
  • He was known to have made his wealth from the stock market.
  • The family suffered greatly due to the stock market crash of 1929 and he passed away not long after that.

Thank you Aban Davar for information on Sohrabji Kalyaniwalla.

*See my previous post at:

Looking for Mr Kalyaniwalla of Mumbai/London

I am trying to trace my Kalyaniwalla family roots. The only information I have is that my great grandmother met my great grandfather, Mr Kalyaniwalla of Mumbai, while he was studying medicine in London some time prior 1920. Unfortunately I do not have my great grandfather’s first name. If this loose description of Mr Kalyaniwalla matches an ancestor of yours please contact me (Kalyan Kingi) at Refer to the photographs below depicting my grandmother for potential familial resemblance. 

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