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    With due respect some of our Mobeds are a disgrace to our Community by following the Path of Racism Discrimination Bigotry & Segregation . I bet most of you will agreee!! Their Policy is Divide & Rule

  • The reader above loses her bet, ’cause I don’t agree at all with her comment. In fact, I would agree that some, or for that matter, MOST of the mobeds today are a disgrace, by not following the true path of Asha, as laid down by our great Prophet Zarathushtra, and not for the nonsensical reasons, as she mentions. This, I must say, only shows her ignorance of our religion.

    I truly wish that there were MORE mobeds around the world who would whole heartedly support the needed tarikats and rituals of our beautiful religion. Make no mistake, preventing proselytism is not an act of discrimination, or segregation, but a noble act by a mobed in his attempt to maintain the purity of our religion.

    Mr.Tamboli, in his article makes a very good point that an enlightened clergy is a strong requirement for any religion to survive. Folks, the word “enlightened” needs to be taken in a positive light -meaning doing the right thing for the sake of righteousness, and not to please the crowd at large. Enough said!

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