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Information abour Dr Shapurji Dadabhai Bhabha

My name is Sa Varghese originally from India and now live in UK.
I came to know about a prominent Indian Dr Shapurji Dadabhai Bhabhaji, who was a famous Bacteriologist lived in Brockley near Lewisham and Deptford which is near to my place of living.
We the Indian community in Brockley would like to know more about him and his contributions to our society. I learned that he was a very active member of the Zoroastrian community in London during his life in London. It is learned that he passed away in the year 1941.
I would be grateful for any more information about him.


Saji Vargis <>

Something Exciting Coming Your Way

Something exciting coming your way! Amazing performances, workshops, discussions around parsi culture, lifestyle and of course food! Check out our website and sign up at
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We are doing a Online event for Charity. Please register as per your choice and also forward to family and friends.


From Zenobia Davar to Tanaz Godiwalla, we’ve got ’em all! Join us for Zoroastrian trails – from Garas to patras, Irani food to forging connections through telling stories! Sign up at
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Decoding Parsi Wedding: String of Traditions & Ceremonies

A Parsi wedding is known for its simplicity & commitment to traditions & rituals. Read on to know more about the breathtaking & fun Parsi wedding traditions.

Fotowalle – The Story FolksFOTOWALLE – THE STORY FOLKS
Blooming hues of red and white set the tone for a Parsi wedding, far away from the flashy and OTT wedding spirit of the grand Indian wedding affair. Steeped in Zoroastrian culture, the simplicity of a Parsi wedding is almost mesmerising.

Image Courtesy: Parinaz Irani

In this piece, we explore how the ‘Lagan’, set in a garden of the fire temple is an interesting bundle of customs, both fun and spiritual. Let these be inspirations for when you plan your wedding.

Pre-Wedding Parsi Traditions

Though largely austere in the show, a Parsi wedding has multiple ceremonies to make up for them. Even if the couple is engaged already, a formal engagement is hosted by teh families to celebrate the union and the Parsi bride is ideally supposed to wear red. Here is how a couple get hitched the Parsi way.

By Anwesha Das
November 10, 2020

Click Here for the full story ––c1052

Dr. Khushroo Shroff

DPYA HIGH SCHOOL Salutes  Ex- Student , Dr. Khushroo Shroff , the lead research scientist of the Pfizer Pharma  team who have successfully developed their COVID 19 vaccine.

A proud moment for all Indian Parsis, who are making history around the globe.
Kudos to him & DPYA High School . 🔥🌹🔥

Yes he is Dr.Khushroo Shroff. Green House. He was Western India boxing champion.

Coomi Vevaina on Cyrus Says…

This week, Cyrus is joined by the joyous Dr. Coomi Vevaina, Educator, Storyteller, Researcher & Author. She is the former head of the Department of English, University of Mumbai. On this episode, Cyrus and Coomi talk about Coomi’s career, being a naughty child, how she sees her life as a dance in four sequences, being enthralled by the power of words, how she always wanted to do things that were innovative and new, her love for teaching creatively, the importance of getting students to be passionate about what they’re learning, her two PhDs in Literature and Education, her love for literature, being a trained western classical singer, the universality of holistic knowledge, how things that are new and unexplored always excited her, and lots lots more!

Follow Coomi on Twitter:


Hear the podcast here –

Mankind – Whither Bound

This treatise, by Dasturji M N Dhalla, an eminent scholar, traces the history of mankind and the thought processes prevailing during each era and the path forward for mankind. This scholarly work has been acclaimed to be amongst the best of his writings. We bring this to you with the kind permission of Ms. Coomi Vevaina for the benefit of the community. Download it and read it at leisure for an enjoyable experience.

This is a 567 page book and will take some time to download – please be patient

Click Here to download Mankind – Whither Bound


Dr Priyadarsini Mitra has rightly said: Good human beings spread good fragrance in their every action which always creates a positive vibration. And this vibration easily can be realized by another good person.  Well known Mathemagician cum Memory Development and Vedic Maths Trainer Minoo Jokhi firmly believes in this statement.

Minoo was a very weak student in his school days. He was so weak in his school days that he could not make a simple multiplication of single digits or could add and subtract single digits correctly. He had practically all hope in life till his 10th grade. He was a COMPLETE  FAILURE in Maths. He was really unhappy in life.

Minoo’s wonderful mother Kety single handedly brought up Minoo and her younger son Hoshang extremely well with full dedication and sincerity. She is today happy her sons are good humans first; then they are successful too. Minoo beleives that all your success is a failure if you are not good humans. The world today is full of deceit, falsehood, wrong actions, negativity where positive people are often wronged. But honesty, sincerity, good actions will always WIN; even if they have to bear lots of troubles. Minoo did not give up and worked hard in Maths and with Will Power and Hard Work improved. And improved  phenomenally.

From being a Math Failure to being a HUMAN CALCULATOR; Minoo has come a long way in life. Today Minoo remembers Tables up to one Crore, can also multiply huge figures mentally at amazing speeds, can remember over 2000 Birthdates and Telephone numbers, can tell you the Day of any Date from 1st January 1600 to date . For e.g. 18th July 1981 was a Saturday. He also remembers Cube Roots up to 1000000000. He also can do Summations and Factorials with ease. He knows Square Roots up to 10,00,000.

Minoo Jokhi is the second person after General Sam Maneckshaw to have been conferred the prestigious Honorary Membership of the Rotary Club of Bombay Hills South. He has performed his very INTERACTIVE MATHEMAGIC PROGRAM all over Mumbai. He has within India also performed in Dharampur, Rajkot, Kerala, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Chennai. Internationally he has been to USA, Canada, Spain, Indonesia and 7 times to Sri Lanka.

Minoo has come more than 10 times on Television. He has come on DD-Girnar channel; Star; Zee and other channels.  He has come 3 times on ALL INDIA RADIO.He wants to explore a career in Acting and has acted in the T.V.Show Nagin 3. He has been invited to many prestigious schools, colleges, clubs and companies. He has performed more than 850 shows. Minoo’s determination and tenaciousness has helped him to create many tricks and techniques and conduct classes in Memory Development where he has various levels of Memory Enhancement Techniques Courses and he taught students from the age of 4 and he has also taught seniors in their late seventies. Today Minoo has a photographic memory and in his classes he stresses on ICVAR i.e. Intelligence, Confidence, Visualisation, Association and Revision which are very essential for training your memory.

While there is so much negativity with regards to Corona virus; Minoo is an extremely positive person who FIRMLY BELIEVES the world will prevail in this Fight against the virus. Minoo is extremely saddened at the way lakhs of people have succumbed to the disease; and he believes that the Fear of the virus is more dangerous than the virus and that one has to be a POSITIVE BRAVE Person in life and face all adversities well. Minoo is confident this dark phase will end soon and that the good old days will return. And that the lessons learned in this phase must never be forgotten. He urges all to never take life for granted.

Minoo is a sports person. He has won several Lawn Tennis Tournaments and also been the Runners-up.  He is also a Cricket All Rounder having played matches with the season ball and has NO FEAR of the same. He has also run Marathons 11 kilometers as well as 21 kilometers. He also is an avid Yoga Person. Not only does he himself do Yoga himself; he also makes his students do it and benefit from it. He says the biggest advantage of students doing yoga is self-mastery and self-identity. Yoga is the vehicle through which one can do that. As the child goes to higher classes, yoga helps to keep the focus that helps the students to study better. He points out Yoga is not just a system of exercises. It is a holistic science promoting specific techniques for integrated development of one’s being- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And that regular practice of Yoga ensures sound health, sharp intellect, youthful looks, and abundant energy.

The best thing about this Minoo is that he is hungry to learn constantly and is amazingly versatile. He is a brilliant public speaker having won over 15 first prizes, is an LIC and GIC Agent, is a Numerologist who does Numerology Consultations giving 6 to 7 pages report to his clients, etc.  He loves teaching his students and makes them overcome MATH FEAR. He is a very positive person who despite facing so many problems in life never gave up. Among his life philosophies; some prominent ones are:



Minoo has a deep faith in GOD. He can be contacted on Mobile No 9821407519 and his e-mail is   He has a website:

Mobeds and Fire Hazards

Problems, Suggestions, Solutions & Action

Teams: WZO Trusts & Empowering Mobeds


The Cause

The recent incident of a young Mobed performing the boye ceremony being severely burnt due to the Jama worn by him having caught fire by flying embers has made it essential to review safety norms in the interest of our Mobeds.


Since time immemorial Zoroastrians have worshipped the fire and generations of Mobeds have tended to the fires in our various Atash Behrams and Agiaries. In recent years there have been a series of unfortunate incidents involving Mobeds being burnt as a result of stray flying embers.

This article is an attempt undertaken by Teams: WZO Trusts & Empowering Mobeds to identify the problems, offer suggestions for solutions and share the initial action taken.

Considering the gravity of the situation, it is very essential that necessary dialogue should be undertaken through which safety norms can be introduced, impart training to Mobeds and Behdins on measures to be undertaken during an emergency situation whereby safety of Mobeds who are prone to grievous injuries for no fault of their own is ensured.

Note about the Jamaa

The Jamaa that Mobeds wear whilst tending to fire in the kebla is a white coloured traditional flowing robe worn over their clothes and is often made of cotton or fine muslin. In older times Jamaas were made of thicker quality hand woven linen.


Fire Hazards facing Mobeds

A number of recent unfortunate incidents have happened where mainly Mobeds clothes have caught fire. In a majority of cases it has started with the Jamaa catching fire whilst the Mobed has been performing boye ceremony in the kebla and in some cases where ceremonies such as jashan’s, monthly remembrance prayers by coming into contact with the Divo (Oil Lamp) or by a stray flying ember.

Mobeds are aware that flying embers are very common and will agree that whilst the Setranji (Cotton rug used for prayers) is singed frequently but there has never been an instance of a setranji bursting into flames. The reason for this is purely the thickness and proximity of the setranji to the ground.


Putting Out A Clothes Fire

When a person’s clothing catches on fire, action must be instinctive and immediate. There is no time to think.


The one thing one should never do is run.

To minimize a burn injury when clothes catch fire, it is very essential to STOP, DROP, and ROLL. Burns are among the most painful of injuries and the third leading cause of unintentional death. The hands, groin, face and lungs are at particular risk because they are delicate structures and easily injured.

The healing process is slow and painful, resulting not only in enormous personal suffering but also enormous financial expenses are incurred that Mobeds are generally unable to bear on their own.

The principles of STOP, COVER / DROP and ROLL are simple, Prompt action will reduce the severity of any burn injury.



It is very important not to panic and run. Running fans the flames and increases the fire.



Heat rises up fast so cover your face with your hands to protect the delicate eyes and skin on the face and to protect airways from the smoke.





Drop to the ground immediately.



Roll backwards and forwards on the flame to smother the fire. By rolling on the flames you starve them of oxygen and put out the fire.


A bystander can assist by dousing the fire with water, or using a fire blanket, non-flammable mat, blanket or article of clothing to assist in smothering the fire. A water fire extinguisher (all red body) is the only type of fire extinguisher which can be safely used in this situation. It is very important not to use any other type of fire extinguisher.

Ways suggested to Avoid / Mitigate the problem

It is very necessary that Trustees and Managements of every Atashbehram & Agiary should:

  1. Raise Awareness levels by providing regular training and demonstrations to be given to Mobeds and Behdins alike via various mediums.
  2. Place a setranji or fire blanket in an easily accessible corner of the room where ceremonies are performed.
  3. Easily operable push button Fire Extinguishers (preferably water based) should be made available near areas identified as having hazards
  4. Treating Clothing with Flame retardants is not viable as most flame retardants wash off after a few washes at best and often irritate the skin and cause rashes.
  5. Minor change of design to the Jamaa where behind the kas (cotton tie) snap buttons can be fitted like in daglis so that it can be taken out within seconds, in cases of emergency.
  6. Vada Dasturjis need to be consulted, and permission needs to be taken if a badan (not collared shirt) and an ijar over the legha can be worn for boye ceremonies in Adarians or a sahyo (worn by Irani mobeds). Atash Behtam boyewallas can continue wearing the full regalia.
  7. Use good quality seasoned and properly dried sandalwood and kathi whenever possible.
  8. Consult with Fire Safety experts and formulate a training program.


Quick thinking by onlookers and Mobeds having been trained will certainly save lives in the future.


Initial Action Underway

A donor who wishes to remain anonymous has gifted to WZO Trusts’ 300 hand held cans of a fire retardant, with a request that two cans be given to every Atashbehram & Agiary in India which can be kept on hand wherever a Mobed is performing religious ceremonies.

These cans will shortly be distributed through volunteers team of Empowering Mobeds.

A short video is being conceptualised that will educate Mobeds on the proper way to tend to the fires. It has been the experience of senior Mobeds that young Mobeds many a times extend their arms very close to the fire, singeing the cuff of their jamas that creates such avoidable mishaps.


Suggestions welcome

Suggestions of a practical nature that would further enhance the safety of our Mobeds are welcome and looked forward to. We can be contacted on Face Book Walls of ‘World Zoroastrian Organisation / WZO Trust Funds’, and ‘Empowering Mobeds’, also at


In Conclusion

Recognising that the safety and wellbeing of our Mobeds tending to the spiritual needs of our community is paramount, WZO Trusts’ & Empowering Mobeds have jointly undertaken this initiative with the hope that with proper training, our Mobeds, accidents that have been occurring will be eliminated.



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