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Mamaiji’s Caramel Pudding

We Parsi folk love our sweets and desserts, and my maternal grand-mom whom I fondly called ‘Mamaiji’, was no exception to that rule.
As the matriarch of a very large and happy family, my ‘Mamaiji’ stood in a class of her own. She inspired all our lives with her strong compassionate personality and humorous take on events, her unconditional love for family and most of all, her true passion for cooking and food. Although no longer with us, Mamaiji’s legacy lives on through her valuable life lessons and her mouthwatering recipes.
With very few of the modern day kitchen conveniences that we take for granted at her disposal; she taught us that a truly good meal is always one that is made with love and patience using simple fresh ingredients…and savored with family & friends, sitting around the dinner table.

Click Here for this delicious recipe and forget the calories for the day !