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Interfaith Grove of Trees

Interfaith Activities Committee of FEZANA
In its 25th anniversary year, FEZANA has decided to launch the creation of Interfaith Grove of Trees in the cities where its members reside.  The idea is to create a sacred space for reflection and communion with nature where people of all faiths and those who profess no faith, can find common ground. Each participating faith tradition could commemorate the tree planting on the date of their choosing and leave a marker of prayers from their scriptures, so that each one of us can learn to respect “the other”. Those professing no faith are included in this proposal as being part of one human family.
Appropriate funds for the tree planting will be disbursed from the Interfaith Committee based on responses received.
Member associations and small groups of FEZANA desirous of participating in this North American initiative are requested to indicate by e-mail to Co-Chairs of the Interfaith Activities Committee by June 30, 2012.

Rohinton Rivetna

Homi D. Gandhi
Co-Chairs, FEZANA Interfaith Activities Committee