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International Day of Peace

This is an opportunity for our Zarathushti community worldwide to develop and sustain projects for  Education for Peace.
Homi  D. Gandhi
Vice President, FEZANA

Dear NGO Colleagues, 

Today, 13 June 2013, we start the 100-day count-down to the International Day of Peace, which is celebrated on 21 September each year.

We want to share with you the message that the Secretary-General has issued for the day, in which he calls governments, civil society, and other stakeholders to support peace-related projects, as well as other relevant information on the International Day of Peace.

The message can be accessed through the International Day of Peace website and read in all 6 official languages.

Attached to this message you can also see the visual identity for this year’s theme: EDUCATION FOR PEACE.


NGO Relations
Department of Public Information
United Nations Headquarters in New York