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Puglaroo karvani reet

(Written for girl child same follows for boy child too with Shirt & Pant)

In the morning:

  1. Out side the door, sweep and clean, sprinkle water and put chowk
  2. Put toran on the doors
  3. Make little sagan no rawo or sev.
  4. Baby ne thoro ravo chatarjo
  5. Get the ses ready with diva. Put  3 red bengals on the Sopara (if girl), pan, sopari, kharek, badam,sakar and a bit of sugar for putting in Baby’s     Coconut with a tili so that it dries up before you do sagan and does not stain the dress.
  6. Get one thali ready with the ladoos, you have previously made.(Recipe for Ladoos is given below or buy ready made).
  7. Give her bath and dress her up in any NEW nice dress will do. Socks too( remove socks while doing tilli so her feet does not gather dust)
  8. Put her chain and pendent and if possible Bangles too (it is a sign of good luck for little girls to wear Bangles and chain and earrings) but your wish, all this is optional.
  9. Put chalk where you intend to do the sagan. Baby should be facing East.  Put a patla (small flat stool for baby to stand on- DO NOT PUT CHALK ON THE PATLA)
  10. Keep extra cling film ready.



Let Daddy make the baby stand on the patla and hold her from behind

  1. Mummy will do tili to the little one. First put tili on the pug and then on the forehead.
  2. Put on garland/Gajra
  3. Give her coconut and sagan nu envelope to hold.
  4. Put little sugar in her mouth.(Mithoo monu)
  5. Now let Daddy pick her up REMOVE BABY’S SOCKS   and mummy will put two little feet of larva  on the patla, when Daddy lowers baby see that her feet fall on the larva, they will get smashed you may wash and wipe her feet well afterwards or if you don’t like the idea you may put the larva on the cling film and cover again with another cling film without smashing the larva)  this will not spoil baby’s feet.  Since baby is unable to stand on her own, hold her gently from behind from her waist. Hug and kiss her and take overna, let daddy  also kiss her.

 (Alternately what you could do is   put the first cling film on the patla and keep it ready,  then take a piece of aluminum foil and put on the top.  On the foil put the larva and lightly cover with a piece of cling film.  On this make Baby stand.  So after you have given her little sugar to sweeten her mouth, you can pick her up a little and pick up the  whole aluminium  foil with the cling film larva and all.  Make baby sit down on the patla comfortably)

Now let everyone meet her, give her lots of Gifts and kisses.

Take plenty of photographs and video.(tell your friends to do so too)

Serve larva, snacks drinks  lunch and enjoy

It’s all fun so don’t worry if you forget something or people comment….nothing is compulsory.  Keep baby comfortable and happy.

Have fun!!!




Puglaroo na larva
Please practice once before for perfection

You will need, One thali, measuring cup, colander or boyoo (or you can use the steamer), one big dekchi on which the boyoo can fit, one small frying pan, tooth pick, spoons, and plates to cover. A piece of muslin cloth to cover the colander.

1 cup grated fresh coconut

1 cup finely grounded rice flour (basmati)

1 cup water (should be same proportion as rice flour)

½ cup chopped Jaggery (or sugar)

2 tabsp. Pure ghee or little more

One big pinch salt

½ tsp. Cardamom-nutmeg powder

1 tabsp. Finely chopped almonds

1 tabsp. Finly chopped cashews

½ tsp. sesame seeds

½ tsp. poppy seeds

1 tsp full cornflour (binds better)


  1. Take a big vessel on which your colander will fit. Add 1 cup water, 1big pinch of salt and 1 tsp.full ghee and bring to a rolling boil.
  2. Put off the gas stove and add 1 cup of rice flour and stir well…..it will be lumpy just mix well and keep it covered, and leave to get warm 10 mins.
  3. (In a frying pan on a med. Fire….cook the the mixture on slow gas).  Add 1tsp ghee and as it melts,  add sesame and poppy seeds, add dry fruits and coconut.
  4. Stir for a while and add Jaggery and let it melt on slow flame. Do not cook too long, or else the Jaggery hardens. (if you are using sugar let sugar melt and stir a little longer).
  5. Put off the gas and add cardamom nutmeg powder. Stir well and keep it aside to cool.
  6. Take a big vessel on which your colander will fit. Add 2-3 cups water, on a slow flame bring water to a rolling boil.    In the meantime
  7. As the water boils grease the colander and prepare the larvas.
  8. Take the flour out into the big thali Sprinkle corn flour over it, and knead the dough very well, you may sprinkle very little water and little ghee on your fingers and palm, to make it into a smooth ball.
  9. Grease your palm with ghee and make small ball and flatten between your palms. (Do not do all the balls together as they tend to dry up..as you are making one, one ball, knead well between your palm and fingers to make it smooth)
  10. Dip your thumb and fingers in ghee and make a small cup out of this ball to fill in the coconut mix. Make it as thin as you can make Carefully bring the ends together to cover the filling, remove the top part, or else it will become too thick.  making it into a ball. Flatten very slightly.
  11. For the tiny feet make it little oblong and fill, close and cut the tiny toes with sharp knife or tooth pick dipped in ghee. Press and make the shape. cut the toes at one end…keeping the thumb toe little bigger.   Take care of the right and left foot. J  Big toes.
  12. Arrange them on greased colander and put it for steaming. Cover with moist muslin cloth, or any clean dish cloth will do. and steam for 15-20 mins.
  13. Once done let them cool….if you pick them up hot they might break.

Enjoy the Puglaroo ceremony of your little one.

Thrity Tantra