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Parsi/Parsee Community – Zoroaster – Zoroastrian – Zoroastrianism

Documents on Zoroastrianism

pdf Anthology of Philosophy of Persia, Vol 1 from Zoroaster to Khayyam 

pdf Book of Arda Viraf 

pdf History of Zoroastrianism by Dhalla MN 

pdf Essays on the Sacred Language Writings Parsis (1907) 

pdf Guide to Prayers – Zoroastrianism 

pdf History of the Parsis in India 

pdf Life and Teachings of Zoroaster, The Great Persian by Loren Harper Whitney 

pdf Manichaeism

pdf Zoroastrian, Book by Modi

pdf On Mysticism and Esotericism among Zoroastrians 

pdf Parsi Culture 

pdf Parsi Festivals 

pdf Parsi Religion – Zand Avasta (1843) 

pdf Parsis and Satyagraha in South Africa 

pdf Parsis of Ancient India by Shapurji Kavasji Hodivala (1920) 

pdf Parsis of India (Powerpoint presentation) 

pdf Role of Fire in Parsi Rituals 

pdf The Bogomils and Zoroastrianism 

pdf Teachings of Zoroaster and the Philosophy of the Parsi Religion by S.A. Kapadia (version 1)

pdf Teachings of Zoroaster and the Philosophy of the Parsi Religion by S.A. Kapadia (version 2)

pdf Teachings of Zoroaster and the Philosophy (short version)

pdf The Treasure of the Magi, A Study of Modern Zoroastrianism (1917) 

pdf The Parsis (Powerpoint Presentation) 

pdf Zoroaster, by F Marion Crawford 

pdf Zoarasters, Parsees of India, National Geographic Article (1905) 

pdf Zoroaster, Prophet of Ancient Iran 

pdf Zoroastrianism, Ancient and Modern by Ervad Pheroze Shapurji Masani

pdf Zoroastrianism, The Charter of Spiritual Liberty 

pdf Zoroastrians, Their Religious Beliefs and Practices by Mary Boyce 

pdf Zoroastrianism 

pdf Manual of KHSHNOOM, The Zoroastrian Occult Knowledge 

Internet Links

No. Category Description Website Address Country
1 Information Parsi Directory Click on Link Global
1.5 Community World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce Click on Link Global
2 Information Zoroastrians.net Click on Link USA
2.5 Information Zoroastrianism.com Click on Link USA
3 Community Parsi Khabar Portal Click on Link Global
4 Community Bombay Parsi Punchayet Click on Link India
5 Community Wikipedia – List of Parsis Click on Link Global
6 Community Parsee Community in South Africa Click on Link South Africa
7 Community Parsi Rustomjee – Mahatma Gandhi�s able lieutenant in South Africa Click on Link South Africa
8 Community article on the Parsi Faith Click on Link Global
9 Community Parsis – the Zoroastrians of India by Sooni Taraporevala Click on Link Global
10 Community Wikipedia – on Parsi Click on Link Global
11 Community Britannica Article – Parsi Click on Link UK
12 Community People of India – Parsees – Zoroastrians Click on Link India
13 Community Life Positive – On Zoroastrianism Click on Link Global
14 Community The Parsi Zoroastrian Association of Singapore Click on Link Global
15 Community Parsi World Click on Link Global
16 History Parsees in South African History Click on Link South Africa
17 Community Gandhiji’s Associates in South Africa, (Parsees were top opponents of Racism in South Africa) Click on Link South Africa
18 Community Parsis have civilization; other Indians don”t Click on Link India
19 Community Parsi Web Portal Click on Link India
20 Community Parsi Site Click on Link Global
21 Community Kuwaiti Zoroastrian Associations Click on Link Kuwait
22 News Parsi News Click on Link India
23 Community The World Zoroastrian Organization Click on Link Global
24 Community New Delhi Parsees Click on Link India
25 Community The Parsi Chronicle Click on Link Global
26 Community The Missing Parsi Click on Link Global
27 Community Parsiana – The Global Zoroastrian Portal Click on Link Global
28 Community Parsi Resource Group Click on Link Global
29 Community Frene Ginwala – South African Freedom Fighter and Human Rights Campaigner Click on Link South Africa
30 Community Dr. Frene Ginwala – Speaker of the South African Parliament Click on Link South Africa

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