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FEZANA Bulletin for February 2013

Attached please find the FEZANA Bulletin for February 2013 http://www.fezana.org/files/drupalfiles/FEZANA_Bulletin_2013_02.pdf

Please share it with your association members, family and friends.

All the FEZANA Bulletins are available on-line at Bulletin Archives – http://www.fezana.org/BulletinArchives

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UN Decade of Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue

Coalition for the “Initiative for a UN Decade of Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue, Understanding and Cooperation for Peace”
Dear all,

I returned home last night after a very successful 3 day meeting of the Coalition. I will include a detailed report of the meeting as an attachment to my Interfaith Activities Committee Report. Meanwhile, let me share some good news.

This year FEZANA has been nominated to the Steering Committee of the Coalition. I have accepted FEZANA’s nomination and represented FEZANA at the first meeting of the new Steering Committee yesterday afternoon.

Best wishes,