On the 30th of March 2008, the City of San Jose ,California (in the heart of the Silicon Valley ), hosted the first ever Nu Rooz Day Parade. Persian both Zarathushti and Non-Zarathushti’s participated . This very colourful event highlighted mostly about our ancient past, our culture, our religion. The lead banner carried huge Asho Farhovar. The second banner had a large picture of Asho Zarathustra.

Hundreds of participants dressed in white tee shirts displayed the GOOD, THOUGHTS & WORDS in English and Farsi. The chief guest was the Mayor of San Jose, while important Government officials from San Francisco, Saratoga and other Bay Area cities were also present. San Fancisco’s supervisor Ross Mirkarimi ( the guy with the goatee in the picture below) and also the Supervisor ( Lady in the White jacket whose name I can’t remember) from the City of Saratoga, both assured the Parade organizers their help, if next year or in the near future they would like the Parade in these two nearby Bay Area Cities.

Out of the nearly 7,000 present , there was a lone Bawa, dressed up in a Dugli & Fheta, the Mayor intrigued by the attire wanted to know more about it.

Courtesy : Rusi Sorabji

Click on the images for a bigger view – enjoy !

The Mayor with a Bawa

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