Ceremonies for a Child

Most of the following functions may be adapted from Hindu customs, but quite a few Parsis, mostly the elderly ‘bahnnar gannar’ do follow them. Perhaps it stemmed from having a social gathering & to obtain blessings of the elders and perhaps since each ceremony has some significance in its own way, caused no harm to follow it and thus gradually became a part of the Parsi ceremonies followed in quite a few homes, though not all.

1) A lady in the 5th. month of pregnancy (Panchmasu / Pachmasiyu, Panchmasiu)

2) A lady in the 7th. month of pregnancy (Agharni)

3) Birth of the child

4) When the child first begins to sit down (Besna)

5) When the child first begins to walk (Pag Ladoo)

6) Any other relevant ceremonies

As recommended by Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram,

Kindly refer to Er. Jivanji J.Modi’s book “The Religious Ceremonies & Customs of the Parsees” where these ceremonies, their origins, adaptations as well as similarities with other cultures have been explained in great detail.

This book is available at Parsi Vegetarian and Temperance Society, 4th floor, Vatsa House, Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400001 Tel. +91-22-22870795.


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