Thoothi Agiary

Thoothi Agiary: Resplendent & Renovated

By Shernaaz Engineer

The spanking new 149-year-old Thoothi Agiary, refurbished and redone by the efforts of a committed Zarathushti family, is all aglow with the glory and grace of Dadar Ahura Mazda’s bounty, as every Agiary should be

It’s a landmark, almost beside the Raj Bhavan, down the ambling arc of Walkeshwar, but one that was easily missed because it lay unkempt and worn out, like so many of our Agiaries.

But the Sorabji Thoothi Agiary deserved better – and its recent revamp does it full credit. Undertaken by the Bapuna siblings – Niloofer, Neville, Filly and Keki – who voluntarily came forward to take on the task of renewing the Agiary, the initiative of funding and getting the Fire Temple fully renovated under their personal supervision was, indeed, a labour of their love and commitment toward preserving the sanctity of our faith.


As a result, the 149-year-old Agiary has been restored and beautified. The manner in which it has been accomplished, with hours of painstaking involvement, is inspiring. For over ten months, devoting their time and finances and co-ordinating with like-minded persons who came on board to help partially to the extent they could, the Bapunas pulled out all stops to ensure that the glory of the Agiary was not compromised upon by ensuring the execution of every detail to high standards.

There are many who pitched in to assist in the materialising of this dream. Percy Master got the painting done. Shahnaz Mahimtura and Jamshed Guzder also substantially aided the effort. As a result, the Bapuna siblings could accomplish the task, undertaken in the memory of their late grandparents, Ratanbai and Faramroze D. Bapuna, with remarkable success.

Not undertaken with the intention of garnering any personal publicity or fame, the Bapuna siblings are hopeful that this act will encourage more like-minded people to come forward and join them in their ongoing endeavour to renovate more such Agiaries that are in dire need of urgent attention.


They hereby appeal to all Zarathushtis who would like to be part if this good cause, to come forward and contact them, outlining the quantum of the support they can offer so that they could consolidate such help and start with the immediate restoration work of other fire temples. Keki Bapuna can be contacted on 98335 39222.

Meanwhile, the Trustees of the Sorabji Thoothi Agiary would like to invite all members of the Zarathushti community to the Agiary and its sacred well, at Walkeshwar, which is now in a beautiful condition and worthy of visiting and offering prayers in the most salubrious of surroundings.

Ervad Kersi Gonda, who presides over the Agiary, is himself a devout and devoted keeper of the faith and firmly affirms that no righteous wish made at the Thoothi Agiary ever goes unfulfilled. Amen!


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  • Commendable, in this fast paced society we appreciate the work of such zoroastrians who devote their time,money and energy to such causes.

    Well done Bapunas.

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