BPP Elections Process


Instructions for becoming a BPP Voter:

Hurry! Registration ends on 30/06/2008 !

1. Download, print out and fill up the Registration Form. You may get the forms from BPP office also.

Click here for English Version

Click here for Gujarati Version

Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP),
209, Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji Road, Fort, Mumbai-400001.
Tel: 2262 7421-22-23

2. Submit 2 photographs, passport size

3 (a) You can Register as an General voter by paying Rs.10/-


(b) Register as a Donor Voter by paying Rs.25,000/- This will give you the right to have two votes. This means if you vote for candidate X your vote will be counted as 2 votes for being a donor voter.

4. You can submit the form directly to the BPP office.

5. You can pick up the certificate which entitles you to vote, from the BPP office itself.

Special Instructions:

1. If the certificate is picked up on your behalf by a person other then yourself, then your signature on the certificate will have to be verified by a magistrate or a notary office.

2. Do not laminate your certificate as it will render your certificate Null and Void.

3. Registration ends on 30th June 2008.

If you have already registered as a voter, you may confirm your name by visiting www.bppvoterslist.org

For detailed Public Notice regarding procedure, dates, nominations, etc., given by BPP in Jame Jamshed – Click Here


  • The form .jpg reflects ‘PTO’, so where is the reverse side of the form?

  • zoroastriansnet

    PTO shows the Gujarati Form

  • The form shows PTO at the end than, where is the reverse side of the form

  • Thanks for information

  • do the completed forms have to be personally handed over to the BPP office? what of senior citizens?

  • When will the certificates be ready and how will we come to know when to pick it up?

  • Cherag S Pardiwalla

    voting should be in an easy manner. the trustees name should be listed in the form on the net and then voting should be marked.
    This should be the manner, not giving 2 photographs and submission of forms to bpp.
    Cherag sam Pardiwalla

  • thnx for information..
    fail to understand why 2 rights for donar card. 25000/-?this is humbug.
    does anywhere such system.?
    let there be simple one adult person one vote. why register.
    just an iodentity, say ration , driving licence,election card etc. enough
    another gimmics or$$ power…
    on the contrary voters be given benifits.

  • let there be one adult one vote. why registration. say electioncard, licence etc ok.

  • Ardeshir Coyajee (Adi)

    As I was informed in Bombay, any person born with a Parsi family name is a Parsi, irrespective of religion. The United Nations declaration of human rights outrules discrimination of religion. So, why is this invitation to register ostentatiously limited to Zoroastrians?
    A. Coyajee, The Netherlands

  • Can non-parsi also vote ? I mean if either mother or father of the voter is a non-parsi, then is the voter allowed to vote ?

  • My family has already registered and we also have registration nos, how do i collect the certificates?
    can I take a authority letter for my parents who are old?
    Is there a format of registration process?

  • Yazdi Rustom Eranee

    Interesting Headings for information to know things about parcsi’s.Secondly as some one has already queried about one parent being non parsi & there is no clarification on that. I am Zoroastrian parsi and married to a Punjabi lady My children have had their Navjote done. A delicate subject, if you wish to answer , please do.
    Any way i am sending their names for registration. Decision is the Punchayets. Which will be excepted by me without any malice or Objection.

  • Can i send the form along with the fees via couirer or not to BPP.

  • Rohinton M. Surty

    I was born in Bombay & have lived abroad since 1990.
    Why is the registration process made so difficult, in this advanced IT age.
    Can registration not be made possible online??
    I would like to understand the rationale of,,, by donating Rs 25,000/-,,, why & how can anyone be entitled to 2 votes??
    Lastly, can registration & voting not be done online for Parsi’s living abroad??
    Kind regards,
    Rohinton Surty

  • The donor vote system has been since yonder years. So i guess it is the open voting that is the addition to a system that has been on for 300 years. I’m just informing you, i agree it sounds absurd to the first time reader, but the logic behind this is that, since you are making a contribution to the trust of Rs. 25,000/- you should have some right to decide how that money should be used or who you entrust it to (via trustee vote). Eg. if you were an investor in a company how you would have some right to information and decision that way. Don’t see it in the light of monetary quantification, see it in the light of the fact that the non donor voter, is doing so without any contribution. So if a guy who has had no share in a company can decide how it should be run, a guy who has contributed should get some benefit, which is the bare minimum 1 vote more. Also this is a positive step to keeping the trust fund replenished and it is optional to those who want to donate to charity.
    Our community has the habit of blowing things out of propotion without understanding the basis for some provisions. I agree this should be informed and not just stated as donor vote. Hope this satisfies your query. I’m just sharing information because you have the right to know and 1 didn’t see any one else answer it. Thanks.

  • I am based in Bangalore. My parents are in Mumbai.
    Can I register by couriering the form with photographs etc and can the certificate be sent to me by courier as well ?

  • Hi,
    Can u send me ur eform then I fillup and return with ur R.s 10 by my using cardit card because persently I am working in muscat (Oman) and we have more parcies are working over here. reply.

    Shehzad Kasad

  • sarosh b. variava

    hi pls dend me an eform, cos i m working in muscat.

  • We are working overseas. Can we please register online?

  • The fastest way to get these details is to call the panchayat office. or locate a relative or friend in mumbai who stays near VT and will care to hop by and submit your form…

    Tel: 2262 7421-22-23

  • zubin bharucha (PRG)

    Please inform all our dear voters especially those who are Senior citizen as to what is to be done on the ballot paper procedure before the elections. How many limited candidates to be selected from the list and to do what at the time of entering the voting room. If more candidates are seldcted the forms will go waste.
    Does one have to bring along proof of residence as many certificates are with and without photographs.

  • Am surprised at Raika’s justification and argument abt the requirement of donor’s votes………..Does that mean in the next general elections Mukesh Ambani will have say 25,000 votes, Ratan Tata 20,000………….Mehul bhai sittinng in BSE 10,000 ……….some of our well off bawa say 100……….not so well off ones 1 and the people in the slums/ pavements none??????? Absurd argument………………

    I think as Parsees we should all have one votes,,,,,,,,,,,unless some of you think you are more of Parsees than others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rather than giving a donor two votes instead of one, would it not be a wiser approach to let the would-be donor wait until the new trustees are elected so he can THEN decide whether or not to donate his money to the BPP? In that way, we maintain equality amidst the voters and the donor can donate the amount he wishes to only if he is satisfied with the newly elected trustees.
    Rather than justifying and imperfect idea or feeling enraged by the apparent lack on inequality, using the above approach would result in a win-win situation for both sides.

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