• Thank you for your prompt reply.
    I am looking for the meaning of ‘Bapsi’ that is a woman’s name. Any help will be appreciated.

  • I am looking for the meaning of “nuhan”, it is a surname. Which language does it belong to?

  • I would like to konw the original of the surname BODHANWALA or BODHANWALLA. Do you have any information
    Does the panchayat keep any records of names
    I am interested in finding about my family .
    My grand father Mancherjee Bodhanwala left India & went to South Africa about 100 years ago.
    Thank you in advance
    Hoshang Cursetjee Mancherjee ( Bodahnwala )

    • Hi!
      Whilst visiting the pages I found a query for the surname -BODHANWALA. I have compiled an extant list of Parsi Irani Surnames, about 2466 & counting. Now with Groupings & the origin of the surname, as far as posiible. Published online in names Surnames & more. Here is the Link.


      Sir Your Surname is listed in the Group of PLACE: Originof the surname is :- Original Resident of BODHAN Via Kim Olpad Tal.. Surat Dist. Gujarat.
      Hope i have clarified your Doubt. Do visit the page, it will be very interesting to note the Origins of some surnames.
      Burjor M. Daboo

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