Hom Yasht Prayer

Hom Yasht Prayer

IF you go through the correct sequence of prayers beginning with padyub, the right location, knowing the most powerful time to say ones prayers, ie closest to sunrise and then complete this particular prayer you can……..

Increase your level of spirituality,

Gain many material blessings such as strength,

See your children advance to exalted positions in life,

Know that both Asho Sarosh Yazad and Mino Ashishvang Yazad will watch and protect your home each and every night,

That you will magically be stopped from coming into contact with those people of a more unsociable disposition and

Those who wish to do you harm or take revenge upon you shall be stopped by act of GOD so that you never become a victim of crime etc, etc…..

We are told that Pourashasp was a Zarthoshti who had great faith in the recital of this prayer and to him was born albeit divinely THE Prophet of Prophets, Lord of Garothman Behest, He Who stands next to GOD, a true SON of GOD and our beloved Paighambar Saheb Asho Zarathushtra.

Now compare this with those who would teach our religion on the basis of their translations, that upon this or indeed any other Avesta manthravani prayer, you can effortlessly find hundreds and perhaps even thousands of different translations. Read them and what do you really know?

Read them and what have you truly learned?

Read them and explain just how you became more religious?

Read them and let us see how your children fare and turn out?

Read them and where is the grace of GOD in your life?

Read them and still know nothing about the faith for in all truth Avesta knowledge is a gift of GOD to those spiritualities of our faith that HE considers worthy to be blessed with such knowledge. Moreover it is the vibrations caused by recital of Avesta that holds the key to our spiritual and material salvation and well being.

The Parsi and Irani communities of this world are presently divided because too many of our people remain misguided and ignorant of their faith, culture and traditions thanks to the blind following the blind by having faith in false translations of The Avesta. These so called scholars/academics have created cults and blinded the masses to what is true such that the person who is faithful gets called all manner of derogatory names etc but he/she who teaches translations held in high esteem. How very sad!

Should you doubt these words know that in living memory ONLY The Pundol Group can say that thanks to them there now exist………..

The Minocher n Pundol Atash Adaran-e-Iranshah in Udvada

The Baroda Atash Adaran

Rejuvenation of tens of thousands of our people’s faith in Pak Iranshah Atash Behram Padshah as THE primary source of GOD on earth

Establishment of holy pilgrimage to Atash Behrams and other religious sites such that today in India thanks to Pundol Saheb the agiaries are becoming ever more crowded as the faithful in larger numbers attend, more people now wear sudreh and kusti and the whole world wide community looks to the coming of The 100th Rainidar Saheb Shahnshah Shah Behram Varjavand.

Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao

cyrus cooper


  • I was very happy reading your article. May God Bless you keep up the good work.

    Thks & regards

  • I was very happy reading your atricle. May God Bless you, keep us the good work. Please keep forwarding religious information to my e mail address.

    Thks & regards

  • The article is very informative – keep the good work going to educate people. please also give some details on daily farjiyat prayers.

    best regards.

  • Please brief me on what particular Prayers or Nirang to pray in order to get a job.

  • Dear Gulshen, please do pray Ya Abarjaa Yazmaiday 101 times, thrice a day after doing the daily kusti alongwith Sarosh Baj. If you can wake up early in the morning and also pray Hoshbam. Gururaniji and Yogirajji are also very powerful divine souls – just by attending their Darshans’ all matters get resolved. For further details u can contact me on 9920737872.


  • Nari F. Balsara

    Good article. Sir.
    I need Moti Hom yasht , and small . Audio
    For morning prayer (Hawan ghe).
    Can you do the needful on.
    M. 9322311566.
    Call or Whatsapp.
    Only Hawan ghae

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