Zarathushtra the Yazata

and “Life-Story” of His Human Form



       Dini Avaz [Vol 9; No. 6] – [Vol 10; No. 1/3/4/5/6 ] – [Vol 11; No. 1/2/3]


          It is refreshing and assuring to read the author Ervad Dastoor; when he says that ‘A’ Prophet is not and cannot be a philosopher, who strives to arrive at Truth….. He is Truth Himself. He comes in human form to teach; He is not required to learn. Because now-a-days some so called scholars are teaching youngsters and sundry others that Zarthushtra was only an intelligent and philosophical human being of his time. They have also amply supported this in the forthcoming international film “A Quest for Zarathushtra” thus belittling the status of our dear Prophet which is that of a Yazata. Ervad Dastoor has quoted from Holy Scriptures, Yazashney (7), Khordad Yashta, Farvardin Yashta, Tir Yashta etc., and proved that Prophet Zarathushtra was not an ordinary mortal. – ED


          Who is he?

          Who is Zarathushtra?

          A Myth?

          A mere historical figure?

          Just a philosopher or thinker?

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