Parsiana – Celebrations Guide

The “Celebrations Guide” is scanned from an old issue of the Parsiana.

It gives Contact details of :


-        Baug Venues

-       Caterers

-       Chalk

-       Daglis

-       Event Coordinators

-       Floral

-       Invitation Cards

-       Jewelry

-       Kasti/Sapat/Sadras/Topis

-       Lights

-       Liquor

-       Liquor License Providers

-       Music

-       Mandap Contractors

-       Miscellaneous

-       Photography/Video

-       Pugrees/Phetas

-       Saris

-       Ses Polishing


Click here :  parsiana_celebrations-guide


Courtesy : Shireen Daver


  • would like some information on what things to put in the naujote ses???? Also how to order the towels if we are living in Karchi, Pakistan?? Are these chalk designs available on paper for sale…from where??? Looking forward to a quick response!!!


    Ses will include Khoomcho, Paro, Pigani, Kankoo dani, Paan, Sopari, Kharek, Badam, Batasa, Sweet dahi no small bowl, Chokha (rice). Halad (turmeric) na gathia,

    Nice big garland.

    2 Sadras fully hand stitched with Gireban, Girdo, Tiri,Boryu etc.

    1 Kasti finely woven approx 3, 31/2 to 4 Gaj depending on the child’s waist.

    1 Silk or Cotton or embroidered with gara bordered Lengho (Pyjama)

    1 Towel, Soap in a soap pot

    1 Hair Brush, Comb, Talcum Powder

    1 Pichodi nu kaproo 2 ½ mts. (Material unstitched) or shawl would do

    1 pair new chappals

    1 new handkerchief to given to child to hold taro

    For the girl-

    Jewellery you desire to gift (earrings, watch, bangles, pendent, full set etc.)

    Dress, petticoat, panty, Socks, Shoes, Hair band, clips, Hanky

    1 jodi Saree sathna kapda — 1 embroidered any saree but must not be plain, Blouse and petticoat pieces, one unstiched sadra, panty, hanky tied loosely in a white mathabana.

    5 or 7 red bangles saganna to put on the Soparo

    1 rupee coin for the Diva

    Gireban na rupiya (Dasturji will tell you how much to put)

    Nahan Nahava na rupiya nu envelope for Dasturji

    Dasturji na envelopes to be given after Navjote

  • Rusi Patel informs :

    Baimai Flowers are the Origional Floral Decorators for all Parsi/ Irani functions;

    Baimai Flora is just for Gujarati/ Marwadi type of designs and functions.The rest florists either sub contract the work(but for a couple of others) and the balance are roadside malis’.

    The best mandap decorator is Sameer Tanna in the name of Tanna Decorators situated at Chira bazar.Tel:98210 66642. He is cheap, polite and the work / material he uses are of the most Superior quality.

    Pl. note this. Thank-You.

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