Behram Roj

Baname Khuda!


Dear Zarathushti humdins


Today (Friday 6th. March, 2009), is the ever-popular roj of the Parsis – Behram.


The mah of course is Meher, the year YZ 1378.


Parsis believe Behram roj is an auspicious day since Behram Yazad is Verethraghana, the Bestower of Victory.

In addition to Victory in day-to-day life and its problems, Behram Yazad also helps His devotees in victory over the temptations in one’s life – be they greed, lust, revenge, anger, malice, envy, etc.


A sincere devotee of Behram Yazad will experience a noticeable change in one’s mental state, he/she will be much calmer and able to withstand the trials of life comparitively easier.


When Behram Yazad is invoked, He helps us overcome the above mentioned sinful tendencies, which are described in even more detailed form in the prayer Patet Pashemani on page 332 of the English Khordeh Avesta.


Amongst others, Behram Yazad’s help is invoked when we pray the Kem Na Mazda prayer, or the Nam Staysishn, where it says: “Behram Yazad Pirozgar dushman-zadar”. And also when we pray the Behram Yasht.


Those who have the time and dedication may pray the mighty Behram Yasht at least on Behram roj. Though this prayer is long, the paragraphs are repetitive in nature and after some time “Bhanvanoo mone besi jashe” (the prayer wordings will become easier).  Some Zarathushtis who are having difficulties in life, pledge to do a “Behram Yasht no chaliso”, meaning praying Behram Yasht 40 uninterrupted days in a row (exceptions for women in periods). Many a times, their difficulty is removed on doing one “chalisa” (set of 40) itself; at other times people pray the “chaliso” more than once. And they are successful in overcoming their difficulty – be it connected to health, money, family matters, etc.


That done, let us celebrate the Salgreh of the Ahmednagar Agiary today.


Today (Friday 6th. march, 2009, is the Salgreh of the Vakil Agiary (Daremeher) at Ahmedabad. This Agiary was consecrated in the year YZ 1302, and is thus 77 years old today.


Best wishes

Tehemton B. Adenwalla


  • Havovi Zubin Pastakia

    Brillant article… Will try doing so…. What a co-incidence… today itself is Behram Roj… and I too will try hopefully.
    Thanks … need many such articles

  • Thank you very much for sharing your kindest opinion

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