GAZDARS OF GANDEVI. The surname GAZDAR amongst PARSIS, started in the 18th. century. During that period, the WADIAS had come to Bombay, to construct docks for the PORT of BOMBAY, and build sailing vessels, for the EAST INDIA CO. For this purpose they needed plenty of timber.This timber was obtained from the forest of DANG, near GANDEVI and BILLIMORIA in Gujarat. The Parsis of GANDEVI owned vast stretches of this forest, and used to supply timber to the WADIAS at Bombay. This timber had to be measured and cut to different sizes, as required by the purchasers. For measuring they used a yard long scale, which was called a GAZ, and also used a rope called DOR, for measuring lengths longer than a yard. Several Parsis of GANDEVI were engaged in this measuring process, and just because they used GAZ and DOR for this purpose, they were called GAZ-DORS. Gradually, they adopted the surname GAZDAR. Amongst the famous GAZDARS of Bombay, is JAMSHEDJI. GAZDAR who was once President of the INDIAN MERCHANTS’ CHAMBER. JAMSHEDJI JIVANJI GAZDAR, passed M.A. from ELPHINSTON COLLEGE, Bombay, in 1867, and then went to England to become a barrister in 1870. He practiced there only, and returned to Bombay in1892. He was made a FELLOW of BOMBAY UNIVERSITY, and theMAHA-RAJA of BHAVNAGAR, appointed him as his state’s CHIEF JUSTICE. In 1900, he became the REGISTRAR of BOMBAY HIGH COURT.

Courtesy : Minocher Damania


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    It was very interesting to note th History of surname ‘Gazdar’ I have been delving in making an extant list of surnames, about 2500 surnames & had posted it in Names surnames & More. I am in the process of Making it more interesting & have tried to segregate these surnames GROUPWISE! -Trade, Places Religious, Irani, Characteristics etc. I would like to have some references to the origins of these surnames as far as possible, If you could help. Though I have a few on hand. Like ‘Dubash’ being ‘Du- Bhaash’ delving in two languages! an interpreter.

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    Dolly Ben was my English Language Teacher at Gandevi and would like to be in contact with Her or Her Relatives at Gandevi:
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